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Social Media & Driving Traffic To Your Website

As of the past 10 year or so, social media marketing has a huge place in marketing strategy. With more marketing catering to the social networks, business owners can broaden their customer base greatly with little to no cost.

As a web based technology, social media helps to increase social interactivity between users. Ths use of social media is what puzzles some people. There are number ways to use social media via blogging such as Wordpress, Blogger, and other avenues. Video websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion are other forms of social media.

There are quality training courses if you're completely new to help you build up a good social media strategy to make things much easier. A business can achieve a wider customer of follower base through different avenues of social media like Twitter and Facebook. Also, the benefit of staying directly in contact with your users will help to cater to their needs. In order to use different avenues of social media more effectively it is important to know which customers look for what products. That's why it's good to have a social media strategy as far as distributing information, getting the information to the right people, and keeping their attention. Sound and movement are advantages when putting across a message which is why video sharing sites are so great. Sometimes, a simple word doesn't cut it. And you have the advantage of posting it directly to your blog with text if you so choose.

Social media marketing beats traditional marketing as it is a lot cheaper and can be much more effect at building up your prospects. Building your Twitter followers or subscribers to your facebook page is an effective way of trying to build your user base. This is because these people will have a general interest in what you have to offer and they have the ability to easily spread the word by sharing or retweeing and information you share with them to their friends or followers. Is is similar to a domino effect. The advantages are increasing of this form of marketing each year.

Mary Johnson has had extensive experience in many business and marketing roles. Her interests are business strategy, Internet marketing, motivation and self-development. With a passion for passing on her knowledge to others for over 20 years, she is a big fan of for targeting ideal traffic to her websites. You can find out more about Mary at .

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Affiliate Marketing With No Personal Website

I personally feel that doing affiliate marketing without your own website is not the best way to make money from home. I also understand that when people first get started it is an advantage to use the website provided by the affiliate merchant.

I got started this way, and you can make money this way as well.

1. What do you want to sell? Niche marketing is a great way to take advantage of affiliate marketing. Finding a product to sell that people are spending money on is a good way to start making money right away.

Targeting a niche makes sense because you limit your competition a little bit. With hundreds of millions of websites online you need every advantage you can get.

2. Don't sell. Affiliate marketing is generally thought of as a business model where you make money selling things.

However, I personally have made a lot of money taking advantage of a couple other opportunities to make money as an affiliate.

One of the most popular is Google Adsense. You can get paid by the click when people click on ads. Start a free blog at and join the Google Adsense affiliate program for free.

Doing this means you do not need to build a website, but can use the blogging platform Google offers. You can also strategically place ads without knowing any HTML coding.

One other way to make money is to get leads for companies. Cost per action programs are available that provide you opportunities to make a little bit of money per lead, or up to several hundred dollars in highly profitable niches.

3. Email marketing. Get an autoresponder and start getting leads into it.

One way to do this is to purchase co-registration leads. Get Response is an autoresponder company that will do this for you. There are other companies that will allow you to buy a high quantity of leads and they will put them into an autoresponder for you.

You can also promote splash pages provided by affiliate merchants and have the leads go into your own autoresponder. I like to do this and use the Aweber autoresponder.

The main point here is once you have the name and email address of a new subscriber you can begin to follow up with them. This is a good way to promote your affiliate website and make sales on a long term basis.

These are a few examples how you could do affiliate marketing with no personal website. Eventually you may want to build websites of your own. At first don't let the fact you do not have a websites stop you from getting started making money as an affiliate.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his make money at home website for free JV With Jeff training, affiliate marketing, and starting your own online home business. Visit it now to find one real way you can finally make money online!

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What Are The Benefits Of IT Leads Generators?

If there is anything for sure that can be said about the world of business, especially in the field of information technology, then it's with regards to its competitive nature. There are so many businesses enterprises and information technology outfits that need to sell a lot. The only question here is how these companies are going to do it. Well, this is the time where IT leads come in. The use of qualified technology leads can be said to be one of the best ways for the company to increase their rate of profitability. These leads are needed by the firm to improve their operations, boost their presence in the market, as well as the fact that these can be used to identify profitable business opportunities that the company follow up. The important key here is for the firm to work with a good IT lead generation company that can generate plenty of qualified B2B leads that the client firm can utilize

Of course, it is not just simply any type of lead generation services. It must be a lead generation company that specializes in IT leads or technology leads. Why is that so? There are plenty of reasons why outsourcing the task to IT lead generation firms is a must. Simply speaking, there is a huge difference between these experts and the other lead generators that have no prior experience. For one, IT lead generation firms are better equipped to deliver such technology leads. Keep in mind that such sales leads are not something that can be delivered by regular telemarketing firms. This would require the skills of professional lead generation services providers that are familiar with what is needed by the business, as well as knowledgeable in how to perform it.

Next in the list of reasons is the fact that that IT leads are somewhat very hard to obtain, and this would call for professional people to gather these. This is due to the fact that plenty of customers and prospective businesses who would be having second thoughts about dealing with a company they do not know. This requires that the people who get in touch with them should be the ones that are familiar with the trends in the information technology market. To ensure that IT lead generation activities proceed smoothly, a company would need to go for outsourcing to IT leads - focused lead generation companies. In this way, a company is assured of better sales leads. There is no need for them to worry that the leads obtained may not be the ones they actually need.

And lastly, by outsourcing the IT lead generation process, a company can get a better deal than hiring lead generators that have no focus on it. By mere extension of logic, the extra effort of preparing a campaign to generate IT leads will cost more for an inexperienced company. This will, in turn, result to a higher cost in producing leads that the client firm will have to pay. By only going for the firm with the necessary experience and training, an information technology firm would be able to gain a lot of qualified leads to use. Not only that, but the client firm will be able to obtain them in higher numbers at less cost.

Phillip Mckenzie is a successful lead generation and appointment setting consultant specializing in IT Telemarketing. To know more about IT Telemarketing, Phillip recommends you to visit

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Better Calls For Better Telemarketing

It is a fact that a lot of people do not think kindly on the thought of selling on the phone. Indeed, there are numerous cases where the mere mention of telemarketing or telesales will leave a bad taste in their mouths. It may be true that a certain firm may have a best-selling product or service, but the challenge here is to how best get that idea across from telemarketers to potential buyers.

There are several ways or strategies telemarketers can do to be effective in their jobs.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is the most challenging task in the selling process. The prospects one is trying to reach may not be familiar with the business or may have no idea at all. Initial impressions are significant. Phone representatives should not overwhelm their prospects with a very long introduction. They should stay calm and conduct their pitches in a manner that can be easily understood by their prospects. Why would they listen to the caller? How can the service or product be of value to them? Address their needs and avoid being forceful.

Understand the customer's feelings

It is very easy to overlook what and how the other person is feeling or thinking. Telemarketers must also imagine that they are the person being called. As human beings, we all want our callers to be truthful, courteous, well-informed and to the point. If a person is contacted at work or at dinnertime, it is only natural that he/she wants an apology for being interrupted or be asked to be called at a more opportune time.

Believe in what you are offering

It is vital to be knowledgeable and have trust in the effectiveness of the offer. Customers or prospects will be able to tell if the caller believes in what he/she is saying or merely doing his/her job. Telemarketers must have confidence in the service or product and conduct the call in a way that would make the customers feel they are fortunate to receive the call.

State the advantages

It is vital to keep track what draws the attention of customers. What aspects of the product or service arouse their interests? Get the attention of prospects by focusing on the advantages of having the products and services. People delight in knowing that they are making smart business decisions. Telemarketers must demonstrate to them why the telephone discussion is absolutely that.

