Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4 Party Guests Who May Spoil Your Party and How to Deal With Them

Some guests can make your night a better one since they are good conversationalists, polite, friendly, and they know how to have pure fun without being intolerable. However, there are some types of people you would not want to sit close to in a party, especially if it's your party. Below are a few kinds of people who may put some of your guests on edge.

1. The Party Pooper.

This type of guest refuses to participate in party activities such as games, and no matter how persistent you are to get him involved, he will just sit or stand there. This negative attitude can be disrespectful to you as the party host and others, and can also pass on a negative energy to the party as a whole. It's understandable that not everybody is comfortable at wearing silly-looking hats or costumes but doing so for the celebrant can be one's greatest gift for him. If you have a party pooper at your party, do not let him spoil the fun. Just suggest to him to at least try to participate, as a favor to you.

2. The Non-Stop Talker.

Gatherings are supposed to involve people into nice and good conversations, not an event for a single individual to dominate the whole night with his own anecdotes. Once he starts talking, there will be no way you can make him stop unless he takes a breath or pauses to take a drink or some food. You would not even have a chance to take your turn to talk or just give a comment. The biggest issue with this type of guest is that he tends to ruin the natural conversational flow of your party if he always has the entire floor. Since you are the host of the party, you have the prerogative to make a polite and nice interjection and ask somebody else for their comments or opinions. Just cross your fingers that your chatty guest will get the hint that he needs to give the floor to others.

3. The Show-off.

This type of guest always wants the spotlight on him just like the non-stop talker. But this one will allow you to speak because after you've done so, he will let you know that whatever you have done, he has done it better, whatever you have seen, he has already seen, and whatever you have been through, he has been through worse. In fact, if you observe the way he talks and what he talks about, he has done anything and everything first. In fact, he is the best in everything, at least in his own belief. The rest of your guests can be frustrated since there will be no discussion but a series of bragging from an individual whose ego is too huge for your party. The best way to deal with a show-off is to attempt to get away from him before he begins to talk, otherwise you will be trapped all night with his stories on how amazing he is. Disengage politely and try to avoid him. If you notice he caught a handful of your guests, nicely step in and invite them to rejoin the rest of your guests.

4. The Trouble Maker

It seems like there is one individual at any party who just causes trouble, be rude, insensitive, tactless, and obnoxious. If you have one of these in your party, you will surely have some guests that will be annoyed, ran away crying, or burst into anger. This can ruin the whole party and create a bad feeling to you and your guests and will therefore make bad memories. This is the least thing you would want to happen in your party that's supposed to be fun and full of nice and wonderful memories. So, if he starts to create trouble, do not hesitate to pull him off the party quietly and politely suggest to patch things up or talk about the problem calmly. Cue your DJ for hire in Sydney to do something to change the mood back so other guests will not worry or feel unsafe.

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