Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The New Camo Wedding Dresses

When you hear the word "wedding dresses" what immediately comes to your mind is probably the beautiful dresses of the bride and the bridesmaids. However I want to change this perception that it's not all about the ladies, but men too are involved and they too want to look special on a wedding, or any other occasion or ceremony for that matter. Ones that makes both the bride and the groom equally great are "camo" wedding dresses.

Now the word "CAMO" has come from the word "CAMOUFLAGE" meaning the ability of an object, an animal or a person to remain unnoticed in a certain environment by blending with the environment or by being similar. A very good example is the chameleon that changes its colors to match the colours of its environment to protect themselves from their predators. Many people find such traits amusing and very attractive that they want to do the same themselves. Camo dresses will help you achieve this. They can be worn for a wedding and they are perfectly appropriate.

The most popular ones are white camo wedding dresses which are mostly white but comes with a camo belt, or camo accessories. It's a popular option for those who want to have a camo theme in their wedding because the camo pattern is not so in-your-face. However camo wedding dresses come in many different colors, such as a cute combination of pinkish colors.

Camo patterns are made with different shades of colors, which are carefully chosen to create a natural and non-conflicting set of colours. Make sure that you choose a pattern that goes well with your skin color. The whole point in having a camo pattern is to make everything blend well, right?

Camo wedding dresses are made in different shapes and sizes, and you need to pick the right kind for the occasion. Obviously the same camo pattern won't quite go with every occasion. For instance, you need a pattern that blends well with the theme of the restaurant or the bar you are going to. What you need is a bit of creativity. There are important events such as wedding and funeral where you must dress appropriately. You might really struggle to find what kind of pattern to use in a certain occasion, don't worry, because it's the same for everyone else. What you need is just extra half an hour to match up in your head the image you want to project to other people and the theme of the event you are attending. Then you'll definitely find the right pattern to use.

As I said earlier wedding is not only for ladies and men are also a big part of it. It is important that the suits or the tuxedo that the men have on blends well with what the ladies wear in the event. There are coordinators who can plan and organize everything that's necessary to create that camo theme you want to have at your wedding. Yes, dresses, suits, decorations, flower arrangements, everything. If you decide to use their services, make sure that they incorporate your ideas into it as well since it is your wedding after all.

With regards to the materials used for a camo wedding dress, the materials must be carefully chosen because depending on what to use the price could go very high. The price also depends on its design, obviously the price goes up with the complexity of the design. The size of the dress is also a contributing factor to the price. A large-sized dress with lots beads will cost more than a small-sized one with less beads.

Men's suits come in quite a wide range of camouflage patterns. A couple of very popular patterns are the Mossy Oak New Break, and True Timber Snowfall. However, in quite many cases, people can't find the right design that goes with their image and want to create their own. This is totally acceptable. New patterns are created everyday all over the world. But remember, the pattern and the colors should match the image you're trying to project and the theme of the event or the place you're going to, because it's all about blending the colors well together.

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