Do not lose that smile

The quality of an individual's voice can be compared to his/her body language. People can identify if the caller is confident, tensed, dishonest, etc. A telemarketer should make it a point to practice their telemarketing voice. He or she must sound confident and smart, and it takes a lot of practice do that right. Agents should keep smiling even if customers or prospects cannot see them.

Obtain information

Lack of interest is not the be-all and end-all of a cold calling job. It is still important to obtain information from customers even in they are not interested. Companies can use these information to come up with better service or product and improve quality. If customers are patronizing a competitor, telemarketers must ask what it is that they like about the other company's product/service.

Acknowledge customer responses

Ask relevant questions and steer the conversation using the customer's responses as the point of reference. Find out what they want. Try forming a link between the services or products being offered and the prospect's business. Clarify what are the objectives and direction that the business is going to. Emphasize and relate their responses to the proposition.

Make a note

People retain in their minds only about 25% of what they hear, so it is necessary to make a note of the things being discussed. Telemarketers should make sure they fully understand what the customer is saying. In the same way, customers should be able to understand what is being communicated to them.

Success in telemarketing would greatly depend on the selling or marketing skills of the telemarketers. Telemarketers should always have room for improvement and learn new skills to add to their phone-based sales strategies.

Belinda Summers is business development consultant specializing in b2b business lead generation for mid-size ang large business industries. She has been writing tips on how to market your business effectively through telemarketing and online marketing. Get informative insights on lead generation and telemarketing at

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The Orlando Real Estate Market Has Many Options, Consider Lake Mary Your Next Home

The Orlando real estate market has many available options for the home buyers searching for homes in the greater Orlando area. Orlando homes are known for their quality in construction, their diverse styles, and their excellent and innovative designs. Orlando itself is known for its natural beauty throughout its state parks and nature, as well as its community. There are many homes available for sale in the diverse residential areas that cover the greater Orlando area, so even the most critical shopper will find the perfect home for them, their needs, and their dreams in the variety of towns and neighborhoods, including Lake Mary, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Kissimmee, Apopka, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Oviedo, downtown Orlando and more.

The job market and local economy is growing for the Orlando area as well. Orlando is set to become the new business center and leader in Florida. Present and future investments will expand the infrastructure within the city, and with the completion of major additions, such as the Burnham Institute of Medical Research, newer facilities that are constructed will create new jobs and raise the local economy for the residents of the surrounding area.

The quality of life in the Orlando area is highly attractive and has never been better. Not only is the city of Orlando known for its quality homes, natural beauty, and thriving economy, Orlando is also admired for its focus on family oriented values. Parents should be thrilled to know that Orlando area schools rank consistently as the best in the state of Florida and are in the top 100 of the best schools of the nation, and the many parks and playgrounds adds add to what make makes Orlando a great place to raise children. We know it is can be very stressful to try to learn where the major places are located in a new city and with us, you don't have to worry about finding out where the amenities of the city are because we can provide you a detailed layout of the area you are looking to buy a home in. You'll learn about neighborhood traffic conditions, nearby schools, general community info, and much more.

The importance of having a real estate agent who understands the towns, communities, and neighborhoods in the area you are local area is crucial, and finding some information about the housing options yourself can only make your experience better. You can browse and check for homes and real estate that are for sale on our Orlando MLS search area in the comfort of your home. This process has many advantages, you can look through the detailed set of information comfortably and there will be no pressure of a salesperson pushing to make a sale.

Finding the right property for your needs, dreams, and expectations has never been easier than with the valuable tools and resources located visibly on our website. Orlando real estate is a worthy investment and with the knowledge learned, it should help you to make a better informed decision in your housing adventure.

Gitta is a Real Estate Broker Associate at Keller Williams. (407) 330-2181., Gitta has served the Orlando real estate market for 23 years, sold and closed hundreds of homes.Top 100 Realtor awards in Orlando for many years, featured in the Billon Dollar Real estate Agent Book. Gitta's Orlando real estate website, provides great resources for buyers and sellers.

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Make Your Website Work For You

Your website is your 'shop window': it is the hub of your business and as such needs to work for and not against you. The chances are you will have spent a great deal of time and money on a website so it is important that it performs to its best abilities.

Define goals

Set goals for your website even before it is built. These include the goals of your business, your customers and the site. What do you want the website to do? What is it meant to achieve? What is important is that you understand who your customers are or 'target audience' and how your website will help them to achieve their goals.

This is crucial to the success or failure of your website. Get it right and your conversion rate will increase as will your turnover. Get it wrong and it means a high bounce rate and a downturn in your profits. Find out who your customers are, what they need and how you will fulfil their needs. These are questions you need to ask before the site is designed and goes live.

Boost your online presence

A great online presence is about giving your customers what they need, smoothly and efficiently. The easier it is for customers to find the products they need and at the right price the greater the likelihood that they will stay on your site. And with any luck they will bookmark your site for future reference.

This 'stickiness' is a major factor in improving conversion rates.

So, how can you ensure that your website works hard to achieve its goals? The following suggestions will help:
• Search engine optimisation (SEO)
• Usability
• Accessibility
• Social Media
• Online video
• Testimonials
• Clear copy with strong calls to action

All of these steps will help to drive traffic (more visitors) to your site with the aim of converting these into satisfied customers. This should form part of your overall marketing strategy.

Work in progress

A website is a fluid, organic entity which evolves over time. Too often, websites are built and then left to metaphorically gather dust over time. The content becomes stale and out of date: the blog is abandoned and the pages look tired and lack any focus or point of interest. All of this affects its position in the search engine rankings.

Plus it affects the way your business is perceived. A lacklustre, out of date website makes a poor impression and signals that the business is struggling or has gone under. Not the impression you want to give.

So, ensure that your website has fresh, updated content, makes full use of social media marketing and adapts to meet the needs of the business and its customers.

Adaptive Consultancy is a London web design company who specialise in website design, eCommerce, and internet marketing, including SEO, PPC and SMO. For more on online marketing agencies visit

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How To Use Blogging To Explode Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew Holtom

Blogging has to be one of the top three tools for success when it comes to affiliate marketing. The well optimised blog that is bursting at the seams full of engaging and informative content wins hands down when it comes to attracting and retaining a loyal following of prospects. In this article I'm going to share with you the steps required to get started with blogging your way to wealth.

Step 1. Select your topic area.
Select a topic that you have more than a passing interest in, if possible. It will make it so much easier to create your content and maintain your own interest in adding to the blog. Before you decide on your final choice, then consider whether what you have chosen will be profitable. Are their vendor products available for you to market in this niche? Also consider how competitive your chosen field is - financial products are very competitive as the rewards are high, health is a good choice and so is software and internet marketing.

Step 2. Create your blog.
If you don't feel ready to purchase a domain name and set up your blog on your own site, then go to Blogger and use their blogging service. It's free to sign up - just use a memorable name for it.

Step 3. Create blog posts.
Once you get the hang of writing, you should be able to pump it out fairly fast. Some people find the challenge of this too much and will stop blogging after a short period of time. Set aside just 30 minutes a day for this and you can develop your blog into a powerhouse for your affiliate marketing. All blog posts should be optimised for the search engines - including the tags on the graphics. If you can post one article a day - then you'll be well on your way to success.

Step 4. Generate site visitors.
Once you've put a few posts into your blog, it's time to start promoting it. To get started, I suggest that you create a Squidoo lens that is optimised and links back to your blog site - socialise around Squidoo with some commenting.

Then go around a make a few thoughtful comments on related blog sites with a link back to your site. You could also visit relevant forums, and of course create some articles for quality article directories such as Generating traffic is one of the most important tasks for people involved in affiliate marketing.

Step 5. Monetize it.
Google Adsense provides a means of making an income. It's easy to use in Blogger and you never know, if you've hit a popular topic, then you could make a few dollars income every month even when you are just getting started.

