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The Advantages Of Purchasing Second Hand Cookers

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Why bother to spend so much money on a brand new cooker when there are so many second hand cookers to choose from that you could get in excellent condition. There are some instances where people have updated their kitchen and the cookers that they have simply don't fit the new layout of their kitchen. In this case they will most likely decide to sell the cooker at a very low price in order to be able to buy another one. The cooker they are selling does not have any problems, so it only makes sense that someone else should take advantage of it.

This way people that are out to buy a good cooker can have an available option that is affordable for them. It may be that the cooker you are currently using has some issues, or maybe you are changing the layout of your kitchen and you want to find one that is going to fit in better. Either way, you can most likely find a used cooker that will not only be perfect to suit your needs, but also very reasonably priced.

So is it a good idea to purchase second hand cookers rather than new ones? Most of the time a cooker will last for many years, even if it has been purchased from someone who has already used it. Either way, you will end up paying an average of 50% less for a used cooker than you would for a new one. So when you think about it, you will still be saving money even if the cooker only lasts you for a year. However, in most cases you can expect the cooker to last for upwards of 10 years after your purchase.

Of course, any time you buy something second hand it will always come with at least a little bit of risk. Cookers are no different than anything else that you may decide to buy used. Still, there are ways that you can reduce the risk that you take. One thing that you could do to lower your risk is to go to the site where you are purchasing the cooker from and thoroughly examine it while it is still plugged in. Double check everything to make sure that all of the parts are in working order.

Additionally, most dealers will have a reputation to uphold. They do not want to sell you faulty equipment, or else they run the risk of losing their good name and their sales will drop significantly. So if you go to a dealer with a good reputation you will be less likely to get a bad deal in the end. By taking the proper precautions, you can buy a used cooker without having to worry so much about the risk involved.

In most cases, you can safely purchase second hand cookers without having to worry about having any sort of problems with them, and you can really save a lot of money by doing it this way.

if your current cooking equipment is faulty or you are updating your kitchen and want to see if there is a cooker out there that will fit, then buying Second Hand Cookers may be the option for you. Before the link gets deleted check the exclusive offers at:

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How To Wholesale Bank Own Houses

Banks have begun putting large quantities of their real estate owned (REO) properties on the market. This action has created a huge amount of inventory in the housing market. When banks dump their distressed property, it leads to sharp declines in housing prices. This is good news for investors, as there are amazing bargains to be taken advantage now. If you are a real estate wholesaler, you will find that it is far easier and more efficient to look for REO properties on the MLS to do wholesale deals, rather then then trying to find them driving all over town.

I recently placed an ad on Craigslist for a bargain priced house that I had under contract and I received an average of 30 phone calls a day for this property. This is at the same time the news media is saying how bad the housing market is. Prices are so low at the moment that bargain hunters have come out of the wood work. Anyone that has cash knows that now is the time to buy. This is why it's a good time to be a wholesaler.

As a real estate wholesaler, you submit a contract on a REO property to the bank, then after the bank accepts your offer, you "deliver" it to the cash investor. You are probably saying that cash investors look on the MLS themselves. but the key is to beat them to it. If you can spot a great deal and get it under contract before they do, you win. The cash investor is going to have to buy it from you.

Many cash investors that are looking to buy rental properties. This is why there is such fierce competition. The key to success is to submit your offer tt the bank and get it approved first. When I send out an email to my buyers list they are usually sold to in less than 48 hours.

What You Need To Win Deals:

1. Proof of Funds Letter

If you have cash available, you can print out a bank statement showing that you have the cash available to purchase the house. If you do not have the cash available then you need to find someone that does have the cash. You can ask a private investor or a family member for the cash to provide you with a proof of funds letter. Another option is to get a proof of funds letter from a transactional funding company such as Best Transactional Funding

2. Cashiers Check For The Deposit

You will need a minimum of $1,000 dollar deposit in order to submit a purchase contract on a bank owned property.

3. Purchase Contract

Banks do not allow you to assign contracts. This means that you cannot simply put the words "and or assigns" next to your name and use an assignment of contract form. You are going to need to purchase the property in either your name, the name of a company or in a land trust. Land trusts may or may not work depending on how the bank feels about them. They don't want to see you making money on their property

Once you have submitted a contract, you will wait for the bank to contact the listing agent. The bank will probably counter your offer. For example if a house is listed at $60,000 and you offer $50,000 they might counter you at $58,000. Then you should counter them back until you reach your maximum offer price at which you do not agree to go any higher. Once the bank agrees to your price and signed the contract, you have the deal and will execute the contract. Start marketing the property ( if you dont have your buyer lined up already)

What's next? Simple, its time to go cash your check.

Duncan Wierman is the creator of specialized software that not only hunts down the best deals, but also allows you to make hundreds of offers in minutes via email, fax and text. He's the original Real Estate Automation Systems Expert. For more details on how his software can help you make more money faster , check out his seven day $1 dollar trial at :

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Replaceable Parts For Fluorescent Lamps Saves Money

Most of us have no idea of how certain bulbs and fittings work and we also have no interest! However, those who need the bulbs will always want to work to what is happening within just in case parts need to be changed. For example, gas filled bulbs use things like HID ballast to control the power which is used to ignite the gas while MH ballast is used in fluorescent light fittings. They both have to control power through the gas which in turns makes them very economical to run.

Power running through the gas is a necessity but to just let the power ignite without control is actually not safe. The extent of the surge of power would actually break the bulbs over time so these are very necessary pieces of equipment. Since we all like to save money on energy consumption, these are wonderful bits of technology which really keeps the costs down.

There is an electro-magnetic field which cycles through positive and negative impulses. If anyone has ever wondered why some of these gas-filled bulbs flicker, this is the exact reason. Indeed, for some people, this is absolutely painful for them because they are unable to tolerate it. They often end up with extreme headaches and will become sick to the point of vomiting if under this light for very long. To counteract this kind of property, after all, most of us work in such conditions for most of the day, some users find it easier to use the equipment attached to two bulbs which negate the off part of the cycle. The light stays on permanently and the affected person does not notice the difference.

There is also a different system which operates electronically and will cut down the voltage. This will also alleviate the flickering which is certainly detrimental to health, and the goodness is, it is cheaper to run too because it does not heat up the bulb in the process. Any heat generation absorbs energy so this is a saving on both counts. The world at large is trying to cut down on the use of power in general so having these kinds of systems in operation really helps a lot. The coiled bulbs that people are using now really cut down on the use of electricity and in some countries the use of tungsten bulbs has been outlawed. Although they cost more than a tungsten bulb, electricity bills are coming in cheaper all the time so the cost of them is recovered quite quickly.

Whenever a fluorescent bulb stops working, people used to throw away the whole fitting, but now, with all these bits and pieces available online, it is cheaper to change that parts rather than buying the whole thing. This may not mean much to the householder, but imagine a very large factory with thousands of lights and imagine the yearly savings that they will make. Of course, they are helping the environment too which is another plus point!

Stewart Wrighter recently started purchasing lighting supplies such as HID Ballast online because of the convenience. For more information about HID ballast go to .

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3 Secrets to Leveraging Testimonials in a Leadership Resume

Spent your leadership career building a successful operation or team, only to find that you're now in the job market due to unforeseen circumstances?

If your executive reputation has always carried you from job to job, it can be difficult to explain your stature to those outside your circle of influence. In these unprecedented times, you may have never expected to need a resume, much less spend extra time tuning it to convey the magnitude of your accomplishments.

Many executives and leadership professionals stumble when it comes to writing their own resumes, as it can be challenging to decide how to represent the status that you've earned over the years.

If you're at a loss for words, try these 3 strategies to ensure that your executive resume (and portfolio, including your biography, LinkedIn Profile, and cover letter) reflect the well-established reputation that you've earned:

1 - Pull in accolades from your letters of reference.

Been commended through a letter of reference or with a company award?

Be sure to weave this information throughout your career marketing documents. Many executives pull a snippet of an endorsement or accolade and reference it on a leadership resume, allowing them to display performance feedback as proof of their impact on the company.

This can be in the form of a direct quote, or a more subtle reference to the brand message already stated on your resume.

