Friday, January 14, 2011

St Jacobs Ontario

Today we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the town of St Jacobs.  Although this town is close to the City of Waterloo it still maintains its small town appeal.  The Mennonite heritage is strong in St Jacobs and horse and buggies are seen daily trotting down the main street.  Many gift shops and boutiques dot the streets and you will be charmed by all the stores in the area.  

In looking into the history of St Jacobs we found this interesting information on the Wikipedia web site: Officially named in 1852, St. Jacobs was first known as "Jakobstettel" which means "Jacob's Village". The St. was added to the name simply to make it sound more pleasing and the pluralization was in honor of the combined efforts of Jacob C. Snider (1791-1865) and his son, Jacob C. Snider Jr. (1822-1857), founders of the Village. The younger Jacob lost his life in the Desjardins Canal train disaster at age 35.   Needless to say St Jacobs is truly a town with some rich history that dates back a long way.

Today St Jacobs is known for its shopping experiences, variety of market outlets and old order Mennonites that still call this town home today.   You don’t have to look to far when you are dining out either.  Many restaurants are in the area and believe me when I say you better come hungry because your plate will be full regardless what you order.  

The town feature is just one aspect of what we do at Littletowns.  Our goal is to promote the small businesses and small towns that will make up Littletowns.  Check out our spotlight pages to see more.  In the mean time help support small business owners in the area by visiting our blog and our website.   

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