Another way to bring in income is to promote your affiliate marketing products. You could receive a commission that's between 5% and 75% of the price of the product.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give you is to be consistent. Once you understand the process of what is required, you can then recycle this for use in other niches. However, creating one site that you give your all to is recommended for beginners.

Andrew Holtom is an experienced and accomplished internet marketer. Andrew enjoys introducing newcomers to the pleasure of affiliate marketing and helping and advising them to start, grow and profit from their own online business. Go to and grab a free 94 page guide.

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How Useful Are Market Research Surveys?

These days, a firm would stand to benefit much from being prepared. If one is to give things a little thought, then they might come to the conclusion that the business world is a very competitive environment. Too many unknown variables can either make or break a business' operations. That is why it is important that a firm conducts market research surveys. By using this method, such a firm is able to gain a lot of business information that they can use to improve their business operations, not to mention gain a better insight about the trends that affects the markets. It can even be used to identify and invite other business enterprises in order to work in some partnerships that will no doubt bring both parties a lot of profits.

The use of phone surveys as a marketing strategy is not exactly a new concept. If one is to give it a careful thought, this has actually been around for some time already. It is the same thing with telemarketing, the medium used. This has been around for decades. The reason why this strategy is so popular with a lot of firms is because of its efficiency in producing excellent business leads that the client firm can follow up. In addition to that, by conducting market research surveys, a company can gain valuable details that they can use for their marketing campaign. Such market profiling tactics is very good for the company. This is a great source of important information that can deal with the latest trends and changes that can affect their operations.

Now, in order to ensure that the business leads gained by the firm would be the best, it would be to their benefit if they could hire the services of a lead generation company with a reliable track record. Using this method, a firm would be able to obtain good business leads. This is due to the fact that conducting telephone surveys would require considerable manpower. While a lot of large firms would be able to set up their own team that will perform market surveys, the smaller companies cannot do the same. This is main reason why many of these firms would work with professional lead generation firms so that they get an equal chance in gathering leads. Time has proven again and again that this strategy works quite well, able to deliver excellent results.

The only thing required from the firm is to choose the proper lead generation services. Of course, there are so many to choose from all over the world. All of these firms claim to be the best in conducting market research surveys. Unfortunately, only a handful of them can stand a closer examination. In order to obtain the best outfit for market profiling, the client firm must look for those that can match their business needs, the budgetary limits, as well as the work environment. These are just of the ways that a company can follow in order to find the right firm. It is, after all, a very important business investment a firm must make.

Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit:

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Document Shredding - How It Protects Against Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a serious problem for businesses of all sizes, different types of organizations such as charities, and even individuals. Criminals are able to commit identity theft when they steal personal and financial documents that have bee tossed in garbage dumpsters and from recycle bags containing documents that have been placed curbside. All of the bills the criminals accumulate go to the identity theft victim. The information the criminal gathered comes from such documents as credit card bills, bank statements, social insurance numbers, driver's license, employee personal information, business financial statements, business customer personal and financial information, etc. The best way to protect against identity theft is to hire a document shredding company.

At one time, it was thought that the office shredding machines were sufficient to thoroughly and permanently destroy confidential documents. However, criminals have learned to put the strips back together. Also, these shredders are slow so it is very time consuming to shred a high volume of documents. Document shredding services have become the most secure way to permanently destroy confidential papers which eliminates the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Hiring a document shredding company means you will get a highly trained staff to permanently dispose of your confidential documents. The company provides special locked bins to their clients and the bins are distributed in key locations so that staff can place the sensitive documents that will be shredded by the shredding service. The company has an industrial shredding machine that is fast and efficiently tears up the documents into very fine pieces that are confetti. They have a industrial shredder at their location and they also have a mobile shredder that they take with them to a client's location when a client requests on-site shredding. The client arranges a convenient time for shredding which can be a regular schedule such as every week, 2 weeks, etc.

Whether you get the off-site shredding service or on-site shredding service, you will benefit from complete security. With on-site shredding, you have the opportunity to watch the papers being shredded via CCTV. For both services, you will receive a Certificate of Document Destruction which is legal proof you had your documents destroyed in a manner that complies with government regulations. Once the documents have been permanently shredded, they are taken to a recycling facility where they will be recycled into paper products. Your customers and clients will have peace of mind knowing their confidential information is safe with your business or organization.

Document shredding services are an effective way to prevent identity theft. You will rest easy knowing that your confidential papers have been safely shredded in a manner that ensures they are never lost or stolen. You will not get a damaged reputation or have to deal with lawsuits and government fines. Identity theft is a major white collar crime on the rise. However, you can make sure that you do not become a victim if you use the services of a professional document shredding company.

Premier provider of San Diego shredding services and paper shredding San Francisco. Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction to make sure your information always stays secure and confidential.

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How To Quickly Create Inexpensive Solutions To OEM Control Problems

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts can be difficult to obtain when making repairs to flow, liquid level, and temperature sensors - not to mention expensive too! So how can you find easy solutions that won't break the bank? Read on to learn how to quickly create inexpensive solutions to OEM control problems.

In the past, OEM parts were only custom-made, they were very engineering-intensive, and they were very expensive. Furthermore, designs which permitted efficient manufacture could not be easily changed to accommodate special needs. So when changes were made, it amounted to a custom effort and fabricated construction usually not of the same quality as the tooled design.

Now however, some companies have started to make "out of the box" components and parts for OEM controls. Just like building blocks or an erector set, these mix and match parts include a variety of snap and screw-together plastic parts that connect to generic liquid level switches and sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, temperature switch controls, pump controls and relays.

The flexibility, adaptability, quickness and cost advantage this OEM solution makes pretty much everything easier for the OEM equipment builder. Additionally, they are reusable and repairable too, adding to their great convenience even more. By using non-OEM parts you can reduce your maintenance and repair costs by as much as 90% while also creating what you need in little to no time at all.

The specially designed out of the box hardware complements flow switch, liquid level switch and temperature switch sensors, making a variety of constructions and permutations possible. Simply start with the selection of the sensing switch, and then attach the generic mix and match components. Geometries are altered, functions expand, and previously expensive OEM functions instantly become practical and affordable.

With the erecta switch concept there are no bounds beyond the physical limitations of each component. The factorial combination of size, material, function, and geometry is enormous. Wet attachment interfaces are O-ring sealed, and active components, like the liquid level and flow sensors are factory assembled so all that is needed is a few screws and snaps for assembly.

As long as the threads are standard NPT and NPS pipe threads, they will work with any pipe thread device with complementary threads as well. Some known generic components that work with this concept include adapters, bulkhead fittings, precision nipples, connectors, support brackets, wiring receptacles, and relay housings.

Many installations can be made more cost-effective by combining mix and match non-OEM hardware with sensing switches manufactured by others. Check out building block systems for inexpensive OEM solutions today.

---------------------------------------------------- specializes in component packaging for the purpose of offering simple, useful switches/sensors for OEM applications. Their current focus is on liquid flow sensor and flow switch products including liquid level switches, liquid flow switches, temperature switches, and relays.

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Document Shredding - How It Protects Against Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a serious problem for businesses of all sizes, different types of organizations such as charities, and even individuals. Criminals are able to commit identity theft when they steal personal and financial documents that have bee tossed in garbage dumpsters and from recycle bags containing documents that have been placed curbside. All of the bills the criminals accumulate go to the identity theft victim. The information the criminal gathered comes from such documents as credit card bills, bank statements, social insurance numbers, driver's license, employee personal information, business financial statements, business customer personal and financial information, etc. The best way to protect against identity theft is to hire a document shredding company.

