Friday, October 19, 2012

So You Want To Be Your Own Boss?

Who hasn't thought of starting a business? On the surface, there seems to be nothing more appealing than becoming your own boss. A salary built around your own efforts sounds like a wonderful idea, especially if you're one of millions of Australians who feel that they are underpaid. There are other great benefits as well: The ability to set your own schedule, for example, or enjoy more holiday time. That said, entrepreneurship can still be a real challenge and it's critical to plan the best way to make it work for you.

Before starting your business venture, you should first ask yourself the following questions:

Do You Have a skill in Money-Making?

Many people who are attracted by entrepreneurship are "technical" experts -- meaning that they have a valuable skill they believe others will pay for. However, having the skill is not, in itself, enough to become your own boss. You will also have to consider how you can market and advertise your skills. This can be a very challenging aspect of getting started in any business. Think about whether your network of professional contacts or possible clients will allow you to build momentum early on. If not, you may need to make an investment in traditional marketing avenues.

Do You Have a Self-Driven Attitude?

If you have a skill that you love to make use of, it can be easy to imagine using it every day as part of your new business. However, you'll also have to deal with many issues that are not nearly as appealing. For example: To make the most of your profits in many industries, you will need some finance education. You can teach yourself or learn in a number of different ways -- however you do it, some finance education is crucial to balancing your ledger. There are many other things you may have to do yourself before you can afford to hire some assistance. Are you willing to handle them all?

Do You Have Tolerance for Ambiguity?

There is a lot of uncertainty involved in any new business. For example, you'll likely encounter trouble with fluctuating earnings until you become more established. Although your personal efforts will be very important, there will also be some things beyond your control; this can be very frustrating. Stress is bound to emerge, so you'll have to remain calm and use your time wisely.

Entrepreneurship is a practice by those who create their own business, and a successful company requires capital, material, labour and production. True entrepreneurs can blend these essential factors together, and they are also willing to take risks.

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