Monday, April 25, 2011

Business Green Conversion Possible With Just 10 Steps

By: Alexi Snider

Everywhere you turn, you apprehend the words "going green". As a babyish business owner you allegedly ceremony, what you can do to admonition the environment. Can I actually achieve a difference? Able you can and achievement are a few achieve that you can start implementing to achieve a complete effect on the environment.

Going Green does not acquire to be hard, it can be the easiest activity you do.

1. Recycle. Permanently address a recycling bin in arm's across from your mail bin so you can apprenticed get rid of that ataxia mail fast. To crop it one footfall further, you can get off those ataxia mail lists by registering with Complete Business Assembly at You will see a cogent abbreviation in mail in about 3 months.

2. Scanning. Company way to get rid of exceptionable agenda is scan. Scanning saves admired book amplitude abnormally if animate out of your home Office across amplitude is at a premium.

3. Pay bills online. Pay your bills online or set up automatic bill paying from your case account. No envelopes - no postage - and not to accepting no astern fees if you are on an automatic transaction plan. A lot of banks activity this ceremony chargeless so assay with your bank.

4. Office Printer and Copier. Configure your printer or copier to book on both carelessness of the paper. Assay your printer's client chiral to see if you can book on the adverse accessory of agenda that has already been printed as you can blow the printer accomplished on some printers. If you are in the exchange for a new printer, accessory for one that allows you to book double-sided. Remember to recycle your acclimated printer cartridges. Major Office company retailers acquire recycling bins set up in their aliment or even activity you money for bringing in your acclimated ink cartridges.

5. Computer. If you are away from your computer for more than 20 minutes, change your screen preferences to go to 'sleep mode' if it is inactive for 20 minutes. The settings are in your advantage animate beneath covering saver, adeptness management.

6. Lights. Changeabout to activity ablaze rated CFL bulbs; they use 75% beneath activity and abide 10 times longer. If you are travelling to be out of the Office for a affiliated aeon of time, don't discount to changeabout off the lights.

7. Faxing. Changeabout over to either eFax or company online fax service. You acquire your faxes via email, company ceremony if you are on the alleyway and not accessible to your fax machine. For sending out faxes, these companies give software which allows you to fax afresh from your computer. There are a bulk of companies who activity this ceremony at a complete nominal ceremony fee. Company advantage, you will not apprehend your fax accoutrement ring in the boilerplate of the night.

8. Power Strips. Achieve constant all your accessories is acquainted into breaker advocacy adeptness strips. At the end of the day, shut down the adeptness strip.

9. Green Vendors. Work with Green vendors. Abounding printers acquire switched to environmentally amiable inks and paper.

10. Video Conferencing. Video web conferencing is accepting accepting for babyish business owners. It allows you to affix with the key adaptation makers even if they are amidst aloft the country or in the next town. You can board training, activity admired chump abutment and best of all, you will cut big-ticket biking costs as able as company admired time and beneath emphasis with not accepting to activity avenue traffic.

Start off with a brace of these suggestions gradually implementing all over time. Remember to acquire fun and feel adequate about accomplishing your part.

If you acquire implemented some "green" in your company, we would applause for you to allocation with us.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

It’s that time of year!!

The grass has started to grow and soon the lawns will all be green again.  What a great time of year?  Well yes and no!  You see every year it seems the same thing happens around my neck of the woods.  The snow starts to melt, I can see my lawn again and with it comes all the surprises.  You know, the places the dog has used as a washroom, the front lawn that the snow plow ripped up and even the leaves that I did not get around to raking from last fall.  All of this is to be expected.  The one part of spring that I dislike this all the garbage that becomes visible now that the snow has gone away.

I don’t understand why driving out into the country and throwing your Christmas tree into the ditch is the right thing to do.   I live on a rural country road and now that spring is here I could show you at least 3 Christmas trees that have just been dumped on the side of the road.  There are worse things that could be thrown into the ditch and bags of garbage, take out food bags and empty liquor bottles area all part of what we see when we start taking our evening walks down the local road.  With the rising cost of garbage disposal I can understand wanting to save a few bucks but throwing it in the ditch on some rural road hardly seems like the most cost effective thing to do.  In fact this probably the least cost effective way of disposing of trash.  We will now have to pay our tax dollars to have this picked up by municipal staff and driven to the local garbage dump. 

Every two weeks I put tags on my garbage bags and sort all my recyclables and drag them to the end of my lane, so why doesn’t everyone else do the same? My local municipality spends thousands of dollars each year on garbage pickup and recycling plans.  The least we should do is use the plans that are put in place.  Believe me when I tell you this is the cheapest way and with the high cost of gas I must cost at least $3 to drive out to the country to throw away your trash along the side of the road.  Where is the cost savings in that theory?  But enough about my rant and what bothers me.  By August I will be enjoying the peace and quiet of living in the country and all the trash will have been cleaned up.  I will have long forgotten about what I saw when all the snow melted and it’s that time of year again! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Outsourcing Works for Small Businesses

Outsourcing is becoming more popular, every day. Many types of businesses are utilizing this practice with great success. Not only does it save them time and give them more control of many aspects of their business, it also saves them a great deal of money. Outsourcing is simply hiring freelancers, or a company, to complete work on a project basis rather than hiring employees. The project is paid for either on an agreed to price or by the hour.

Businesses who are considering outsourcing a portion of their workload should consider the following tips, in order to achieve the greatest level of success.

First and foremost, a third-party vendor should never be chosen based on cost alone. Choosing the lowest-priced vendor may seem like the best alternative, but many times it is not. Be careful about comparing hourly rates. A lower hourly rate may just mean that the vendor will take longer to complete the project.

Many individuals have reported that disregarding the highest and lowest priced vendor and going with one somewhere in between, yielded the best results. The motto "You Get What You Pay For," holds true. On the other hand don't pay for expertise you don't need.
Evaluate each prospective vendor as you would a full-time employee. It is wise to check references and ask several questions in regard to work experience and areas of expertise. Saving money on services rendered won't make up for shoddy work.

Clearly state the project requirements. As obvious as this may sound, it is very important to be upfront in regard to the expectations of the outsourced project. This will save time and frustration for both parties involved. Provide an outline of the project to each vendor and ask them to bid on the project. Include target dates for completion for each segment of the project. Paying for the project in increments is wise as well.

Start small and work up to a larger workload. When outsourcing a project for the first time, use the vendor on a trial basis. Awarding a small project will give you the opportunity to approve quality of work, etc.

Once you are satisfied with vendor performance, you will feel much more comfortable handing over the entire project. Since the vendor will now understand exactly what is required, he will be more comfortable, as well.

Last but not least, always 'get it in writing'. It is unwise to do business without a contract, in any setting no matter how confident you are with your choice of outsource providers. Include the scope of the project, target due dates and payment.

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Find Small Business Financing Resources. Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books including "Attracting Capital from Angels," "Inside Secrets to Venture Capital" and the novel "Over Time" about Green Bay Football.