Either way, doing so reinforces your overall promise of value and helps to verify the revenue you've generated, costs saved, or infrastructures built in your career.

2 - Gather—and capitalize on—numerous LinkedIn endorsements.

If you have yet to request or receive LinkedIn testimonials from others in your network, now's the time to ramp these up.

Even if you don't personally believe these endorsements can add value, they will be looked over—in detail—by recruiters and your networking contacts.

One way to get the ball rolling with endorsements is to recommend others, as LinkedIn will prompt others to return the favor after you've endorsed them.

Once you've started to gather this feedback, be sure to spread it throughout your resume and executive biography (as described above), either by pulling in a direct quote or using the testimonial to flesh out your value proposition.

3 - Use feedback from performance reviews or private commendations.

One of the easiest ways to speak to your reputation on your resume is to request (and use) casual endorsements, even from others that might not otherwise be able to write you a public testimonial.

For example, some job-hunting colleagues (or executives on the verge of leaving their employers) might provide a confidential testimonial that makes it difficult for you to use this information "publicly."

However, you can review this feedback to look for patterns in what others say about your work. Either put this information into descriptive phrases (such as "motivational leader") or mention the actual impact that you've had on a project ("Brought in $10M SAP initiative under budget").

Of course, you can also add a quote without attribution, noting that it came from an official at your company. Taking these steps allows you to benefit from these more private commendations, while still keeping the source confidential.

In summary, there ARE great ways to capitalize on the reputation you've earned in an executive career, by taking a few moments to gather, incorporate, and position feedback from others.

The result can be a much more powerful—relevant—leadership resume that speaks to both your career high points and status.

Global resume authority Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC, CPBA, TCCS. COPNS of An Expert Resume ( ) is a former recruiter who partners with CIO, CTO, COO, and CFO candidates to create powerful resumes. A national columnist and media source, her work opens doors to prestigious jobs at major corporations, and has been recognized with top resume writing awards.

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Reviving Telemarketing

Telemarketing has earned quite a notorious reputation over the years. Businesses have considered it useless because of its tarnished image. But that's not totally true. Telemarketing, quite frankly, can really work for business; the only question is whether they can properly utilize it. The success or failure of a telemarketing campaign wholly depends on the telemarketers' ability to deliver superior service to their prospects. This is the aim telemarketing is being re-engineered for. This is essential, considering the changing needs of today's world.

These days, consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising and marketing promotions even while they are still kids. This results in them growing up intelligent enough to differentiate between the scam and the original. They'd certainly look for only the best value in the product or service offered to them. To tell the truth, no one's going to buy what you offer solely because of all the bells and whistles included in your advertising. And this is where professional telemarketers can actually bring out their best. A well-prepared professional telemarketing call has a sure goal in mind and is scripted to ensure you get the best reaction from prospective customers they speak to on the phone. That is the key for a successful telemarketing business today.

"Monsters, thieves, cheats…" these are just a few of the words people use to vilify telemarketers even up to this day. It's really sad if you think about it. Telemarketing has often been seen an as unwanted intrusion and a bother for many of the people they disturb. It's not really that surprising, to be frank, considering the rising outcry against this medium by the public. You could even tell from the number of private individuals signing up at in the Do Not Call list. That's how much irresponsible telemarketers have badly affected their lives. It's also a perfect reflection of the public dissatisfaction based from the terrible services telemarketing given them. It's obvious in their faces the moment you say the word "telemarketing" and they hear it.

One of the major reasons why telemarketing is really in a bad shape right now is its intense concentration on quantity. Telemarketers are so hammered into producing a lot of this that they forget about the correct lead generation and appointment setting procedures for their clients. This is bad, since they lose more from this method. You see, B2B telemarketing relies heavily on quality. It's not important how many B2B leads they produce. If the quality of the leads is bad, then you can forget about making a successful sale. You will have to double your effort to properly handle these calls. You can never tell how much more you'll lose from mishandling one more call. If you really want to change telemarketing, then you have to start from scratch.

Luckily, the government has increased their efforts to reduce the cases of unscrupulous telemarketers reaching into private homes. They have gone so far as shut down offending firms, create laws controlling the number of calls, and even assisted concerned citizens file complaints. Telemarketing services, knowing that these changes are inevitable, have accepted these new changes and have even begun cleaning up their own ranks. They have implemented better quality control programs and hire only professional telemarketers to handle their clients' needs. Through this, complaints can actually be reduced to a minimum.

Provided that you are serious in altering the tarnished image of telemarketing, there is hope for a better tomorrow for this industry. Let's not forget that it has and still delivers excellent service. It just had to redeliver the same high level of service again.

Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit:

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Become a Teacher - Exercise Decorum Of The Teacher Student Relationship

Most teachers first decided to become a teacher because of their love for children, and an enjoyment of being in their company as well as a desire to educate. This love of children and of the subject matter that they teach is the passion that helps them to keep going and allows them to overcome the obstacles and stressors that the business of teaching throws at them each day, even with the low pay rate it provides.

This means that teachers are not motivated by career advancement or money, usually, but by other values and by inner passion, and this is why many teachers continue doing the same thing, for example teaching maths in sixth grade, and never move beyond that. It is not that they are stuck there or incapable of moving one, but because they are driven by their inner passion to do just that job.

Decorum in teaching means never losing sight of the appropriateness of the teacher-student relationship. It is good to enjoy warmth and affection between you, but you must stay within appropriate limits when it comes to expressing that affection. Here are some of the ways to becoming a teacher and guidelines for teacher behaviour in this regard:-

* Smiles and being supportive with regard to academic progress are acceptable, however statements about your feelings of affection towards a student or complimenting their looks are not.

* Try not to touch a student, although this can be difficult when there are between twenty and thirty of them in the room with you; contact which is a show of affection should be avoided, however, because it is open to misinterpretation.

* Teachers, especially male teachers in high and junior high school, should be careful of how they look at students. Students at this age are highly aware of their physical appearance, and girls in particular might dress in a manner that gets them looked at, whether you mean to or not. You need to discipline your gaze to concentrate on students' faces rather than anywhere else, because this could lead to problems, even if you meant nothing by it.

* Protect yourself by ensuring that you are not alone with any student, male or female.

These are the sort of issues that you might not have thought of when you decided to become a teacher. Yet it is an important part of the job of teaching, unfortunately, because there have been some well publicized cases of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students.

This means that good teachers with no inappropriate intentions towards their students have to go about their jobs in this austere manner, so that others who are being over-zealous cannot misinterpret something they see, and cause the situation to get well out of hand. Learn other valuable tips to become a teacher at

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Menswear Tailoring Varies in Quality Around the World

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers

Even if bought ready to wear it can be an expensive investment to buy a man’s lounge suit that will last for a reasonable length of time and survive heavy wear.

Moreover, since humans come in all shapes and sizes it may be necessary to have suit alterations if the owner wants the suit to fit perfectly, flattering their shape and contributing an overall smart, impressive and professional appearance.

The whole exercise can become even more pricey if a man is considering a custom-made or bespoke suit, but since both would be made to measure alterations would not add to the cost.

Many men try to keep the outlay on their suits down by having them made in overseas countries, perhaps when they are away on business or on holiday.

A firm favourite for bespoke tailoring for many years was Hong Kong and it has long been possible to get a suit made to measure in just 24 hours. Various travel guides, however, say that the buyer gets what they pay for.

This comment is typical: there are the really cheap, really horrible little places all over the place where you'll get a suit that should fit well and hopefully will be the style you want, but might not last you longer than a year.

Then there are places where you will get a high quality, fully canvassed suit that will be beautiful and would be cheaper than bespoke or even a high end designer suit at home.

Another reports that he has had suits made to measure in both Singapore and India and while the ones from Singapore were always spot on, the Indian ones looked like a converted sack with poor finishing and attention to detail.

Another man who has tried it says that Thailand was reasonable for light weight material.

This may also be an explanation for the criticism of the Indian tailors' efforts. Men in S Asia are generally smaller and much more slight than Europeans and the man's lounge suit is perhaps not so generally worn even in the office.

Consequently, however skilled the tailors may be, they are not so familiar with cutting, handling and stitching the heavier weight fabrics that are used for the lounge suit in the Northern hemisphere. It may be that the same explanation applies to fitting garments to a larger physique and getting them to hang correctly.