At one time, it was thought that the office shredding machines were sufficient to thoroughly and permanently destroy confidential documents. However, criminals have learned to put the strips back together. Also, these shredders are slow so it is very time consuming to shred a high volume of documents. Document shredding services have become the most secure way to permanently destroy confidential papers which eliminates the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Hiring a document shredding company means you will get a highly trained staff to permanently dispose of your confidential documents. The company provides special locked bins to their clients and the bins are distributed in key locations so that staff can place the sensitive documents that will be shredded by the shredding service. The company has an industrial shredding machine that is fast and efficiently tears up the documents into very fine pieces that are confetti. They have a industrial shredder at their location and they also have a mobile shredder that they take with them to a client's location when a client requests on-site shredding. The client arranges a convenient time for shredding which can be a regular schedule such as every week, 2 weeks, etc.

Whether you get the off-site shredding service or on-site shredding service, you will benefit from complete security. With on-site shredding, you have the opportunity to watch the papers being shredded via CCTV. For both services, you will receive a Certificate of Document Destruction which is legal proof you had your documents destroyed in a manner that complies with government regulations. Once the documents have been permanently shredded, they are taken to a recycling facility where they will be recycled into paper products. Your customers and clients will have peace of mind knowing their confidential information is safe with your business or organization.

Document shredding services are an effective way to prevent identity theft. You will rest easy knowing that your confidential papers have been safely shredded in a manner that ensures they are never lost or stolen. You will not get a damaged reputation or have to deal with lawsuits and government fines. Identity theft is a major white collar crime on the rise. However, you can make sure that you do not become a victim if you use the services of a professional document shredding company.

Premier provider of document shredding and paper shredding services. Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction to make sure your information always stays secure and confidential.

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Healing Employment - Retention and Development

Final in a Series on "Employment is Broken"

An effective employment process is critical for employers when seeking to add new members to their staff. There are seven stages in the process, and employers must understand and effectively implement each stage in order to engage potential employees and therefore successfully select and onboard the best candidates in the field. This series of articles has examined how each stage is currently broken and how companies can use creative tips to repair each important part of the recruiting and hiring process.

In the employment process, the final (and ongoing) stages of engagement are retention and development. You have followed our creative tips for successfully attracting, selecting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding employees in today's challenging marketplace. So, now that they're in, how do you keep them?

Many organizations fall down in the final stages of the employment process - RETENTION & DEVELOPMENT - by neglecting to continually nurture and engage their employees. To avoid this, it is helpful to view employees as candidates to be continually courted and mentored.

Below are a few creative examples for developing what I like to call the "sticky cultural glue" in your company, which will help make it an inspired workplace where employees are "switched on" and no one wants to leave:

Flip the hierarchy - empower employees, respect their time, and encourage their ideas.

Leverage fresh eyes - ask new hires to point out processes in your company that don't make sense - because they probably don't!

Keep employees engaged and looking forward - change up employee work routines with new challenges every 18 months - and ask them what they believe their goals should be.

Pods, Tiger Teams, Tsunami Planning - group employees into pods of 4-7 employees each and ask them to meet monthly for intensive Tiger Team meetings where they develop solutions to existing problems or challenges. Ask these same pods to come together quarterly for Tsunami Planning meetings where they solve problems that haven't even happened yet!

Hold mutual reviews - review your employees quarterly and have them review you. Ask them, "How can we BOTH do things better moving forward?"

Celebrate boo-boos - share mistakes openly and without judgment to help others avoid repeating the same boo-boos.

Creating cultural glue takes real thought, complete buy-in from the top, and constant focus to be kept in place, but it is well worth the effort. Make your organization a place where employees want to STAY and can GROW. Remember, creativity is the difference between managing and leading others.

Kim Shepherd is the CEO of Decision Toolbox (, a national recruitment process outsourcing firm. She is the author of the newly released book, The Bite Me School of Management: Taking a Bite of Conventional Business Thinking. The book takes a large bite of out typical corporate culture. The lessons, funny and concise bite-sized servings, can be applied to all industries.

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A Resume Example Can Give You A Great Base

When you use a resume example you will be able to begin getting ideas that you can use with your own resume.

A resume is a tool that you cannot be without. You will use a resume often when you are seeking out a job. This is something that you do not want to hastily write. You might really want to help change the way your resume is viewed.

Instead of focusing all of your attention on one resume, it might be a better idea to create more then one resume. You can make your resume more specific for the job you are applying for. If you are not set on one specific career, it is very important to have a couple of different resumes you can use depending on where you are applying.

A resume sample can help you to eliminate any clutter that is common on a resume. A cluttered resume can be very distracting and you want to keep your resume as clean as possible. You should always be very careful about the information you are listing on this resume. Your resume is your one shot to show off your skills and a cluttered resume is one that will likely be passed over. You do not have much time to make an impression and each second counts.

If you have been seeking out employment for quite some time it might be time to be a little more flexible in the jobs you are seeking out. When you take a closer look at your skills you might find that you have more skills that apply to other positions. This can help you to apply for an assortment of positions and this can help you to find a job faster.

You might not be able to afford much if you are unemployed and paying for a resume may not be something you can do right now. You can find a job that you really love when you begin to change things up.

A resume example will show you how to base your own resume. This is something that can help you to really get the most out of your resume creation. There are some simple tips you can take that can help you to be more successful with your job hunt and this can change your outcome.

If you enjoyed reading this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our sample resume website today where you can find information about resume format and resources like resume examples and a resume template so you can learn how to write a winning resume that is sure to get you great results.

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Moving From the Basic Site to Webpage Development

You have finished your site, at least the basics of it, now you are ready to post it. Your client is happy, but you know he is going to want more in the times to come. He is going to ask you to renovate and make changes and draw peoples attention to it more, and this worries you. You don't know what to do, you think that you can't go beyond making your site a static page. The page looks great and making it any more is going to drive you mad. All it takes really is sitting down and thinking over the logical steps toward this sites need for webpage development and finding what it needs to become more alive.

There are many avenues and path choices when it comes to making the site more, developing it, expanding it. The first step in all of this is thought. What does the site need? What do I want to stay central elements of the site and how can I make the central idea of the site stay alive with all these fringed attached to it? What can I use from other parts of the site to keep on the same theme and idea in order to make the site better? What are needed fringes and plusses and what are useless and possibly even unwanted extras that could dampen the quality of the site rather than raise it? All these are things that you will want to sit down and think about before getting to work.

What are the new elements that you want to add to the site? Do you need flash graphics or a flying and moving flash animation navigation bar? Do you need a username and password database for members and sign up pages? These are also elements that you will need to think out. If you don't have the skills to do one or more of these the professional thing to do would be to get studying right away and learn that PHP, ColdFusion, jQuery, or whatever it is that you will need to accomplish the job.

You will soon see that you don't want to work on the live version of the site. Though the changes are instant and the progress immediate when you execute it, there will be days where you just can't find and fix a certain glitch. For this reason having the site on your own computer or on a test page for the client to view the progress is essential. Programs like Xampp or Wamp will aid you in testing the PHP and code that you will be needing on your computer.

As you can see, the primary steps to webpage development are serious thought and finding what best matches the need. Really thinking and asking the client what he or she wants and needs is going to be an essential as this is the foundation you will need in order to be able to not have to execute and re-execute steps in order to make this site all that it needs to be.

For more great information on how to make a website we have a range of great tools and a free step by step guide on our website so visit us here today

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How Vehicle Trackers Can Help Your Company Prepare for Winter Weather

Vehicle trackers are well-known for their organizational and crime-fighting abilities, but did you know they can also help your company prepare for winter weather? It's no secret that the harsh conditions of winter can make it difficult on even the best and most experienced drivers. Fortunately, though, GPS trackers can take a huge burden off the shoulders of your drivers and help to make navigating the cold and slippery roads less of a chore.

