Monday, August 15, 2011

Replaceable Parts For Fluorescent Lamps Saves Money

Most of us have no idea of how certain bulbs and fittings work and we also have no interest! However, those who need the bulbs will always want to work to what is happening within just in case parts need to be changed. For example, gas filled bulbs use things like HID ballast to control the power which is used to ignite the gas while MH ballast is used in fluorescent light fittings. They both have to control power through the gas which in turns makes them very economical to run.

Power running through the gas is a necessity but to just let the power ignite without control is actually not safe. The extent of the surge of power would actually break the bulbs over time so these are very necessary pieces of equipment. Since we all like to save money on energy consumption, these are wonderful bits of technology which really keeps the costs down.

There is an electro-magnetic field which cycles through positive and negative impulses. If anyone has ever wondered why some of these gas-filled bulbs flicker, this is the exact reason. Indeed, for some people, this is absolutely painful for them because they are unable to tolerate it. They often end up with extreme headaches and will become sick to the point of vomiting if under this light for very long. To counteract this kind of property, after all, most of us work in such conditions for most of the day, some users find it easier to use the equipment attached to two bulbs which negate the off part of the cycle. The light stays on permanently and the affected person does not notice the difference.

There is also a different system which operates electronically and will cut down the voltage. This will also alleviate the flickering which is certainly detrimental to health, and the goodness is, it is cheaper to run too because it does not heat up the bulb in the process. Any heat generation absorbs energy so this is a saving on both counts. The world at large is trying to cut down on the use of power in general so having these kinds of systems in operation really helps a lot. The coiled bulbs that people are using now really cut down on the use of electricity and in some countries the use of tungsten bulbs has been outlawed. Although they cost more than a tungsten bulb, electricity bills are coming in cheaper all the time so the cost of them is recovered quite quickly.

Whenever a fluorescent bulb stops working, people used to throw away the whole fitting, but now, with all these bits and pieces available online, it is cheaper to change that parts rather than buying the whole thing. This may not mean much to the householder, but imagine a very large factory with thousands of lights and imagine the yearly savings that they will make. Of course, they are helping the environment too which is another plus point!

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