Even though the reports from men who have tried it are that it is possible in certain parts of the world to get good quality, expert tailoring at a much lower price, the home of the best quality work is tailoring in London, where the techniques originated.

Tailors in many countries, particularly in S Asia, are famous for producing made to measure men’s clothing quickly and cheaply. But reports are that the quality varies and the tailoring in London is still the best. By Ali Withers.

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How To Organize Your Shoes

There are tons of ways to organize the footwear in your closet and keep your finger shoes separate from your Hunter boots. Unfortunately, not everyone puts a plan into place and they end up with a closet bottom scattered with footwear. This means mornings are going to be chaotic and you are going to spend hours searching for the match to each and every piece of footwear you own. Instead of inviting chaos into your life, look for ways to keep the closet organized. There are plenty of ways to organize footwear and many of them are affordable and easy to stick with. The best solution is to create a system that makes sense to you and that you enjoy using. This way you will commit to it and your footwear will stay organized and in good shape.

Racks are one of the easiest and most common ways to organize footwear. Many are capable of holding up to 50 different pairs. Some take up a lot of space, but face it, if you own 50 pairs of footwear, your space is already at a premium. Organizing the pairs will help the problem you are already facing. They can be mounted on walls and doors, stationed on the floor or even placed on shelves in the closet.

Another option is footwear shelving. This is a hot trend and is often a part of a custom closet system. As such, it is usually pretty pricey. When the close system is built, cubbies for the footwear are built into the wooden pieces. You can customize the cubbies so you will have as many or as few as you need. Those that are bigger make it easier to see each pair of footwear. Some are large enough that you can sit each pair next to one another and they serve to display the footwear. Others are smaller and you need to slide the individual pieces into the cubbies one on top of the other.

Boxes are another option for storage. You can use the original boxes in which you bought the footwear or invest in clear, plastic containers to house the pairs. If you choose the original boxes, use photographs of the pairs to place on the outside of the cardboard so they are readily identifiable. This is one of the most cost effective ways for cleaning up your close space and helping footwear last longer.

You can also consider a combination of all of these methods. Footwear that is for special occasions can be stored in the boxes since you do not need to access the pairs regularly. You might also want to take fancier pairs and display them on shelves or in larger cubbies. Footwear that is worn frequently can be placed on a rack near the door of your close or you can keep them by the exit in your home for a convenient way to slip them on when you leave. No matter what method you choose, make sure you stick with it and extend the life of your footwear.

Stewart Wrighter and his wife often search the internet to find great finger shoes for everyone in their family. For more information about finger shoes go to .

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Is it Possible That Employers Are Being Too Particular When Recruiting for Vacancies?

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers

When there is intense competition for the available jobs it is no surprise that job seekers are advised to make sure every aspect of their professional and personal presentation and interview preparation is as perfect as possible.

It also makes it possible for recruiters to be highly selective and define extremely precisely the skills and qualities required of the person they will eventually appoint.

Paradoxically this could be making the whole recruitment process lengthier and more complex and costly than it needs to be and it could also be that the employer is storing up further problems for later.

Suppose, for example, that one attribute on the recruiter's wish list is a creative problem solver. It would be logical at interview to ask candidates for examples of problems they have been confronted with and successfully solved. The answers may confirm that the employer has found the person they want.

It may, however, eventually turn out to have been a strategy that was counter-productive. A confident person with evidence of their ability to solve problems may prove to be more opinionated and less open to alternative suggestions or to having the adaptability and people skills to be able to fit into a particular corporate culture.

A job seeker who has perhaps a slightly less stellar CV and cannot demonstrate a lengthy track record of brilliant creative problem solving may be aware of their weaknesses and therefore be more open to learning new ways of doing things and more anxious to adapt themselves to the environment they find themselves in.

This depends on the confidence of the employer/recruiter in assessing whether to take a slight risk that the person may be worth taking on because they are open to learning and developing once given the chance even if they are perhaps not going to be someone who can perform to peak perfection from day one.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that success is a poor teacher.

It could be more informative to ask the candidate for examples of where they had been unable to find a solution to a particular problem. The answer could reveal more about the person's qualities than the opposite question would offer.

A too detailed wish list of the qualities required for a particular vacancy and a determination by recruitment agencies or potential employers not to compromise can risk lengthening the recruitment time and therefore the cost to the company significantly.

It also risks losing out on someone who might prove when given the chance to be an asset to the business in the way that the brilliant, successful high flyer may not. The latter may only stay a short time before moving on. The former might stay for longer and grow with the company.

Writer Ali Withers asks whether it is possible for a recruitment agency or employer be about the list of qualities it wants from job seekers for a particular vacancy.

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Using Social Media to Get More Clients

Social media and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are receiving lots of attention as tools for Client Attraction - and it's easy to spend a lot of (wasted) time there. To attract ideal high paying clients from social media, it's important to remember that that the same rules apply for social media as they do for traditional marketing: giving value, building relationships!

At the core, Client Attraction is about PULLING clients in with a compelling message and creating such high-content information that adds value to your audience that it motivates them to take further action into working with you. And the same applies with social media.

So, when using social media, you want to be clear on how you can tap into this new marketing strategy and still remain "Client Attractive." Here are some strategies for doing so:

1. Have a clear objective and develop a strategy. Due to the popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter - it's easy to get sucked into the "bright shiny object syndrome" and immediately jump in 100% by using these tools as a way to market your business and attract clients. But, you can't just dive right in because "everyone else is doing it." You need to have an objective. Is it to build your list? Attract more clients? Position yourself in the marketplace with more prospects and potential joint venture partners? What call-to-action or response do you want to achieve with each interaction with social media? Get clear on your end result first - then develop the plan.

2. Focus on the long-term relationship. Client Attraction is not at all about the "churn and burn" approach to building relationships - and it's no different with social media. It takes time to cultivate relationships with prospects before they become clients. Prospects through social media still want to know you and like you and ultimately trust you before they decide to work with you or buy your product. Through the power of social media you can deepen that connection and build the bond with the person you're relating with. You can accelerate that relationship or expand your reach with the amazing "connectivity" that social media provides - but you must remain focused on that relationship and connection you build over time in order to remain client attractive.

3. It's not about you, it's about them. Because literally anyone can tap into connections through social media - you need to be extra client attractive and stand out from the crowd. To "cut through the clutter" and ensure your message and your connection remains on the top of the radar with your potential clients, it's important to focus on giving before you expect to get anything in return. Deliver the same 'high-value' and 'high-content' information that you do in your articles, emails and on your website. Social media is no different. Show your connections you add even MORE value and your prospects will be attracted to you.

4. Be authentic, real and transparent. In case you haven't noticed a theme here, it's this: Social media is all about connection. People want to connect with you in so many ways like they would in real-life. Be who you are on Facebook and Twitter as you would be face-to-face. Even though it's online, people can still see through the "fake" of social media just like they could if they meet someone in person. The more you "show up" as the real you in social media - the more people will want to connect with you and be interested in building that relationship even further. Have integrity with everything you do with social media. Remember this: Never post anything through social media that you wouldn't want blasted on a highway billboard or the front page of the New York Timesfor the entire world to see.

5. Social media is all about the conversation - happening online. If you're not showing up and contributing to the conversation that is taking place - you'll never leverage the true power of social media and build a client attractive business. It's not a one-sided conversation where you just continually promote yourself and not engage with anyone in your network. Social media and networking is no different than in-person networking. It's a two-way conversation for you AND the other person - that's what creates the value. When you contribute and collaborate with your audience, they will respect you and be more attracted to you.

6. Be consistent and plan your time. Social media could suck you in and drain all your time very easily and quickly. Before you know it - you've spent half the day on Facebook and Twitter and you've not added one person to your list or engaged any new potential prospects, let alone gotten any "real" work done. Develop a daily and weekly plan where you identify how much time you will spend on the platforms and what result you want to achieve. It's like any other slice in the Client Attraction Marketing Pie - you can't just put in half the effort and expect the full result. Show up consistently and contribute consistently to realize the long-term benefit.