Once considered nothing more than a toy or a luxury, vehicle trackers now offer a wide variety of applications to business and private fleet owners. During the hazardous winter months, these trackers can help your drivers be aware of their position and location at all times. This will not only help them to save time on their missions, it will keep them focused on their driving instead of on getting their bearings. Being lost can distract a driver and even contribute toward an accident during hazardous weather conditions. Vehicle trackers will eliminate that distraction and keep your drivers on track all the time.

When your drivers are always one hundred per cent sure of their location, they no longer have to distract themselves with looking for signs or trying to anticipate turns by themselves. When visibility is low and roads are dangerous, being able to rely on a vehicle tracker is a much better option than trying to decipher a map with one eye or trying to peer through a blizzard hoping to find a sign.

GPS trackers will also help your drivers avoid sudden movements and lane changes, which could cause them to lose control of their vehicles on icy roads. GPS trackers will help them to be aware of any upcoming exits or necessary lane changes ahead of time so that they can avoid reckless manoeuvre.

Trackers can also help your drivers make more intelligent choices about the routes they take. During the winter months, this could mean the difference between taking a road that is completely blocked by snow, taking one that is partially cleared, or taking a route that has been freshly ploughed. Many municipal snow ploughing services and contractors keep GPS trackers on their snow ploughs in order to help keep the public abreast of their efforts. Your drivers will be able to track these movements on their own GPS trackers, and this will help them to better coordinate their routes with the roads that have been most recently ploughed. Vehicle trackers can improve the response and delivery times of your entire fleet.

Many tracking systems also come with real-time weather monitoring capabilities. This can help your drivers steer clear of any areas of the city that are currently snowed in, fogged up, or flooded. Being able to avoid areas that are having serious trouble with harsh winter weather will keep your drivers safer on their missions and deliveries. It will also help each mission and each delivery to flow as smoothly as possible with as few delays, setbacks, and unforeseen circumstances as possible.

For more information about vehicle trackers, please visit:

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Cloud Computing - Buzz Phrases, Or The Bright Future Of The Net?

Apparently cloud management is the most sought after technology in the world in present times. For this reason, many IT people are looking for good value on cloud computing costs. For anyone involved in computing, they will find that the remarkable capabilities and benefits reported to users, vendors and developers are irresistible. We have seen many other hot products in the past with many of them dying out just when they seemed to be taking over the IT scene. This same notion is what is leading some of the players in the industry to predict cloud computing will follow the same path and crush sooner or later.

It must be pointed out that those who are pushing this theory happen to be a very small minority. Many people have faith in cloud computing to be the future of IT and the internet. The main reason behind this great following of cloud computing dominating IT is due to the benefits and capabilities it offers. Cloud computing does not disappoint when it comes to cost effectiveness as it delivers up to the clients expectation. This is the primary reason why people are constantly looking for new and better technology.

Technology must be price friendly to both people relying on it for business and the end users. Cloud computing allows for the distribution of computing resources through the most efficient and effective channel. The internet is accessed by billions of users from around the world at any single moment. It is without any second thoughts the best distribution channel for any type of resources.

Cloud computing allows significant flexibility besides the economic benefits they present to their users. The fact that you are able to access almost all computing resources via the internet makes it easier to employ cloud technology extensively. This significantly enhances use of the internet in business processes as well as leisure and recreation. The way we live, work and play has been greatly altered by cloud computing. Cloud managed car security systems are already available while cloud controlled homes are about to be a reality. All these amazing advanced technology are made possible by the reliable technical capabilities of cloud computing.

Access is the main factor that will ensure cloud computing remains on top of the game for many years to come. This is not as regards cloud computing services but rather as to the resources they deliver to people around the world regardless of location. Everyone regardless of physical location will be able to access world class computing resources in a matter of clicks. This is an exceptional success that will ensure cloud computing retains the position of a leading technology several years from today.

The service delivered to users will determine the life of any technology. The number of users also contributes to the determining factor as to whether the technology will be another downfall or will actually realize success. As for cloud computing, all this signs are seen as a storm that will lead to better and brighter future. Cloud computing is the future of both internet and other computing aspects.

Most people have heard of cloud technology - learn things about this technology at OnApp . With growing popularity follows the desire for people to search for the best cloud computing pricing

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Great Ideas For Choosing The Right GPS Tracking System

A GPS tracking system is becoming extremely popular among many users today. It can be installed on a vehicle, a phone or even a computer. The gadget sends signals to satellites that orbit the Earth. The satellites in turn send signals back to the GPS device, which is known as the receiver recording with high level accuracy where it is located. The following tips are essential when looking for a good device of this nature.

The first one is identifying the reporting needs. Generally, there are two modes of tracking. The first one is the active while the other the passive mode. In the former, the tracker continuously sends data to the device in which it is installed while in the latter, data display is sporadic and is transmitted at intervals. By deciding on the attributes of a reporting pattern, you will definitely purchase a device that is good for your necessity.

The other tip is to consider the kind of software the device operates with. Depending on the nature of the tracker, the software range from simple-easy to use applications to high-tech applications involving complex but efficient usage. The high-tech software gives instant tracking and can be programmed with a satellite to transmit effective the locations.

The other important thing to understand about these devices is that they can be hidden or big enough to be seen. If you want other people to know that you are using the device, well, buy a more pronounced one that can be easily noticed. But if you are a private investigator or a law enforcer, you need to buy a more hidden one so that your intention is not suspect.

Also, buy one that has an extremely high battery life span or battery spares. This is so because, at times, the job may take too long such that a shorter life spanned battery may die on the job. For hidden ones extra features like a magnetic device for a speedy installation must not be ignored. In addition, you should have in mind where you want to mount the gadget and what purpose it is to serve. In this way you will buy the right one for your needs.

The other point to consider is the specifications of the device. By one whose usage is easy and can be comprehended by you in a more accommodating manner. It will be perhaps a waste of resources buying something that is complex and difficult to use.

Finally, the cost of the product must be emphasized. Remember to buy within your financial means. Overstretching your budget may be too dangerous for you. However, while giving it the weight it deserves, ensure that you do not compromise the quality of the device you wish to buy. Buy affordable, but wisely.

In summation, the GPS tracking system is one way of enhancing your security and that of your property. It is best if you discuss with the dealers the available options and their possible life span vis a vis efficiency. Going online to sample quotes from as many dealers as possible may help you get the best deal at affordable rates.

With years of experience in communication management, you can depend on us to deliver GPS tracking, mobile data communication, and other fleet management needs.

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Need Help Starting Your Home Business? Follow This Advice

With a struggling economy out there, it can be quite difficult to find a fulfilling, well-paying job, much less a career. This is why many people are deciding to turn to their computers in order to start up a home business. If you're attempting to build a home business, check out these great tips below.

Promote your home business by running a contest on your web site. It will attract potential customers to your page and possibly result in new sales. Get the word out about your promotion by advertising on social media sites, contest boards, ezines and search engines. The return you receive, will be well worth the extra effort involved.

If you have an idea for a home business, you should brainstorm related business opportunities before you start your company. This can give you a foundation to build multiple revenue streams upon, increasing your profits across the board. Consider selling product to go with your service, or creating add-ons that match the base products you're already selling.

Write a business plan. Figure out whether your home business idea is workable. Even if you don't plan to apply for a loan from the SBA (Small Business Administration) or a bank, you still need a business plan. Determine whether there is actually a market for your product before putting a lot of money into it.

If you have any skill at all, you can start a home business. Your best bet is to start a website and offer your services there, especially if they can be completed online. For example, if you're great at spotting errors in text, you can offer editing services to people online.

An important idea to consider regarding your home business is to be honest with yourself as to whether or not you are suited to be a businessperson. This is extremely important because not everybody is cut out to do this type of work. You need motivation, knowledge, determination, and a wide skill set.

When running your business it is always important to be professional, running a home business you have the option of working in your pajamas. Your customers do not need to know this. Maintaining a professional demeanor when dealing with customers or clients is a very important role in running a successful home business.


