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Matchless Eye Make Up Tips

The eyes are towers of beauty, which deserve utmost care and attention to retain their luster and charm. This is precisely the role of eye make up. Several women have been mistakenly judged to be so old because of the dreadful looks of their eyes, massive networks of wrinkles, and dire patches and spots around the eyes.

In fact, studies show that appearances of areas around eyes are among the foremost influencers of judgment. But, with flawless eye make up, a woman can walk in confidence, assured of her undeniable beauty. Yet, many women tend to overdo their makeup, particularly when they attempt on smokey eye make up, and finally look awfully unattractive and even obviously silly.

So how do you ensure that you achieve the looks of your dream? Calm down and take a balanced approach. Cat eye make up should draw the entire world to you not scare people away from you. Are you going to enhance your overall appearance or you are interested in too much attention? Interestingly enough, people who want too much often get too little, even nothing at all. That is, set an optimal target and the make up will add up the rest.

Stick to the old rule that less gives more and you will avoid the pitfalls of many girls and women who imagine that lots of eye make up color application yields better results. Instead of diminishing your wonderful natural features, the eyelashes, skin tone and eye size, your eye beautification should only complement them.

Selection of the best eye shadow colors depends on your skin color and tone. When you are aware of the eye shadow colors that can enhance the tone of your skin and draw lots of attention, the rest of steps are quite easy. People with fair skins should buy blue, pink, and silver shadows for perfect matches. However, women and girls with dark skin tones should select green, brown and bronze eye make up colors. Likewise, the color of your eyes should determine the eye shadow colors.

Simply choose an eye shadow that is the same color as your eyes. That is, individuals with blue eyes will appear refined in blue shades while green undertones will make green-eyed females exceptional.

Have you seen articles in cosmetic and fashion magazines advising people to match their eye shadows with their outfits and handbags? This myth has sent many women in eye make-up frenzies, even making them uncomfortable. The reverse should be true: the color of the clothes or handbag should enhance your skin tone and eye color. Remember always that it is the person to be complemented, not the eye shadow colors or the colors of clothes.

When you pick the colors of the eye shadows, always include different shades of light, intermediate and dark. For example, a woman of fair skin should use light shades of silver, medium shades of light blue and dark shades of dark blue. Then she should select the lightest of the colors, such as silver, and rub from the brow's crease in the arched fashion. The eye makeup should be applied carefully and lightly to avoid a caked-on appearance; and to accord the eyes a three dimensional look with highlighted brow arch. Dark colors are very crucial in creating shadow effects.

How exquisite do you want your eyelids to look? First, put on your medium color to enhance the natural look of your blinks; ensure the medium color is sparingly used so that you avoid a very dark appearance. One or two applications are usually sufficient for the best quality eyelid appearance if the eye shadow product has good concentrations of the pigments.

Skills in blending are important in ensuring that your efforts yield ideal results. Improve your skills by learning how to handle cotton swabs, slow and gentle blending of the borderlines of eye shadows, and avoiding to use circular blending motions which may cause smearing. Always, try and focus on proper blending of your eye shadows, enhancing your eyes, and avoiding smearing.

Concealers play an important role in hiding dark circles, making your face look lighter and lifting your eyelids for the smokey eye make up. Choose a concealer that is two or more lighter shades than your skin and which is yellow-based. Besides, using Vitamin K to limit the appearance of the dark circles is a vital step. When you put the eyelash curler near lash roots and squeezing gently and firmly around three times before releasing and repeating the process for every eye prior to putting on the mascara, your eyelash curves will be bolder and sleek.

There you have them: matchless eye make up tips. Start applying them today and read more about ways to enhance your appearance. After all, you are here to excel, to be confident, and to enjoy every moment of your life.

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