Remember this: You don't attract clients FROM social media. You attract clients THROUGH social media. It's from the connections you establish and the long-term value you provide those individuals that cultivate the relationship and as a result, they see you as Client Attractive. Focus on that and you'll never be without clients, again.


The first step in developing social media as part of your Client Attraction marketing strategy is identify your overall objective and then work backwards with the detailed plan. What is your desired end result? For example, if it's to build your list - then you want to develop a step-by-step strategy that allows you to engage your network with the intent to attract people back to your website where they can get your irresistible free offer and join your list.

The second step is to identify the tools and platforms that work best for you. Twitter might be extremely popular out there, but does your market actually exist in big numbers on Twitter? Perhaps they are more gathered in a social networking site like LinkedIn. Spend some time on these various platforms and determine which works best for you and your niche.

The last step is to show up and do the work. Social media as a client attraction strategy does take some personal time and effort. You can't just setup a profile and update your status and then ask, "Where are the clients?" You need to step up and contribute to the conversation with valuable content on a consistent basis to attract the clients you want through social media.

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your income, visit

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Professional Cleaning Companies Can Protect Standards in Large Kitchens

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers

Many business premises, as well as schools, hospitals and residential homes, include large scale catering facilities for employees and all need to make sure that hygiene standards are high enough for the safety of workers and diners.

When kitchens are in heavy daily use it can be difficult to find a time for routine maintenance or for a thorough deep clean and both are needed at regular intervals regardless of how rigorous the daily cleaning and hygiene regimes may be.

Ensuring through regular maintenance and cleaning that a large kitchen complies with Health and Safety, environmental protection and food hygiene requirements can be a good investment. It can also keep insurance and energy costs under control.

Thorough cleanliness in a kitchen means that not only all surfaces and equipment need to be kept hygienic. There is a significant risk of fire if extraction systems and ductwork are not kept free of greasy deposits and dust building up and the efficient functioning of an extraction system is also important to controlling moisture deposits from steam that can make floors slippery for people working in the kitchen.

The most efficient way of establishing a regular maintenance and deep cleaning regime is to use commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Reputable commercial kitchen cleaners will be able to supply fully-trained staff who understand health and safety and hygiene regulations as well as the guidelines for ensuring heating and ventilation systems, including filters, are working at peak efficiency. hey will be supplied with all the appropriate cleaning tools and materials available to give the kitchen a thorough top to bottom deep clean.

When considering a company it is worth asking whether they follow HVCA (Heating and Ventilation Contractors' Association) best practice guidelines. The HVCA is the leading industry body for ventilation systems and was established in 1904. It is involved in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration products and equipment and its members are all subject to regular third party inspection to ensure that contractors are technically and commercially competent.

It is also worth asking whether the cleaning company can provide certification of maintenance and cleaning that can be supplied to the insurers and kept on record to demonstrate that the company is complying with all the regulations.

A walk round of the kitchen with the contractor is advisable so that they can accurately assess what will be involved in the job and organise the cleaning programme to cause minimum inconvenience in the daily routine of the kitchen.

A reputable company will also provide a report of the work carried out and identify any problems or issues it may have discovered that may need attention.

All large catering facilities have to ensure that hygiene, health and safety and environmental health regulations are observed. Commercial kitchen cleaning services can help. By Ali Withers.

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Just What Does An Electrical Contractor Do?

In the modern world, none of us could get by without the help of an electrical contractor. Most everyone has probably heard of this profession but many may not know just how helpful one can be. An electrical contractor is someone who is able to install, maintain and repair both the equipment and the means to keep that equipment electrified. Electrical services are an essential part of life in the first world; without them our homes would be without many of the comforts we have come to expect.

Often times the contractor is a highly educated professional; many have obtained a post-secondary education in the field of electrical engineering. In other words, they may have gone to college to study the field that employs him. But this does not apply to all electricians, there are some who merely finished high school and were not lucky enough to go to college. But to become a professional in the field, they must study electricity in order to obtain a license. This means that even one who has only gone to high school must go on to take further classes on the subject.

As is common in other fields, formal college education does make a difference because the experts with a degree in the subject may be more likely to score the larger jobs, since employers will believe them to be more capable of handling huge projects. But any licensed electrician is likely to know what he is doing on the job. Without a degree, it is more difficult to obtain certification. Those who wish to become an electrical contractor can do so without going to college; programs exist to help many along this path, usually lasting about two years.

Once a student goes on to become an electrical engineer, he will have quite a range of jobs and responsibilities, depending on where he takes a job. Many will work on constructions sites where huge structures are going up, wiring and installing electrical devices according to blueprints. Before he begins working on a new site, he must estimate how much it will cost to both purchase the materials needed for the job as well as what the labor will cost to complete it. The expert will purchase the materials needed to do the job, and will include the cost of materials in the building contract.

They must also keep safety standards in mind while on the job. It is important to avoid accidents on construction sites, and the electrical contractor works with the other contractors on the site to make sure that none occur. Building construction follows a strict timeline, and the electrician must work around other professional fields onsite, especially that of the plumber. It is their job to give updates to the client, and to coordinate any helpers that may be working under that contractor. Obviously, an electrician who runs his own business is responsible for any employees of his who are working on the site in case of an accident. An electrician generally hires those who work beneath him on jobs.

Stewart Wrighter has often called on the expertise of a Dayton Electrical contractor for a home remodel he and his wife are doing. For more information about electrical contractors go to .

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Impress Clients With Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress business cards are an exciting way to present any business. It is an old idea used in a new way. They demonstrate that the user thinks out of the box for themselves and will do the same for their customers. People take notice of a card using the letterpress method.

Cards with an establishments information and logo have become common place. The need to stand out and be memorable is something that many commerce owners struggle with. Due to the uniqueness of the pressed cards, people take a second look. Not many are out there compared to regular ones making it likely to retain the referral. Additional trade will be generated as the customer shares the card with associates because of its novelty.

What makes them so different is the method in which they are made, the materials used, and their expense. Instead of an ink print on stock, a pressed method is applied. Pressing is the same idea Johannes Gutenberg developed in the 1400's with the first printing press. The machinery has progressed from a metal plate with a top piece screwed down by hand on paper and inked letter blocks. Today metal or polymer plates are pressed, through automation, onto the material with varying degrees of pressure to achieve a heavy or lighter image on the card.

The method is still expensive and time consuming. Commercial printers utilize computers to create the design but the plates still have to be cut or etched. In addition, a pressman has to monitor the quality of each page and most are hand fed sheet by sheet.

Materials used for the cards are limited only by the imagination. Visualize presenting your business with a material and shape specific to what you do. This will keep you ahead of the competition. For instance, a furniture maker or store could use balsa wood to have their information printed on, wine purveyors could use cork in the shape of a bottle or grapes to present their information, the possibilities for commercial use is endless.

The elegance and expense is obvious. To make them stand out does not require special ink colors or even plain black and white. The relief created by the stamping process alone makes an impressive presentation. The tactile look and feel of these pieces give your customers something they do not get anywhere else, making your company memorable and the one they will most likely use.

They are expensive but the quality is unequaled and also projects success. When handed one, a person will take a second look, feel the material and the impression embossed. Instead of being tossed in the stack with all other cards, these are kept and shared with other associates due to their uniqueness.

In today's market place where there are many cards representing business, letterpress business cards are considered a novelty and not likely to be thrown away. Remember the last time you were given one? Even as a professional business person did you look it over and feel the impressions. It brings out the child in many people making it a memorable way to present your business.

The leading design and print provider offers customizable paper products. If you need free business cards online, online brochure printing or more visit them to order business cards online.

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Fixing Tech Gadgets Means Finding A Great Site Online

For those people who have treasured high-tech gadgets, and who cannot do anything without them, finding someone who can fix them up quickly when things go wrong is on the cards for sure. Indeed, finding a postal website which promises to fix the goodies and get them back on the road in twenty four hours is even better since then we do not miss the gadgets so much. Look online for those companies who supply iPod parts or undertake iTouch repair so that some research can be done on them before sending out the valued equipment.

There are some great sites online these days with some rather special offers. For example, for those who have a screen replaced, if anything goes wrong with the screen again, lifetime guarantee, the owner will not have to pay full price ever again. This is truly a great offer particularly for those who do not take exceptional care of their goodies.