Keep detailed records of what you spend and how much you make. In case your business is audited, you will be expected to have professional-looking records. Learn how accountants keep track of expenses and keep your own business journal on a daily basis. Keep track of expenses, phone calls and mileage among other things.

Get an accountants. You may want to do your business paperwork yourself, but having a professional take a look at your business finances helps you to keep things organized, which can be important in the case of any situation with the IRS. Accountants can also help you save money and help you navigate tax laws.

The economy we're dealing with today can make it seem like all hope is lost. But it isn't lost. In fact, if you can follow the easy tips laid out above, you will find that there's a lot of untapped opportunity that you won't even need to leave the house to explore. Let this information be your guide to a successful home business.

You're just a click away from even more specific details of the accountants bridgend, through which you will find out how reliable and how worth it they are at

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Generate A Good Income From Network Marketing

Many people are interested into getting into internet marketing. A popular misconception is that you can just slap together a slick website and optimize for search engines and then watch visitors flock to you with advertising dollars following soon thereafter. Like anything else, this endeavor has particular requirements and strategies that work better than others. Read on for some advice on finding specific success online.

You should always have a set schedule and stick to it. You should devote at least 12 hours of actual work to your business for it to become successful. Plan for what you are going to do with the time you have set aside for your business, make sure you are on schedule. If you stick to a schedule your business will run better.

One of the hardest tips to understand is that you have to expect people to say, "No." It is not personal, it is business and in sales if you let the answer, "No," get to you, then you will have a very short sales and network marketing career. The word "yes" is your income, so work on getting more yes's than no's.

When you reach out to shake the hand of your lead, a well-fitted jacket will slide up to reveal your watch. Ensure your top fits well and that there is a realistic looking gold watch on your wrist to give the impression you're a successful businessperson, setting the stage for your sales pitch.

Speak to the exact desires of the person you're selling your network marketing program to. Be it by phone, online, or in person, you must listen to what they say about the goals they have in life. If they want to pay off their house, ask them a question like "Imagine how great it will feel when you have monthly passive income high enough to meet your mortgage repayments?"

Network Marketing

A great network marketing tip that everyone should use is to leverage the internet to help with your marketing strategy. These days, if your business in not online, it pretty much does not exist. You are putting yourself ahead of all the competition who are offline when you use the internet to your advantage.

Sell the network marketing dream to leads through powerful pictures. Include a slideshow behind you as you speak, or show your lead photographs of your seminars, home, or family vacations on a tablet at a meeting. If they can visualize what signing up will bring them in life, they'll be sold in an instant.

A common network marketing tip that everyone knows but still bears mentioning is to set goals for yourself. No matter what aspect of your marketing strategy you are working on, it is important to set attainable goals for your to reach. This will give you something to strive for and push you to keep going.

Home Business

If you are running your network marketing business out of your home office, get business liability insurance! Typical home insurance doesn't cover business equipment for a lot of money, so call your insurer and find out what your coverage is. If it's insufficient, think about adding home business insurance to make sure you don't lose everything in the case of a disaster.

Keeping a clean office is extremely important when you run your own home business, but having things out of sight will mean out of mind. Keep any papers that are important to your network marketing business on a cork board or magnetic surface near your computer so they will be handy whenever you need them.

As stated earlier in the article, many individuals step into internet marketing with the idea that if they build it, dollars will come. Building it is an essential step, but so are some other vital steps. Keep the advice in this piece in mind for peace of mind that your focus and forward thinking will put you ahead of the curve.

To learn more about how you can have dramatic --- success its
important to learn everything you possibly can about the company
before you get involved. Visit the following link and you'll be taken to more information.
To your success, Andrew Gallop

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Can Anybody Really Earn Extra Money Online?

There are a lot of people that have heard that you can make extra money online, but not everyone is sure if they should believe it. The truth is that any person really can make a good income on the internet.

You just have to be sure that you are ready to do any task necessary make that extra income. There are some tasks that are the most important for anyone to make extra money from home and the following are the most important ones to get you started on the path to accomplishing this goal for yourself.

One: Pick your business carefully - Before you can make any money from home you have to pick the idea that suits you. When you choose one that you enjoy, you are not going to struggle to earn an income with it like so many others do that did not take time to choose their business.

Two: Learn the business you begin - There is no way you will be able to talk to custoou mers or answer questions about any business until you know all you can about it. It is a good idea for you to educate yourself on the business you begin so you will be knowledgeable about it with all of your customers.

Three: Advertise your new business - You need to put together a marketing system over time starting with one method at a time so you can tell as many people as possible about your business. The more methods you can use for spreading the word about it the faster you will earn an income from it.

Marketing needs to be done everyday because this will help you build traffic to your business right away and with time you will be able to build quite a bit of traffic to it.

Four: Be committed - You can find a lot of people that state that making money online is impossible because they tried it and failed at it. What they do not tell you is that they gave up and were not committed to accomplishing this dream for themselves.

The only way a person can fail to earn money at home from the internet is to give up. If you work hard and keep working your business, then you will begin to earn an income with it.

Now that you can see that anyone really can make extra money online, you have to be the one to get your own business going so you can start achieving this for yourself also. No one can do this for you and if you really want to have more income, then beginning right away would be wise because then you can achieve this dream before you know it is occurring.

Professional Internet marketer Mark Babcock will help any person make money on the internet and create extraordinary incomes from home. For anyone that is searching for extra money ideas visit his website today so he can start helping you.

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Is Stuffing Envelopes From Home To Earn Money Really Legitimate?

Have you been told or heard that stuffing envelopes from home can help you make money? If you have, do not believe it because envelope stuffing at home for an income will never be possible because it is one big scam that has been around for years.

Do not let yourself fall victim to it because you will end up regretting it when you are ripped off with no way to make money. Too many people already have been taken in by this scam and have found they should have avoided it like you need to now.

No one will ever be able to earn an income at home with stuffing envelopes because there is no company out there that really pays for this type of service to be done for them at home. Companies everywhere have employees that do this for them at their place of business, along with other job responsibilities.

So they will not pay anyone to do it from home, especially when it could mean that they would be paying a lot of different people all over the world. That would be way too expensive for any business and they are just not going to spend their money on this.

The people that tell you that you can make money from it are the ones that want you to hand over your money so they can take off with it. Do not fall for this scam because the only things you will receive out of it is less of your hard earned cash and knowing what a scam victim feels like.

No one should ever have to feel that way and if you are wise you will avoid the envelope stuffing scam at any cost and take time to locate a true legitimate way to make an income from home.

There are so many ideas online these days and some of them are even free to get started with. You just need to learn what the ideas are, check in to them to locate the one you like the best and then get signed up to start your new business at home to make a real income.

Some very effective and profitable ideas for making a real income from home can include, but are definitely not limited to, affiliate marketing, business opportunities, niche marketing, network marketing, freelancing, creating your own products, selling products on auction sites and hundreds of other ideas.

There is absolutely no reason for you to become a victim of the scam for stuffing envelopes from home when you have all of these others ideas open to you. It is just a matter of finding the correct one for you and then get started with it, but remember to avoid the stuffing envelopes so you never know what it feels like to be a victim of it and so you really can start a business from home making the real income you need.

If you found the information and help you needed from this article by Jeff Schuman, make sure to come by our legitimate ways to make money website today. You will find useful information on many real ways to earn money online for free and a variety of legit ways to make money from home that are effective for anyone.

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Being a Florist Online Has Its Advantages

One of the tips given in an e-book that gives tips on how to run a flower shop is to target not only your area, but the online market as well. Almost all business transactions are conducted over the internet in this day and age. As a consumer, the internet is the most convenient place to shop. If you are looking to start a flower business or if you already own a flower shop, then you should definitely consider expanding your market online.

