Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looking For Better Real Estate Marketing?

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With the surging competition in the real estate industry it is critical for real estate agents, brokerages and investors to find new ways to stand out, establish a dominant brand, increase advertising effectiveness and demand a higher ROI to gain more business….

What if you could achieve all this and more simply by capitalizing on the advantages of using custom labeled bottles of water?

7 Ways to Use Custom Bottles of Water for More Commissions

1. Promotional Marketing Materials & Generating Referrals

Real estate professionals are pitched with all types of useless promotional marketing items that rarely ever yield a return. Incorporating custom water bottles into gift baskets for closings and as thank you gifts for referrals can do far more for reputation and driving in new business.

2. Keep 'em Cool at Closings and During Sales Meetings

Every real estate pro knows just how heated and tricky sales meetings and closings can get. Keep them cool with your own refreshing brand of H20, keep them calm and close more deals.

3. Spreading Your Name at Events and getting it into Homes

From tradeshows to mall kiosks to open houses and networking events custom bottles of water can be incredibly powerful marketing and lead generation tools which can be taken away, gain more visibility and directly link prospects back to your YouTube video home tours and website.

4. Leave at Related Offices

Supplying related businesses and offices with your personalized water bottles for providing to their customers can be a great lead generator just when prospects need your services the most.

5. Boost Your Social Media Following

Use QR codes and links to your various social pages on your labels to drive more traffic, likes ad followers.

6. Boost Your Image & Branding

"You've got your own custom water label?" - you must be great at what you do!

Instantly boost your credibility, branding and conversion rates with your own brand of water which also says you are environmentally friendly and a great person to do business with.

7. Reduce Marketing Costs & Maximize Marketing ROI

While marketers plague you will cold calls and try to coach you into spending more than you make on all sorts of intriguing and exotic marketing strategies custom water bottles can essentially wind up as free marketing tools. Have other related businesses such as mortgage brokers, title companies, home inspectors and insurance agents take out advertising space on the back of your labels and ultimately get your name out there for nothing. Even better, have these strategic partners pass them out and do all the hard work to drive more leads to you too. You can't get a better ROI than that.

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