There are even some sites who supply spares as well so that the owner can have a go at this for themselves. If it is a screen or just the casing which has been damaged, the novice can usually undertake this work quite easily as long as they have the right spares and the right tools to do the job. These tiny levers and screw drivers are also available online so invest in these if a home job is on the menu. Also, look for a site which has all the famous brands on their books since they will be likely to be very well versed in all the things that can go wrong with them. Some unfortunate folks have given up their tech gadget to unpracticed technicians who have ended up making the problem far worse. However, as long as the make and model are mentioned online, it is a given that they have already undertaken work in this genre for sure.

Of course, there are mobile technicians around too who will come to the home or office and undertake this kind of work. These clever entrepreneurs have all the spares at their fingertips and for a set fee they will come to wherever the machine is. The cool thing about this is that the owner will never have to lose sight of it at all. This is good for equipment that has some rather sensitive material stored within and no one likes to think of someone reading messages etc.

For those who are just fed up with their gadget and want to progress to something a little more complicated, why not donate this good piece to charity or some such organization so that it will benefit the less well off. Some charities will even send these overseas to countries that have little chance of getting anything like this new.

This is a wonderful way to recycle goods too so that they do not end up in dump sites doing nasty things to the water table etc. Plastic does not break down at all so this problem will be revisited on our ancestors if we do not clean up our act now.

Stewart Wrighter searched the term iTouch repair to find a reputable online company to fix his iTouch. For more information about iTouch repairs go to .

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Find Out About Industrial Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is an important aspect in factories to permit air rotation in a largely closed space. If the factory deals with dust or fumes, air ventilation is not only necessary but imperative for workers to continue having fresh and clean air to breathe in. Industrial ventilation fans are equipments specially designed for extracting fumes for any type of industries. There is a wide range of ventilation fans in the market today for the various industrious needs with dust extraction systems through their fume extraction arms.

Even though these ventilating systems are often used for industrial purposes, other working fields also use them albeit not in a large scale as factories do. Laboratory, mills, factories, oil refineries and manufacturers use fumes in their work which requires dust extraction equipment at their dispose. Besides being used for airing, the industrial ventilation is very much vital for the comfort and health safety of workers in a factory, mills, refineries or even laboratory.

The local exhaust ventilating systems in your working area is very much crucial to maintain clean air for workers, places such as mills or factory's dealing with wood manufacturing or metal industry at where dust particles are created in a high amount, needs ventilating fans with extended fume extraction arms.

It would be possible for the dust extraction equipment to be functional only if it is meant for the specific industry, in which it is used because the volume of air essential to clean the atmosphere is great and to generate air in large scale, the commercial size ventilating systems used have to be specific is getting rid of dust and smoke.

Besides this industry, any chemical based industry also needs proper ventilating system which would only be possible with the appropriate fume extraction arms. In an industry that works on dangerous fumes with chemical base, it needs a ventilating system that would eradicate health threatening toxic gases from the vicinity. Besides using standard fume extraction arms, the ventilating system should also be equipped with refined entrainment method to prevent the lethal fumes to escape into fresh air.

The biggest disadvantage of having contaminated air in your working area is the chances of having serious health compilations which are proven to be deadly. When we breathe, the air is directed to the lungs through our trachea.

Any toxic elements in the air would most definitely poison our body, although you may not fall ill the first few times due to your immune system but a continuous exposure would lead to chronic illness. Therefore using local exhaust ventilation would allow your working area to be free of any radical elements that might endanger the workers lives.

Using dust extraction systems, the air would be devoid of any dangerous substance but if the area at work deals with chemical properties then the industrial ventilating fans in use should be equipped with system to contain fume as well as filtering methods to avoid contaminated air to be exposed and also a containment room with below zero pressure for safety. This is an addition to the usual ventilation technique to provide additional safety measure for ventilating systems in hazardous areas.

Local Dust extraction systems and Dust extraction equipment are a perfect solution as contaminants can be collected for recovery or safe disposal.

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Repairing Equipment Is Easier Than It Looks

The great problem with getting used to high-tech equipment is that we find that we cannot do without it eventually. On most pieces of equipment these days, the general public adds all kinds of details about their daily lives that may be needed at short notice. Of course, the problem arises when this handy piece of equipment breaks down and everything is locked inside. However, for most of the mundane breakdowns, there is a spare to be had which can be put in even by the owner of the equipment. A MacBook replacement screen or different iPad parts are easily accessible on the internet so it may be a good idea to take a look and see what is available.

Once something breaks down, one must find a source to buy these bits and pieces from. There are many online outlets which have all kinds of spares for most popular brands. Indeed, these websites can often offer the spare at a much more economical rate than the original manufacturers themselves. This is because they buy in bulk and, considering how popular these sites and tech toys are; they can offer great discounts that they themselves have gleaned from their own sources.

For anyone who has sourced the spare and is ready to have a go at doing this, get some specialist tools to make the job easier. It is vital to have these at hand because some more damage can be done to the tech toy if large and normal sized tools are used. A new face being put in the equipment may be spoiled if a scratch or crack occurs from tools that are too large or from over tightening of tiny screws when the person is juggling to tighten them with something that is obviously not fit for the purpose. All these tools are available online and they are really specialized for this kind of work. They usually come in complete sets with levers and all kinds of handy gadgets to make life that much easier for the amateur and professional alike.

Many people will be too busy to do this kind of work for themselves, or they may feel ill equipped to be looking into a piece of equipment that they treasure so much. There are plenty of good technicians around today who can look into the problems and see whatever is going wrong, even if it is not that obvious. Some rather sharp entrepreneurs have also taken to undertaking mobile repairs too so that the busy individual does not have to take time off work to go get the problem sorted out.

To find one of these erstwhile experts, or even to source the spares online, take a look around the web to see who is advertising their services. If friends and families have been helped in the past, they may be able to recommend people too. If the equipment is expensive, it may be wise to go this route as one never knows how good a technician is until they have proved themselves.

Stewart Wrighter has found the explosion of MacBook replacement screen parts online a positive development. For more information about MacBook replacement screens go to .

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Excellent Affordable New Homes Opportunities In Edgware With Family Mosaic

First-time buyers who are struggling to afford a new-build home in London are invited to view the show apartment at Family Mosaic's Sterling Green development in Edgware, where there are still nine one- and two-bedroom apartments for sale under a shared ownership arrangement.

The one-bedroom properties have a full market price of £172,500, while the two-bedroom homes are priced £245,000 to £249,999. Eligible first-time buyers, who must have a combined household income of less than £60,000, can get on the property ladder with as little as a 35% share of the property price. A subsidised rent (charged at 2.75%) and service charge is payable on the balance. Each one-bedroom home includes allocated parking, while the two-bedroom properties have secure underground parking. All properties benefit from a terrace or balcony.

The show apartment really demonstrates what can be done with the new homes - the neutral colour palette, highlighted with occasional colourful accents, is brought to life by the natural light coming in to the property. There's a good-sized bathroom, plenty of storage and a stylish kitchen with a range of appliances that opens out into a comfortable living area.

"First-time buyers are surrounded by headlines in the media about high deposits and poor mortgage availability, but there are rarely stories about how they can actually make that first step onto the property ladder," says Lauren Nicholson, Head of Marketing Development at Family Mosaic. "Shared ownership is the most viable option for those seeking their first home who are fed up with paying increasingly extortionate rents. Apartments at Sterling Green offer an alternative to renting privately and give first-time buyers the opportunity to own their own stunning new apartment in a fantastic development in a desirable, green location."

Located on the border of the boroughs of Harrow and Barnet, Sterling Green is just a short walk or bus ride from Stanmore and Edgware tube stations, which both offer a swift ride into the centre of London, with a direct connection to Waterloo, King's Cross St Pancras and London Bridge as well as the City and West End. The local road network, including the M1 and A5, means it's easy to get around the area and beyond by public transport or car. There's a great choice of shopping in the locality, and a little further afield at Brent Cross. Parks and the Hertfordshire countryside are just a short walk from the front door.

The homes enjoy a quiet location in a neighbourhood that is enjoying a thorough rejuvenation. Minutes from the development is the new London Academy, a state-of-the-art secondary school with great facilities and a growing reputation for its results.