Beginning your online venture will mean eventually having a wide clientele for your products. Selling your masterpieces will not only be within your area but probably even nationwide or overseas! Profiting greatly from starting your own florist business is one of your main targets. Try researching online for festivals or holidays that involve the use of many flowers and floral decorations and see if you can be a promoter or have some sort of ex-deal with one of the festival's organizers.

To enhance your knowledge in your career, consider learning more about floriculture. Learning about floriculture makes you know more about the various types of flowers. You also gain knowledge that will come in handy when you create floral arrangements. There are other courses offered in floriculture that will come in handy when you make your floral designs and arrangements.

Deciding on what domain name to use for your online store is important. It has to sound catchy and easy to remember at the same time. Your website's design should look attractive and pleasant, making customers want to bookmark your site and keep coming back for your products. High quality images of your works of art should be posted. Also include designs for weddings or parties if you have any, as this can fascinate your prospective customers. Visual aids can be a form of advertising and they can "lure" people more easily.

Hiring a reliable floral distributor based in other parts of the country - or different parts of the world - is something you should contemplate on once your business grows. Try getting in touch with well known floral distributors to make sure your products get delivered to your clients on time and in good condition.

Having an online floral shop is favorable for both you and your customers. Not everyone has the time to stop by a store and most people have access to the internet. With just a point and click, they can order flowers for their loved ones on special occasions or send out inquiries to your inbox without leaving their seat or taking too much time away from their tasks. Being a florist has never been so easy and fun at the same time.

Discover how you can market your florist business in the 21st century and become the No1 florist in your region by visiting my Marketing For Florists website at: and also see our video at

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A Brief History of the FA Cup

Copyright (c) 2011 Nir Hodara

In order to fully understand the FA cup, one needs to consider its rich history, heritage and historic importance to English and European football. If you ask football fans in England what is the most important tournament of the year, there is a very good chance that most of them will tell you that it is the FA Cup. The FA cup stands for the Football Association Cup. Historically speaking, it is the oldest football competition in the world and one of the world's oldest sports competitions.

FA tickets for some of the games are virtually impossible to find a few days before the matches and media attention, both local and international is sky high. The FA Cup 2012 is promising to be one of the most exciting of the season, with teams such as Manchester City and Manchester United tying to win the trophy side by side with teams from each and every UK football league. Sensational surprises in the past, with teams from lower leagues eliminating some of the best know teams, have served to increase the FA Cup popularity even further and to push FA tickets sales levels to new heights. The FA cup is considered a source of pride for UK football and FA tickets sales do much to assist teams from lower leagues to maintain their budgets.

The FA Cup is also considered one of the most prestigious and sought after awards in European Football. The finals game is one of the most anticipated televised events of the season and is being watched by viewers from all over the world. If we continue to examine the history and tradition of the FA cup leading all the way to the FA Cup 2012, the tournament began as early as 1871. What makes the FA Cup tournament so unique is the fact that it is open not only to Premier League teams, but also to teams from all other UK lower leagues, including the National league and the Football league. This means that teams from lower leagues have a chance to shine once a year and compete with the higher level teams. Players are highly motivated as scouts are known to watch the early games and try to locate promising talents from the lower leagues.

The popularity of women football brought with it a high level of interest in the FA Cup women's tournament. FA ticket sales for the annual FA Cup women's tournament have been steadily increasing each and every season. Both the FA Cup 2012 men's tournament and the FA Cup 2012 women's tournament promise to be as popular and as exciting as ever.

Ticket2Final, you can reserve tickets for the sports tickets event and should your team qualify in to the final, you can purchase the official tickets at face value price. visit

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Link Building 101

If you are hoping to increase the traffic directed to your website as well as your positioning in Google's rankings, putting an effective and well-structured link building campaign together could work wonders for you. Increased traffic to your website can come from a number of benefits that link building can give you. If your ranking increase in the eyes of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, your website will undoubtedly receive more traffic from organic searches (simply clicking through to your page via the hyperlink displayed on a search engine results page or SERPS), alternatively you can hope to see extra visitors landing on your website from the links you have established on other sites. Search engines are now users' main tool for internet navigation and ranking high for some well-targeted search terms should be your ultimate goal when assembling a link building strategy.

After being presented with a list of search engine results, a user is far less likely to pick a result from anything after the first page. This is usually because the search engines algorithms have determined that the websites ranking on page 1 contain the most relevant, quality content. Search engines such as Google determine this largely based on the amount of links your website has collected from other relevant, trustworthy and popular website and this is primarily why we must strive to construct a link building campaign.

Great Content

Filling a site with quality content will always be the key to collecting links from other trustworthy websites. When a site in the same niche as yours links to you they are essentially vouching for you, this tells Google that your website is relevant (as a site in the same niche links to you) and full of content that other sites feel are worth linking to. Construct a quality website that other webmasters would be happy to link to; do not allot to much space for adverts, it looks cheap and gives the impression your making money however possible.

The Psychology of Link Builders

Once you are happy with the quality of the content on your website then the time to contact other webmaster for links is upon you. Be sure to source contacts from relevant websites before sending out any emails; links from websites that are not relevant to yours in any way will stand out as unnatural links to search engines and likely be ignored.

Many websites will request a reciprocal link in exchange for the one they give you, so think ahead and create a space on your site in which you can place external links to other sites. There is usually a way to gain a link from most websites, learn to scan a site and identify what you can do for them in order to get a followed link to your site.

Written by Daniel Travis Brown on behalf of and Follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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Make Money Online And Work At Home - Ways Your Life And Future Will Change

There are many people these days that are doing all they can to make money online and work at home because they are beginning to understand the powerful ways that their life and future will change. You need to learn some of the powerful ways it is going to change if you work at home for making money.

One: Be the boss instead of only working for one - Everyone dreams of being able to tell their boss that they quit, but not every person will be able to see this dream through to the end. When you have the courage to begin a business of your own at home, you will be able to achieve this dream and learn what it feels like to be the boss and not work for one.

Two: Make your future financially stable - Do you dream of having a financially secure future? Every person does, but again not everyone will be able to accomplish this.

A business at home allows you to make this dream real for you because you will be in full control of the amount of money you earn. The time and effort you put in to your business on a daily basis will have a big impact on the amount of money you make with your business.

The more hard work, time and effort you really put in to it the more income you will be able to accomplish with it.

Three: Begin making your dreams a reality - Every person has a lot of dreams of their own that they would like to fulfill someday, but not everyone will be able to make their dreams a reality. With a business at home you can make any dream a reality for you with time, hard work and a good income from the business.

Four: Be with your family when you decide to - Have you been trying to find a way that you can spend more time with your family if they are not busy with their own lives? A business from home lets you do just that because you can work your business when they are away from home and be with them whenever you want to when they are at home and free.

These are the most powerful ways that your life and future will change when you make money online and work at home. You have a choice to make for your current life and your future now, do you keep working a job or find another one or do you take control of your life and start a business of your own?

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please check out our passive income opportunities website today. Where you will find helpful information about how to make money at home online and you will be provided with many ways to make money at home so you can choose the right business for you.

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Website Design

The design of a website plays one of the most important parts in the success of any website, as the design is what makes the website visually appealing. A professional design is much more attractive than one that is simple slapped together by a web designer trying to make a quick buck, and it is essential that your website is professionally designed and professional developed to ensure that it is as successful as possible.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Do Your Website Design

Professional website design is important, for a number of reasons. Below you will find the five main reasons that having a professional design your website is so essential. It may be a good deal more expensive than simply purchasing a Wordpress or Joomla template, but you will find that it will be well worth it to have a template and theme that is all your own.

