Monday, August 15, 2011

Reviving Telemarketing

Telemarketing has earned quite a notorious reputation over the years. Businesses have considered it useless because of its tarnished image. But that's not totally true. Telemarketing, quite frankly, can really work for business; the only question is whether they can properly utilize it. The success or failure of a telemarketing campaign wholly depends on the telemarketers' ability to deliver superior service to their prospects. This is the aim telemarketing is being re-engineered for. This is essential, considering the changing needs of today's world.

These days, consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising and marketing promotions even while they are still kids. This results in them growing up intelligent enough to differentiate between the scam and the original. They'd certainly look for only the best value in the product or service offered to them. To tell the truth, no one's going to buy what you offer solely because of all the bells and whistles included in your advertising. And this is where professional telemarketers can actually bring out their best. A well-prepared professional telemarketing call has a sure goal in mind and is scripted to ensure you get the best reaction from prospective customers they speak to on the phone. That is the key for a successful telemarketing business today.

"Monsters, thieves, cheats…" these are just a few of the words people use to vilify telemarketers even up to this day. It's really sad if you think about it. Telemarketing has often been seen an as unwanted intrusion and a bother for many of the people they disturb. It's not really that surprising, to be frank, considering the rising outcry against this medium by the public. You could even tell from the number of private individuals signing up at in the Do Not Call list. That's how much irresponsible telemarketers have badly affected their lives. It's also a perfect reflection of the public dissatisfaction based from the terrible services telemarketing given them. It's obvious in their faces the moment you say the word "telemarketing" and they hear it.

One of the major reasons why telemarketing is really in a bad shape right now is its intense concentration on quantity. Telemarketers are so hammered into producing a lot of this that they forget about the correct lead generation and appointment setting procedures for their clients. This is bad, since they lose more from this method. You see, B2B telemarketing relies heavily on quality. It's not important how many B2B leads they produce. If the quality of the leads is bad, then you can forget about making a successful sale. You will have to double your effort to properly handle these calls. You can never tell how much more you'll lose from mishandling one more call. If you really want to change telemarketing, then you have to start from scratch.

Luckily, the government has increased their efforts to reduce the cases of unscrupulous telemarketers reaching into private homes. They have gone so far as shut down offending firms, create laws controlling the number of calls, and even assisted concerned citizens file complaints. Telemarketing services, knowing that these changes are inevitable, have accepted these new changes and have even begun cleaning up their own ranks. They have implemented better quality control programs and hire only professional telemarketers to handle their clients' needs. Through this, complaints can actually be reduced to a minimum.

Provided that you are serious in altering the tarnished image of telemarketing, there is hope for a better tomorrow for this industry. Let's not forget that it has and still delivers excellent service. It just had to redeliver the same high level of service again.

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