Buyers can purchase a property at the development from as little as £60,375 for a 35% share, and are able to buy further shares as and when they can afford to at a later date.

---------------------------------------------------- is the web portal for new homes and new affordable homes in Britain, the online face of What House?, which has promoted the best of new homes in Britain for over 100 years. Our site features hundreds of new-build homes in the UK as well as news, articles, expert advice, opinion and comment.

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Telemarketing: Answering the Call for Business

Telemarketing is getting more recognition these days. Businesses are always in search for ways to improve their business, increase their market, open up new niches and set up lucrative relationships. This is why telemarketing plays a key role in their marketing scheme because of its capabilities of reaching prospects.

Telemarketing is regarded as the best in terms of direct marketing. Any firm can attest to this. Telemarketers are excellent in contacting potential customers on the phone without much difficulty. They can introduce themselves easily, and they can sell products and/or services at the least possible time. These agents have perfected marketing procedures and they all have the skills to perform other important tasks such as lead generation and appointment setting.

Noticeably, telemarketing has changed over the years. People before only view this as pain in the neck, nuisance, just a ring on the telephone because of the careless moves of irresponsible firms and fraudulent groups. The government even implemented National Do-Not-Call Registry to control the increasing abuse of telephone. But it was not meant to be this way and because of this misconception, some groups want to put it down.

Because of this, companies are looking for ways to address their advertising needs. Telemarketing services should still be on operations to avoid being closed down. The solution to their problem was to evolve their services in order to cater to different clients, and improve their services to their current customer. Doing this will make telemarketing more inviting to clients and erase it bad reputation.

Today, telemarketing is applied in various ways. Companies who want to identify with their customers use it for survey campaigns. Those who want to gather demographic information about their markets use it for client profiling. Event telemarketing also becomes popular. It is used to invite interested parties to participate in bazaars, tradeshows and the like. Even the world of search engine optimization or SEO and web design has seen the value of telemarketing as part of their holistic approach in marketing.

One could just see the good things that can come out of telemarketing. Aside from more effective marketing campaigns, cheaper cost of advertising and more interested people, relationships can now be established that can be a sales lead, a sale, or even an additional promotion device through word-of-mouth and social networking.

There are a lot of telemarketers out there. There are also plenty of troublemakers around, but telemarketing would remain beneficial if done correctly. Through enough knowledge about your company, careful research of the different telemarketing services, consultation with your family, friends, and business associates, gathered testimonials from other companies who have outsourced telemarketing services, and guidelines from government agencies you can decide if it would also work in your business. More often than not, these things would be a good guide in making a wise choice. After all, there are so many things that telemarketing can do to make a business soar. What you have to do is get it and use it to your advantage.

Belinda Summers is a successful lead generation Coach helping IT companies generate qualified sales leads. For more insights on b2b sales lead generation, Belinda recommends that you visit:

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Self Storage Is A Cost Effective Option To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Self storage facilities offer excellent benefits for people who wish to relocate to another city but do not wish to take all their belongings with them. It is also convenient for people who have goods they wish to keep which are not currently in use and taking up valuable space in the home. These storerooms are gaining in popularity for many reasons.

The size of the room will be in accordance with the quantity of goods you need to store. There are companies that offer specific facilities to meet the various needs of different goods. Various facilities and security options are on offer. For a fee they will also offer a transport service to move your belongings.

You may find yourself having to relocate on a working contract for few years. You will return to your home town and do not wish to take every piece of furniture with you. The self safekeeping facilities are probably your best option. Most of them will provide you with as much space as you need. This may extend to more than one room.

The costs incurred for this type of safekeeping is relatively low compared to the excellent service on offer. You can usually choose to pay on a weekly or monthly basis. Conventional companies of this kind often stipulate a minimum number of days for your goods to be stored. These services do not restrict you in this regard.

There are sometimes special deals on offer. You may pay a lesser amount if you pay up front for a specific fixed time period. There are also special climate controlled units with the capacity to store a small number of items. These are available for your items which may be sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity.

Conventional space providers often restrict a person with regard to the number of times he can have access to his goods. In addition, you will have to make arrangements in advance to get to your belongings. You cannot get to your stored goods without prior permission. However, self safekeeping units allow you to access your belongings as often as you like. You do not have to apply for permission or make an appointment to do this. You even have the option of giving someone else the authority to enter your unit.

Security at these facilities is always reliable. They endeavour to ensure that any possible crime is prevented. There is no need for you to worry about the safety of your precious belongings. You are the sole holder of the key or access code to your unit. Close circuit cameras are in place along with security personal to deter any possible theft.

Damage to your property as a result of extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, floods and storms is not covered by the self storage provider. It would be in your interest to insure your goods against climate damage for the duration that they are in the facility. Knowing your belongings are adequately covered will give you complete peace of mind.

When in need of storage, don't delay. If you are unable to reach your local supplier, try contacting London Ontario storage services.

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Should You Use The Fair Value Option With ASPE?

If your business adopts ASPE (Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise) on January 1, 2011 - as required, unless you are a public company - you have the option of changing the values of your fixed assets, on your books. This change can be made at the beginning of the first comparative time period you show on your financial statements. So for a December 2011 year end the comparative date is January 1, 2010 and you could fair value your fixed assets at that time.

The types of fixed assets which have likely increased in value are buildings and land. Other types of fixed assets such as equipment and vehicles are unlikely to appreciate. If you decide to change to fair value you would need to get an appraisal done of these assets as of the comparative date.

What are the advantages of changing your fixed assets to fair value?

- If you increase the value of your assets you increase the equity of your business. This makes your business look better on paper. One of the complaints about the old system of accounting was that assets are often worth a lot more than what is showing on the financial statements and people did not tend to understand that the financial statements were prepared at cost - not value. If your fixed assets are worth more than cost and you make this change then you will show more equity in your business.

What are the disadvantages of changing your fixed assets to fair value?

- One disadvantage of making the value adjustment is that your depreciation will now be based on the increased value, so the depreciation expense will increase in subsequent years, lowering your net income. This does not change your income tax.

- Another disadvantage is that if you are subject to capital tax, the amount of the capital tax will increase as this tax is based on the number showing on your financial statements. It is possible that CRA will make an adjustment for the value change - but we do not know yet. And really why would they bother?

- This one-time adjustment will likely create more confusion because it is a one-time thing. After the initial adjustment we will return to only recording fixed assets at cost, so the financial statements will show the fixed assets at original cost plus the value adjustment at 2010 and additions since then at cost. That should be clear!

This is a voluntary decision and one that you should spend some time thinking about before your 2011 financial statements are prepared. The decision about whether there is any advantage to using the fair value option is one that should be made after some thought and perhaps a consultation with the accounting professional of your choice.

Debi J. Peverill CA is an accountant with a sense of humour. She has written 11 books for business owners and is in demand as a speaker. Learn more business strategies at

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Finding The Right Piano Accessories

There is a wide array of accessories that can be purchased along with your piano, and they range from items that are necessary such as a duet piano bench, artist piano bench, sheet music, metronomes, floor protectors, cleaning products etc., to purely aesthetic for example, decals, rims, posters, platforms, extenders and so on. When choosing accessories for your piano, there are many important factors to consider and some of the primary ones are quality, style and cost.

When dealing with musical accessories, the phrase "you get what you pay for" is very true, and the quality and styles will vary wildly along with the price. One of the first factors to consider is the type of piano you have, as this will allow you to quickly eschew any options that do not fit, whether they are necessary and complementary accessories.

If you have an upright or baby grand piano, then you may want to consider choosing an adjustable bench, especially if you are a tutor. Doing this you will ensure that your pupils will be able to be comfortable and avoid putting unnecessary strain on themselves and not being able to focus fully on your instruction. Style wise when it comes to a bench for a piano you will find yourself spoiled for choices, with the four legged, contemporary, modern, X-style, barstool and concerto models being just a few of the options you have to choose from at you discretion. Once you have settled on a style, you can choose between buying a prefinished piece and getting it finished to match your piano perfectly as it would not do if they did not match. Whether you decide to go for a perfectly matching look or a more postmodern style, quality is possibly the most important factor, as a cheap or poorly constructed bench will not only be unsightly, but may carry the risk of splinters or giving out entirely.

