Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Protect Your Rights As A Business Owner

One of the most important parts of owning a business, besides making money, is to ensure that your rights as a business owner are properly protected. This means that your company has consulted with business lawyers, who will ensure that the proper steps have been taken to protect your business from legal issues concerning employment, assets, and intellectual property.

Intellectual property refers to the designs, patents, trademarks, moral rights, copyrights, and plant breeder's rights that are developed by the business. Your company can invest significant amounts of money and time to create these crucial elements, and it is very important to work with commercial lawyers to ensure that these assets remain legally protected. Business law can be a bit complicated, and working with a professional will allow you to make sure all your bases are covered legally.

One of the most important elements of any business is the trade mark. This is used to distinguish the goods or services your business provides from another competing or similar company. This trade mark can be a picture or logo. Some businesses can also use a smell, shape, or sound to distinguish the product or service they provide. In Australia, the Trade Marks Act 1995 provides business owners with the outline to legally protect their trade mark. Australian businesses are also part of the Madrid Protocol, which allows international trade mark applications to be made in as many as 81 countries.

The copyright is also protected by the Copyright Act of 1988. Generally speaking, the creator of the copyright is considered to be the owner of it, but is some cases certain exclusions can be made. These exclusions include any copyright material that was created by an employee of a company. In the event that the employee should no longer work for the business, the copyright remains the property of the business owner.

Intellectual property is extremely valuable asset to a business and it needs to be protected correctly. Having a skilled business lawyer on your team will also help your company draft strong employee contacts, and work to get all your business's assets legally protected. It is also very important to work with an attorney who is experienced with Australian business law in order to have the best legal strategy in place. Taking the time to properly protect all areas of your business will save your company both time and money should a legal issue arise.

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