Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where Bosses Are Weak At: B2B Leads Marketing and Finance

The cream of the crop, capable of doing things that we mere rank and file people can never do, that's we think of business leaders or owners. But that is a confused expectation. There are areas that our bosses are not particularly good at according to a business study. Among these is in marketing and finance, the two most critical functions in business. What kind of consequence does it have on generating qualified b2b sales leads, then? We all know that marketing for leads is necessary if you want to stay profitable. Lead generation and appointment setting is no simple task. These two will require skill and knowledge in finance and marketing. And if these two things are what you, as the boss, is poor at, how will you be able to compensate?

First of all, there are training seminars, as well as coaching programs that can help business owners and managers hone their skills in many areas, particularly in finance and marketing. It is possible that these business owners started with a simple product that they just wanted to spread to the market, so they lack knowledge about the intricacies of business management. Second, they can hire people who have such a skill, like certified accountants as well as professional marketers who know the business. But if you do not want, or cannot afford, to have your own in house team, there is always the third option. You can outsource the work to a lead generation and appointment setting firm to aid in your sales operations.

While there are business experts and pundits who are raising an eyebrow over the thought of outsourcing, there are advantages over this business tactic. One of these is the ready availability of talent. It is possible that the locality does not have enough skilled people for the job, so a business owner will have to source it from somewhere else. Second, both marketing and financial work need not be done in the office itself. This is particularly true with the former, where various communication mediums can be used. Among the tools being employed are social media, email, and even telemarketing. All of these can be done in specialized call centers where the people there have the skills and equipment for the job.

Of course, if the third option is used, there is the fact that you still have to choose your marketing and financial partner. It is fortunate that the evolution of the Internet has made it possible to identify potential firms that can help you in your lead generation campaign. Financial firms can provide software programs that can monitor and analyze your finances in real-time. There are also marketing firms that only need to know what your situation is and they can provide you with a myriad of sales solutions. All of them can be located by your firm with just a click of the mouse.

This is a business investment that you have to take advantage of, if you want to be stronger in marketing and finance.

Belinda Summers is a successful lead generation Coach helping IT companies generate qualified sales leads. For more insights on b2b sales lead generation, Belinda recommends that you visit: http://www.callboxinc.com/industries/it-and-software.html

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