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The Impact of Text Message Marketing for Small Business Owners

Many of the people who use location based text messaging services are both young and influential.

The majority of people who use text messaging services are under the age of 35, and more then seventy percent of these people have a college degree. These folks are in general very technologically savvy and skilled.

These are the folks who set trends and change the culture of mobile marketing.

Most of these people also use Foursquare and Loopt and other location based services and are the ideal consumers to target with mobile loyalty programs, mobile coupons as well as location specific special deals and one time offers. This demographic of cell phone users have the ability to spark a viral marketing campaign, if of course the company's location based program adds value to their life.

Mobile Marketing and Location Based Services and their Impact on Everday Life

Have you ever been stuck in traffic?

Of course you have, and many people would agree that it would have been awesome to have known in advance that there was a serious traffic jam awaiting them down the road. LBS can assist a person in avoiding that very next traffic jam. Aside from avoiding traffic jams, location based services can also help you find an ATM, a restuarant or a gas station.

There are countless ways that location based services can help companies both large and small. Location based technology helps shipping companies keep track of complicated shipment systems. Companies can track distribution systems and deployment systems such as taxis, delivery trucks as well as rental vehicles. You can also locate a specific service or a specific person. LBS can also help people take advantage of advertising opportunities and accept location based payments such as at car tolls and airport check-ins.

Location services can also assist emergency personnel focus in on the locaton of a person in trouble. These services have effectively changed how law enforcement personnel operate on a day-to-day basis.

Location Based Services and Text Message Marketing

Text message campaigns can be integrated seamlessly with location based services and also assist companies in effectively implementing other location based services. With location based marketing services, a company can offer a special coupon when a person comes in close proximity to a particular store or business location.

For example, a restaurant participating in a mobile location based marketing service can give a special dinner deal to customers located within one mile of their location. A cinema could do the same to promote a half price movie. A café could inform pedestrians that they just brewed fresh mocha cappuccinos.

Geo-message marketing has become even more popular over past years and has proven to be very effective for many business niches.

These same location marketing strategies can be used to guide a person through a shopping center, museum, store or entire city. These same location services can help provide consumers with helpful videos and photos of areas that they are visiting or shopping at.

If you are walking through a polar bear exhibit at a particular zoo, location based services can provide information about polar bears directly to your cell phone.

Some companies have also created self guided tours that use location based technology. Users pay a fee and are given in-depth narration, videos, pictures and step by step instructions to the area's most prominent landmarks.

How Location Based Services can Add Value to any Marketing Strategy

Location based marketing campaigns work because they add value to the lives of consumers. A lot of business locations offer a nearby filter that help clients find nearby consumers and businesses. Users gain access to invaluable product reviews and advice, which can help make their decision making process easier and simpler.

Location based technology can assist peole in locating other people. Location based services can also help people meet and connect with other people who share the same interests.

The ability to "check in" via a mobile device can make event organization much simpler. Of course you could always physically count each individual at a party or expo, but you could just have them check in using their cell phone which makes the task much easier and less stressful.

Checking in via a cell phone or mobile device is a very valuable asset for many companies. Businesses often use checking in capabilities to track important demographic information of existing and potential consumers.

Location based services are still in their infancy. However they are growing rapidly. LBS can assist businesses of all sizes develop important customer relationships, and also by improving customer loyalty and further expanding the reach of a particular brand or message.

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