Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Brings Changes for Littletowns.

Well here we go again.   Another new year and another outlook on what this year will have in store.  Along with the winter and the new snow in my neck of the woods you will also notice some new things happening at Littletowns.  The year 2010 was a busy one for me.  I created Littletowns back in 2003 and I still have a strong interest in helping out the small town business owners.  So needless to say the desire to make Littletowns successful is still present.  But with the New Year comes some new changes.  

Littletowns has always been a one man show until this year.  Beginning in 2011 my wife Janice is taking over the day to day operation of the Littletowns business.  Janice is moving in to keep all the communication flowing and make sure that everything is up and running all the time.  You will also notice that Janice will be way more aggressive in the promotion and launch of blog articles, advertising and marketing needed to make Littletowns the household name that we think it can be. 

The Blog
You will notice that this blog is brand new.  We are calling the blog “The Rural Stop” so that we have a really small town flavor.  There will be contributions and updates on a regular basis to the blog so keep an eye opened to see what is coming next.  We also plan on promoting small businesses right here on this blog.  There will be features on some of the businesses, some of the towns and articles about small business success stories.  There will also be contributions from other bloggers with tips on keeping your small business strong.

The Website
You will notice that we have rolled out a new website in 2011.  This site is completely redesigned and we feature a number of new things.  You will also notice that it is cleaner and easier to navigate.  We wanted to give you a site that was not overwhelming so that you felt like coming back again and again.  Our site will feature spotlight sections and directories of small towns and small business.  Drop by the site and see for yourself what Littletowns is doing in 2011.

So Happy New Year and here’s to some big changes for the 2011 calendar year.  We hope you like them.

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