Friday, November 2, 2012

Unique Customized Business Giveaway Ideas

For businesses that are looking to increase their brand awareness, it can be very beneficial to distribute promotional merchandise. These types of items can be a very cost-efficient way to market as well as help increase a business' profit levels. For some unique customized promotional item ideas, continue reading below.

Radio and Earphones

Not every business gives away radios and earphones, making it a very unique promotional item to hand out to clients. Clients will love using this type of item because it is small is size. Businesses can also give this type of promotional item away included with a fanny pack. On the fanny pack a business can customize it with its name and contact information.

Body Tape Measure

This is an excellent type of promotional item, especially when given away to exercise enthusiasts and those people who keep a close on their weight.

Sticks Game

Depending on the industry a business operates within, a pick 'em up sticks game might be the extraordinary promotional item to give away that it has been searching for. The box that the game comes in can be personalized with company name and contact information, making it an excellent way to advertise to clients.

Travel Cups that Collapse

Instead of handing out the ordinary travel mugs, hand out ones that are collapsible. These types of cups are not only good for drinking out of but they can also hold medication #such as pills# in them. This is an excellent promotional item idea for businesses in the health care industry to take advantage of.

Customized Soap

Using customized soap to distribute is more than just a great promotional item to give away. It helps promote good hygiene and also helps prevent disease.

Figurines that Bend

Handing out bendable figurines can be taken advantage of by any business operating within any industry. These types of promotional items are great to hand out to children as well.

Answer Balls

Just like the old-time magic 8 ball, businesses should take advantage of handing out magic answer balls. These types of balls are great for businesses in the sporting industry to take advantage of because they are available in multiple types of shapes, which include basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs, and more.

Recording Pens

A large number of businesses give away promotional pens, but not pens that record video and audio, which makes them very unique when it comes to handing out promotional gifts.

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