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Professional Cleaning Companies Can Protect Standards in Large Kitchens

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Many business premises, as well as schools, hospitals and residential homes, include large scale catering facilities for employees and all need to make sure that hygiene standards are high enough for the safety of workers and diners.

When kitchens are in heavy daily use it can be difficult to find a time for routine maintenance or for a thorough deep clean and both are needed at regular intervals regardless of how rigorous the daily cleaning and hygiene regimes may be.

Ensuring through regular maintenance and cleaning that a large kitchen complies with Health and Safety, environmental protection and food hygiene requirements can be a good investment. It can also keep insurance and energy costs under control.

Thorough cleanliness in a kitchen means that not only all surfaces and equipment need to be kept hygienic. There is a significant risk of fire if extraction systems and ductwork are not kept free of greasy deposits and dust building up and the efficient functioning of an extraction system is also important to controlling moisture deposits from steam that can make floors slippery for people working in the kitchen.

The most efficient way of establishing a regular maintenance and deep cleaning regime is to use commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Reputable commercial kitchen cleaners will be able to supply fully-trained staff who understand health and safety and hygiene regulations as well as the guidelines for ensuring heating and ventilation systems, including filters, are working at peak efficiency. hey will be supplied with all the appropriate cleaning tools and materials available to give the kitchen a thorough top to bottom deep clean.

When considering a company it is worth asking whether they follow HVCA (Heating and Ventilation Contractors' Association) best practice guidelines. The HVCA is the leading industry body for ventilation systems and was established in 1904. It is involved in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration products and equipment and its members are all subject to regular third party inspection to ensure that contractors are technically and commercially competent.

It is also worth asking whether the cleaning company can provide certification of maintenance and cleaning that can be supplied to the insurers and kept on record to demonstrate that the company is complying with all the regulations.

A walk round of the kitchen with the contractor is advisable so that they can accurately assess what will be involved in the job and organise the cleaning programme to cause minimum inconvenience in the daily routine of the kitchen.

A reputable company will also provide a report of the work carried out and identify any problems or issues it may have discovered that may need attention.

All large catering facilities have to ensure that hygiene, health and safety and environmental health regulations are observed. Commercial kitchen cleaning services can help. By Ali Withers.

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