Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Online Pin Board

Sharing your happiness and moments was never so easy. Now people share all their stuff online while just sitting in their room. Seeing this interest, new communities are coming up with more options and ease.

In our daily life, we use pin board to hang things that are in paper form. They mostly serve as reminders, announcements, sharing some recipe and picture etc. "Pinterest" functions the same way. People from different parts of the world are joining in, and sharing whatever they feel like.

It is very easy to use and operate, which is one of the main reasons that it is getting famous quickly. Joining the Pinterest gang is also very simple. Go on their website, make an account with few easy steps and start enjoying. You can also use your twitter and facebook accounts to access Pinterest. You can add your other social media accounts too. "Boards", "categories" and "pins" are some of the main items that you will surely notice about the website. These elements will be around you all the time on Pinterest.

"Boards" are just like your property. Make and keep as many as you like. You can categorize your boards differently. It could be on celebrity hair styles or Asian recipes etc. You can also have a look at boards of others to get inspiration, but for that you must 'follow' the other person. Pinterest itself will show you some random categories to pick from. You can follow people with common interest and have a look at their boards.

"Categories" highlights the available images. Thousands of categories are there as per people's interest. Simply explore and find yours.

"Pin" is what is liked by you, and others could see that on your board. Popular items list randomly appears and changes as time passes by. You can have a look at it to find your interest.

Pinterest also gives you a search option. It works the same way as any search box does. Search what you want, pick from the results, pin it and then share with all. If you like anything, just "like" it. This will increase its popularity too. You can also:

1. Comment or describe images on your board

2. Maintain your profile on Pinterest

3. Edit it whenever you want

4. Control your notifications

5. Change password, profile pictures etc.

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