When choosing a sheet music cabinet, many of the previous rules of thumb can be applied. If the cabinet will be displayed prominently, it would be wise to choose a style that accompanies your piano. In addition to contemporary looks, you may opt to purchase one with a more elegant design. Another factor when choosing a sheet music cabinet is storage space. You would want to ensure that your cabinet has more than enough room to hold your sheet music and any other accessories, as keeping them in one location will reduce the chance of them being misplaced or damaged.

When choosing your cabinet, take care to either inquire as to what cleaning supplies are needed at the store. Perhaps you can check online beforehand so that you buy the right sort, as some will require polish, while others may need only a light dusting every now and then and using the wrong cleaning agents can damage the finish of your cabinet. By following these steps, you will find that you can make the task of choosing the perfect accessories for your personal taste for your piano a relatively simple task.

Stewart Wrighter researched purchasing a duet piano bench for his piano. For more information about duet piano benches go to .

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Steel Buildings Are Used In Many Ways

Steel buildings are used by commercial and residential customers in lots of ways. They are sturdy, fireproof products worth investigating if you need to give yourself more space to store items at your industrial workplace, or require a place where you can work on your hobbies at home in peace. Go online to find out what styles and sizes are available from manufacturers.

Although your building has a practical purpose, the shape could be visually pleasing too. Choose a peaked-roof or a rounded style which makes your building look like a long metal tube. Some products are shaped like one quarter of a circle with an open front and a rounded back. Others resemble half of a giant, silver steel pipe. If there is not a design on the market that is right for you, ask to have one custom-made to exactly the dimensions you need.

There are no foundations needed to erect a steel building, just a clear flat surface, so it can be put-up in a single day. You do not need a team of contractors to do the work. Get the work done with just a few friends or colleagues. Check that your product comes with a guarantee against rust for more than twenty years and it could last until you retire.

Structures like these are commonly seen on agricultural land or they are owned by individuals with a large estate to maintain. Consumers use them as a place to store their seasonal gardening tools such as ride-on mowers and pruning sheers. Tractors and other farm equipment are housed inside out of the rain and snow so that they last longer than they would if they were exposed to the elements.

Reduce your risk of theft by erecting a product which comes with a door, windows, and lighting already installed. Although steel is used to create this kind of out-building, the finish could be colorful. Opt for blue, brown, or white to match the exterior of your home.

Constructing a carport using aluminum or wood could take a long time. You might need to hire contractors to complete the project. Order a steel carport instead and it will fit right alongside your home. It could provide room for a single car or two cars.

Park your motorcycle and scooter here, or place this building somewhere that gives you a bit more room. Select a fully-enclosed garage which will protect vehicles, a boat, and ATVs. Order a building with the dimensions to adequately store your belongings. The consumer indicates the width and height he needs, but also the depth he requires. An extra-long building would be an ideal location to park a limousine or to carve a long totem pole.

These steel buildings are available online, so explore various websites. You could find a good deal if manufacturers are moving-out discontinued stock to make room for their new designs. These websites provide information about shipping and warranty while also answering frequently-asked questions about their structures. Look online for testimonials from happy customers and to see images of how they used these buildings to store their vehicles, farm equipment, and even airplanes.

Future Steel Buildings provides commercial and industrial storage facilities globally. Find a versatile collection of steel structures at Future Steel Buildings. They offer steel garages and carports of the highest quality. Contact Future Steel Buildings today.

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Prioritizing Your Marketing Choices

One of the toughest challenges for entrepreneurs is prioritizing their day and focusing their time.

And one of the reasons for this is because it's like a buffet! So many things to choose from and we want to dive into it all!

Well, just like a buffet, if we pile too much on our plates, some items will get cold before we can get to them, some items will melt into others and some will lose their pure "flavor" by being so close to stronger seasonings.

If you want to enjoy the bounty that a buffet provides you want to "sample" before you fill your plate. This way you can dive deeply into a pan of tasty dishes that will fill and satisfy you.

Now that you're sufficiently hungry, let's talk about how this relates to your business.

When you have the bounty of tools, tactics, resources and strategies from which to choose to grow your business, how in the world do you decide which to choose. And once chosen, how do you prioritize how to include it in your already full agenda or "to do" list?

My clients, and myself at times, go back and forth with how to prioritize the bounty we're presented with every single day. As an example, do we focus on networking - offline or online. In either case, where's the best place to spend our expensive time and dollar? Why would we want to use this one strategy over any other?

Next, do we invest in newsletters, audio or video for our communications vehicles? Are more people interested in reading, listening or seeing what we have to offer?

You see, same buffet of choices. What's a busy, hungry entrepreneur to do?

My recommendation has always been and continues to be similar to that approach to a buffet filled with lots of different foods to try. And that is to "sample" those different approaches. You want to put a couple on your schedule to see what response you receive from prospects and potential ideal clients.

You may find that in your profitable market, your prospects read and highlight things of interest to them. Or perhaps they're on the road more often and would enjoy audio messages from you. Then there are those who prefer to "see" what you have to offer.

Since there are so many ways to see which of your dishes deeply fills and satisfies. Here are just a few to get you started:

- You can measure where your traffic comes from - Google Analytics

- Run a test to see how often your email messages are opened

- Look at how many downloads there are of your articles

- Review how many comments or views there are of you videos on YouTube.

Now you have several ways to determine who is "sampling" and who is going back for seconds. And that, my friends is one of the best ways to determine how to prioritize your time and day, and where you want to put your focus.

We are often blinded by the latest and greatest tools, tactics, etc., but why not pursue excellence where we know our prospects and clients get their enjoyment and fill their plates?

Just to give you a quick example close to home. I observed ezine authors use a new strategy to drive traffic to their blog, so I decided to try it too. I would put a couple of paragraphs of my article in the ezine and direct readers to my blog to read the entire article online and comment.

So what happened? My open rates for my newsletter plummeted! Fewer people were reading it. When I returned to posting the full article, open rates went up, as did new subscribers! However, without the test, I wouldn't know the buffet choices of my readers!

Now you have some examples and strategies to help you approach and prioritize the buffet of marketing choices in front of you as a busy entrepreneur. Choose wisely.

The business mentor to the service professional who is ready to thrive as an entrepreneur, Chris Makell shows her clients a different way to "Think Big…Play Bigger" so they create profitable 6 & 7-figure businesses. Claim your free special report "5 Critical Steps to Get High Paying Clients, Today" at

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The Process of Lead Generation

Leads, leads, and even more leads. On occassion, it all comes down to leads when a company wants to make that much needed sale. Every company needs leads, without them, you'll have difficulties to find new clients. Leads are essential parts of how a company functions. If you're into B2B, you'll need B2B leads. These leads, as the name implies, are targeted to other businesses, making it easier for you get in touch with them. That being said, how exactly is a lead created? Leads are created through the process of lead generation and cold calling is one of doing it.

Cold calling is when a telemarketer makes a call that has no definite purpose to another company. This call is without a purpose due to the reason that it was not planned, neither is it to do business. This call is made so that a telemarketer can get information out of the client and turn that company into a usable lead. Although, this process is deemed as an annoyance by some and is looked down upon by other people, it's one of the best ways to generate leads. Imagine that you're working on an important set of documents and you're concentrating hard on them. Then, the phone rings and you find yourself talking to someone you don't even know. What's more, the call doesn't even have a real purpose. That's what it feels like to some people, at least. It takes time and a lot of work to generate good leads.

The great thing about some B2B leads generated through cold calling, however, is that they have high chances of success. Some lead generation companies make sure to pre-qualify the prospect so they at least meet the most basic of requirements. Based on your own specifications, they can generate leads that you can utilize, as well. If you need them targeted to a specific area of industry, it can also be done. This makes these kinds of B2B leads high-quality and beneficial to your campaign. Good B2B leads are also fresh leads. This means that they are up-to-date and have the most recent information. Accurate information on your leads is a great benefit to your cause. With all these qualified and targeted leads at your disposal, you're sure to be making a nice sum of profit off of them.

