Monday, August 15, 2011

Impress Clients With Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress business cards are an exciting way to present any business. It is an old idea used in a new way. They demonstrate that the user thinks out of the box for themselves and will do the same for their customers. People take notice of a card using the letterpress method.

Cards with an establishments information and logo have become common place. The need to stand out and be memorable is something that many commerce owners struggle with. Due to the uniqueness of the pressed cards, people take a second look. Not many are out there compared to regular ones making it likely to retain the referral. Additional trade will be generated as the customer shares the card with associates because of its novelty.

What makes them so different is the method in which they are made, the materials used, and their expense. Instead of an ink print on stock, a pressed method is applied. Pressing is the same idea Johannes Gutenberg developed in the 1400's with the first printing press. The machinery has progressed from a metal plate with a top piece screwed down by hand on paper and inked letter blocks. Today metal or polymer plates are pressed, through automation, onto the material with varying degrees of pressure to achieve a heavy or lighter image on the card.

The method is still expensive and time consuming. Commercial printers utilize computers to create the design but the plates still have to be cut or etched. In addition, a pressman has to monitor the quality of each page and most are hand fed sheet by sheet.

Materials used for the cards are limited only by the imagination. Visualize presenting your business with a material and shape specific to what you do. This will keep you ahead of the competition. For instance, a furniture maker or store could use balsa wood to have their information printed on, wine purveyors could use cork in the shape of a bottle or grapes to present their information, the possibilities for commercial use is endless.

The elegance and expense is obvious. To make them stand out does not require special ink colors or even plain black and white. The relief created by the stamping process alone makes an impressive presentation. The tactile look and feel of these pieces give your customers something they do not get anywhere else, making your company memorable and the one they will most likely use.

They are expensive but the quality is unequaled and also projects success. When handed one, a person will take a second look, feel the material and the impression embossed. Instead of being tossed in the stack with all other cards, these are kept and shared with other associates due to their uniqueness.

In today's market place where there are many cards representing business, letterpress business cards are considered a novelty and not likely to be thrown away. Remember the last time you were given one? Even as a professional business person did you look it over and feel the impressions. It brings out the child in many people making it a memorable way to present your business.

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  1. like the idea and all the detailed info..i might need this when use it for the design of Metal business cards.