1. Professional Standard. The best designers know how to create professional designs using programs like Photoshop or Corel Draw, and these website designs are much more professional looking than a simple template or theme. The professional standard of design will be well worth the cost, as your website will look and feel much more professional once the designer has finished with it.

2. Unique Design. The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your own website is that it must be unique and stand out from the other websites on the internet, and that is where a web designer comes in handy. Having a web designer create a theme for your website will ensure that it is 100% original, as the theme will be created just for you. Your unique website will stand out from the rest and will make your website memorable and attractive.

3. Personalized Theme. The theme of your website should be personalized according to the concept and purpose of your website, and most of the templates you can purchase simply won't serve your purposes. There may be one or two that will fit, but the majority of the templates simply won't have what you are looking for. With a web designer, however, you can have him create a website that is built just for you, your product or service, and your target audience.

4. Ease of Use. The best websites should be easy for visitors to use, and one way of making the website easy to use is by making the navigation system simple. There are a dozen other simple principles of web design that will make a website more effective, and these principles should be adhered to when the site is created. Thanks to the many years of experience under the belt of the web designer, it will be much easier for them to complete your website and make it easy to use.

5. Visually Appealing. The most important element of a website is its appeal, and web designers will help you to make your website at attractive and visually pleasing as possible in order to capture the attention of your visitors.

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Be Your Own Boss: Some Home Business Tips

Do you dream of working from home so that you can spend more time with your family? Many people do, but starting a home-based business can be a little frightening if you don't know where to begin. This article will detail some tips and tricks to help you do just that.

In order to have a successful home based business it is key that you know how much you are spending in making a certain product. A good rule of thumb is to sell the product twice as much the cost is. Others even charge three times the cost when it comes to retail.

Don't make the mistake that a home business has to be an Internet business just because we're living in a technology age. Opening a day care or a hair salon or a little cupcake business are all still viable ideas in any market. Use your imagination when starting a business and make sure it's something you love doing.

Find inexpensive ways to advertise your home business. If you are a pet-sitter, drop some business cards off at local veterinarian offices. Stores, post offices, even community centers often have bulletin boards you can advertise on. Be creative and you will enjoy a larger demand for your services!

When choosing a name for your business, make sure that it's something with significant meaning to you while also representing your business very well. You do not want to give your business an unrelated name. Something like "Cookies R Us" makes no sense at all if you're selling televisions or tennis shoes.

Get the proper equipment to take credit cards. If your clients or customers visit your business, get a credit card machine. If you sell your products online, open an account with an internet money transfer business to provide your customers with the possibility to order your products with their credit cards. Choose a site you can trust for this.

Buy organizational tools to help keep your home business on track. For example, having a pen holder by your phone will make taking down a note or phone number easy. Use a drawer organizer to find every little staple or paperclip that you need in a hurry, and buy one with a sticky note holder so you always know where to find one!

Make sure you pick a web host with e-store features if you choose to start a home Internet business. Instead of having to build a store up from scratch and adding the necessary shopping carts and other accessories, a good web host will have pre-made templates and carts all ready to go for you.

As part of your home business keep track of any miles that you drive. When you do your taxes you will be able to count these as a deduction. This will save you money and help you out during tax time.

Now that you are in the know about some of the ways you can begin your own home-based business, starting up should be a snap for you. Get prepared, work hard, and start enjoying all the benefits of working from home, including spending a lot more time with those you love.

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The Strategy For Choosing An Online Niche Market

When you are trying to make the choice for what online niche market you want your internet business to be involved in you have to take into account factors that will have a direct bearing on its ultimate success. Time needs to be devoted to research as it is not something that can be skimmed over in a few minutes or ignored entirely.

The first factor on the list and perhaps one of the most important to consider is whether you have an actual affinity with it. Is it something that you are passionate about, have an interest in, already experienced in and are able to offer detailed knowledge of? If so, you will be able to relate to your prospects and customers more naturally and easily than if you are entering a market cold. But that does not mean you must have an affinity with a potential niche market. If important fundamentals such as the level of competition and current traffic levels do suggest that there is an apparent gap in the market, then don't be dissuaded by not researching further solely due to the fact you are not familiar with the subject.

The next factor relates to the size of the market in question and whether there are any discernable trends. If there are a huge amount of searches coupled with high competition, then it is probably a good idea not to progress interest much further, unless such a topic can be split up and sub niched down to quite a small level. What you want is a niche that attracts enough but not too much targeted traffic and some competition. If there is no competing websites, then ask yourself why, it could be that there are no earning opportunities to exploit. It is important to establish if the niche has any seasonality such as the obvious one of Christmas where there is a lot of activity squeezed into a short period then the rest of the year is very quiet.

You must determine the churn rate of prospects and customers in the niche. Put simply, it is the estimation of thew number of new prospects that you attract, how long that they stay for and how many you lose. Once you know the length of time a customer stays and how much they spend, you can calculate what an average customer is worth and how much you can spend in attracting them to your internet business in the first place.

Other important factors that have to be addressed include how reachable are your prospects and customers? If in the potential niche the majority of people are not computer literate or internet savvy then by offering information and a product range just through a website could well result in your internet business failing to get off the ground. Always create the easiest route for prospects and customers not just to find you but to do business with you also. In addition to this you have to also identify the niche's buying behaviour. Will it be a one time purchase or is it likely that they will return on a regular basis? Is it a niche that offers an easy opportunity for upsells and cross sells perhaps using affiliate products?

Once you have answered the factors that should determine your choice of an online niche market you will have undertaken very valuable research that will provide you with a solid foundation for building a successful internet business.

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Find Success In Home Business Without Losing Your Mind

If you have ever dreamed of starting your own home business, but just aren't sure where to start, don't worry. Many other people have successfully founded flourishing home businesses, and by following their examples, you too can enjoy success. Just apply the advice in this article and you'll be on your way.

Protect your privacy and your family by getting a PO box for your home business. Posting your home address online is risky and can lead to identity theft and burglary. A PO box is inexpensive, anonymous and ensures that you and your family remain safe while you are working!

Try to find a place where you can buy your supplies wholesale. Wholesale supplies are sometimes only half as expensive as the products you find in a regular retailer. You may have to travel to do this, but the savings can quickly add up for your business. If you cannot travel, try looking online.

Apply for a 'Doing Business As' license from the state where your business is located. This is the registration for your business name, and allows you to operate as a business. In most states, you have to pay twenty dollars a year to renew this license. Find out if you need other licenses for your particular business.

Take all of the home-business tax deductions that are legally allowed. For example, you can deduct the cost of a second telephone line or a mobile phone if you use it exclusively for your business, but be sure to keep sufficient records to prove your deductions. Taking all permissible write-offs helps you keep more of what you earn.

If you're selling a product on your home business website, the key factor to consider is how you're going to save the end user time or money. If you sell a bib, explain how easy it is to clean or how it will catch all the food baby drops so you don't have to take the time to clean the floor, saving time and money on cleaning products.

Do you have several medical conditions which makes working outside of your home impossible, but they aren't considered bad enough to entitle you to disability? So what can you do? You can start your own home business! This could even enable you to have access to any medical equipment you might need and also help you insure yourself with health insurance. Others have tried this and loved it!


Get an accountant. You may want to do your business paperwork yourself, but having a professional take a look at your business finances helps you to keep things organized, which can be important in the case of any situation with the IRS. Accountants can also help you save money and help you navigate tax laws.

Keep detailed records of what you spend and how much you make. In case your business is audited, you will be expected to have professional-looking records. Learn how accountants keep track of expenses and keep your own business journal on a daily basis. Keep track of expenses, phone calls and mileage among other things.

You don't have to let your fears and uncertainties stop you from achieving your dream of running a successful home business. Just remember what you've learned in this article, and you'll be able to overcome any obstacles that you may encounter. Before you know it, you'll be another home business success story.

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