Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Geek Glasses: A Few Simple Approaches To Be Cerebral And Stylish

Four eyes. Nerd. Geek. Nicknames that used to conjure up embarrassing memories in high school in the event you wore thick-rimmed spectacles then. Nowadays, however, such terms could only mean good stuff - as long as they are accompanied by "style", "chic", and "glam". Who would have believed that the once shunned nerd necessity has grown to be quite the four-eyed, trend statement? Geek glasses can be seen everywhere these days. They're on runway models from fall to spring/summer stuff of top designers. They're on fashion A-listers and Hollywood superstars. And so they ought to be on you.

Putting on eyeglasses is no longer tied to prescription. With many different designers coming up along with enchantingly hip glasses, you'll discover individuals who have 20/20 vision wearing large, thick-rimmed eyeglasses as part of their outfit. Indeed, in some social circles you would be considered the greatest symbol of hipster chic if you were to enter an event wearing aviator style, smoky black frames coming from Marc Jacobs or wayfarer style even when everybody knows you have really clear vision.

To obtain the cerebral and trendy effect out of your nerd specs, choose the frame that improves the shape of the face. Few are going to look as effortlessly appealing as Christina Hendricks in rectangle-shaped black geek eyeglasses. Try out every set of dark, geek-chic specs before you make a decision to purchase one for your visual requirements.

Dress the part regardless of where you might be: the UK or perhaps the United States. Cardigans and thin ties with oversized geek specs look fashionable and classic on most males. Daytime casuals and loosely styled hair with cat-eye nerd specs seem quirky and classy on many ladies. For that hot, librarian slash assistant allure, get a body-hugging, tailored shift plus an updo with classic geek glasses. The effect should work incredibly whether you're wearing reading or progressive eyeglasses.

Tone down the eye make-up. The truth is, tone down the general make-up - even though you're within the fashionable area of UK. Fashion professionals state that dramatic eye make-up only helps with rimless eyeglasses. But when you are looking for geek specs, ensure that it stays mild. Instead highlight your lips using a pinch of colour.

Finally, decide on high-quality, designer geek specs especially if you've been prescribed special lenses to correct a vision difficulty. This means you'll need to use your hipster eyewear everyday so you'll wish to think of buying a quality pair, one which will last you for a long while. You don't want to buy low quality heavy-framed eyeglasses for your varifocals and find that it has broken in a couple of months. Changing your four-eyed style statement often is neither cerebral nor chic.

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