Now that you've read all this, you may already have an idea as to why a company needs leads and the whole process behind it. A company will always need leads. A company would be hard pressed to sustain itself without leads. B2B leads are even more important as the lifeblood of a company is to make deals with another company. B2B leads are highly valued in the market and everyone wants good leads of this type. And through the process of lead generation, the acquisition of these leads is made faster and a lot easier for you. All you need to do now is leave it all up to your marketing professionals and see just how those B2B leads can work for you.

Belinda Summers is a successful lead generation Coach helping IT companies generate qualified sales leads. For more insights on b2b sales lead generation, Belinda recommends that you visit:

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brand Music: Has Your Company Thought of a Music Dimension for Its Brand?

There are still only a handful of companies who fully appreciate and successfully explore the impact of music in strengthening their brands, and increasing the effectiveness of corporate marketing communications.

Brand music is any music that's strongly associated with the brand, be it licensed commercial music or specially composed brand themes of songs. Some brands have won great appeal by associating themselves with a piece of music. One good example of this is British Airways' use of the Flower Duet (Sous le dôme épais) from Léo Delibes' opera Lakmé. BA doesn't own this piece of music: it has been used in many films, from Meet The Parents to Carlito's Way. But no other brand would be able to use this music now without either parodying or in some other way making reference to BA, such is the association in the minds of the TV viewing public, in the UK at least. BA has also used the music as its on-hold sound, and on its fleet as background music while boarding and after landing. The music communicates peace, calm, beauty, class, distinction, refinement - all in all, an inspired choice and one which continues to benefit BA today.

This example shows how to form a powerful and positive association by creating brand music from a pre-existing commercial piece at a modest cost. Even if the music is far more expensive, as is becoming common in the vibrant 'band/brand' market, where brands are effectively becoming the modern-day patrons of the crippled music industry, the effects can be well worth it. According to North and Hargreaves, consumers are "24 per cent more likely to buy a product with music that they recall, like and fits the brand compared with eight per cent when the opposite applies".

Brand music can include promotions or alliances such as the 2005 relationship between T-Mobile and Robbie Williams, where the artist's tracks were made available early or even exclusively to T-Mobile subscribers. However, this kind of deal is more in the domain of celebrity endorsement and does not identify the brand with a particular sound to the same degree. Brand music is most powerful when it is the identifiable musical expression of the brand identity, not just a piece of mutually beneficial joint promotion.

A great example of the effective use of brand music in marketing communications is Coca-Cola. The company leveraged its sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa to the maximum by using brand music that also cleverly embedded its sonic logo.

They chose a song by the relatively unknown Somali-born Canadian artist K'naan to be the cornerstone of its $300m World Cup campaign. The song features Coke's five-note sonic logo prominently but very naturally in what my friend Ruth Simmons of the soundlounge agency calls 'audio watermarking'; others call it an 'earworm'. As Ruth says: "We go around humming it as we walk down the street and not understanding why. We effectively become living, walking, singing commercials for Coke."

The earworm has been an astounding success. The song has been released in 150 markets, with localised versions in 15 countries. More to the point, it reached number one in 17 countries and has been bought online over 800,000 times; video versions of the single have had 87 million views on YouTube. That's a lot of people humming the Coke logo! You can see a short movie made by soundlounge about the Coke campaign and hear the song and the sonic logo on their website.

In the future, I hope we will see companies applying some of the principles of psychoacoustics to make sure that the music they create and identify with (or make part of) their brand is actually appropriate, effective and consistent with the rest of their branding.

Julian Treasure is a global expert in the evaluation, strategic planning, deployment and implementation of sound in business; the chairman of The Sound Agency - a leading audio-branding consultancy; the author of Sound Business, a seminal book on how to apply sound for business benefit, and the creator of BrandSoundTM: a strategic framework for the effective use of sound in brand management.

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Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial liability insurance is one of the first business insurance policies you'll need to make decisions on when you start a new small business.

When buying commercial liability insurance you'll need to decide on many different coverage options. That's why it's important to get educated concerning insurance before your company opens for business. Safeguarding your business and private assets is of utmost importance.

The first option is coverage amounts. Having enough coverage is essential for a business because if you don't, your business must absorb the loss from being under-insured. In the case of a judgement or settlement against your business that exceeds your policy limits, you could find yourself out of business and might even jeopardize your personal assets.

Insurance providers use underwriting standards to determine whether you are eligible and for how much coverage. Insurance firms have categories for commercial insurance and your business rates will be determined in part by the category your business falls under. For this reason, even if you company has a clean history you may still pay a high premium for your business insurance.

Commercial liability insurance policies typically have specific dollar limits on claims so be sure you choose a policy that matches your potential liability. If your business has higher than average risks you should carry more coverage. If for instance you own a window washing company in New York city and your workers are on scaffolds hundreds of feet in the air, even a one million dollar limit policy may not be enough. After all, imagine the worst case scenario and whether life or limb could be at risk - not only your employees, but innocent bystanders as well. I'm sure you could imagine a lawsuit judgement or settlement in this case going well over $1 Million dollars or even $5 Million dollars for that matter.

If your business demands higher insurance policy limits than the usual liability insurance policy can offer, ask your insurance agent about an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies, or excess liability coverage can provide greater limits on policies such as general liability, employer's liability and are an affordable way to get higher policy limits on some small business insurance policies. But note that umbrella liability insurance does not extend the coverage limits on an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance or professional liability policies. A licensed professional can explain this option to you before you take out a policy, so find a general business insurance broker to help you navigate the tricky field of commercial liability insurance.

When choosing commercial liability insurance for your business, do your homework and obtain more than one estimate for monthly or annual premiums. Make sure your business will be well protected in any scenario possible. The lowest priced insurance quote more than likely will not give you the best protection.

When buying commercial liability insurance you'll need to decide on many different coverage options. That's why it's important to get educated concerning insurance before your company opens for business. Get more information at:

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The Feed-in Tariff in the UK Explained

In April 2010 the government introduced the Feed-in Tariff as a means of incentivising homeowners to invest in solar panels. This was part of the scheme to reduce carbon emissions in the UK. Encouraging UK homeowners to invest in solar panels will result in them using clean green electricity which is produced by their panels rather than electricity from burnt fossil fuels.

Inspired by other successful Feed-in Tariffs such as Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece, the introduction has resulted in a significant increase in the number of domestic solar panel installations.

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) works as a financial incentive, as it pays homeowners for each unit of electricity that their solar panels produce. The generous payments are tax-free and are guaranteed for 25 years. They will also rise in line with inflation. The Tariff pays in two different ways. The first way is the Generation Tariff, which means that you will receive 43.3 pence for each unit or kWh that your panels generate, regardless of whether you use it in your home or not.

Because you will not be able to use all of the electricity that your solar panels generate, there is also an Export Tariff which pays 3.1 pence per kWh that you do not use in your home and instead export into the National Grid for others to use.

Contrary to popular belief the Feed-in Tariff is not paid by the government. Though the tariff was introduced by the government and is supported and regulated by the government, it is actually paid by you.

It was decided that energy companies should be the ones to pay homeowners for the electricity that their panels produce. They do this by charging all of their customers a few pence (approximately 3 pence) extra per year on their bills. You will be paid by your energy supplier for the electricity that your panels generate. These payments are often made quarterly.

The Feed-in Tariff makes solar a great investment as it can provide an average of 11% rate of return. Though the average domestic solar panel array will cost £11,000 to design and install the FIT payments mean that it will usually pay for itself in about ten years. The tariff, which is guaranteed to pay for 25 years, means that after the system has paid for itself, any further income from the FIT is the return on the investment.

Compounded with the savings on electricity bills from using the free electricity that is generated from the panel array, the Feed-in Tariff makes investing in solar panels a more financially appealing alternative.

Homeowners who do not have the money to invest in solar can also benefit because of the Feed-in Tariff. Solar companies have launched free solar programmes where they install a free solar panel system on a homeowner's roof, funded by the tariff. The homeowners benefit from the free solar panels by receiving lower electricity bills. The solar companies receive the payments from the Feed-in Tariff and these cover the design, installation and maintenance costs.

EvoEnergy are the UK's largest specialist solar pv installer offering turnkey solutions for both homewoners and commercial property owners.

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