Friday, November 2, 2012

Fitness Marketing Through People Power

Nowadays, far more businessmen are venturing into the fitness world with health clubs and gyms. As the levels of competition becomes fiercer, the ideal way to get noticed is by making use of the best assets you have - people. Here are some tips on fitness marketing relating to people power:

Your Customers
1. Create relationships with persons in your gym, whether they are new or old.
2. If they reach a year of membership or successfully obtain an exercise goal, try to reward your loyal customers with freebies. This can cause them to feel appreciated and a part of your gym's family.
3. Greet the fresh folks by frequently checking on their progress and reaching out.
4. Get your old subscribers to help you out as partners in promotions by giving incentives and rewards for every new person they get to bring into your gym to register. You could offer them a free session or a certain amount off their monthly fees for every new client they bring in.
5. Request members who have effectively acquired personal goals together with you to be your endorsers by placing their before and after photos in posters, requesting them to make testimonials, or letting them to share their success story to others.
6. Win the hearts of likely clients with zero cost trial work outs. Permit them to personally go through what type of services you offer by promoting free trials that last for a week after they register.

Your Staff
1. Your team should be comprised of qualified folks who specialize in different areas.
2. Since gyms are mainly about accomplishing optimal health, it doesn't end in having trainers alone. The top gyms are those with licensed personal instructors, physiotherapists, nurses, and nutritionists.
3. Working together with professionals will help you to market reliability.
4. Nurses are available to do initial and follow-up assessments and monitoring for individuals with existing medical problems.
5. Physiotherapists make sure that the personal trainers provide you with programs that are in accordance to correct body mechanics and rehab.
6. Dieticians offer healthy meal plans that complement exercises provided by the fitness coaches.
7. Other personnel such as the receptionists and assisting crew also matters. They must be friendly and professional when it comes to working with customers.

Having a qualified crew and satisfied members can readily boost your gym sales. Developing relationships is the core of every business to draw in more folks. Getting everyone within your health club involved in your publicity efforts is the best way to get this done.

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