Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tips To Cut Air Conditioning Costs

Power bills seem to increase every time we look at them. Even when we try to cut back on the air conditioning and heat, the bills seem to increase in price. Maybe it's the way we are trying to cut back and tips we are trying to exercise. It's important to know the correct tips for saving money and to not do more damage with misleading information. Some tips work better than others and some tips do more to hurt than to help. So, it's important to distinguish between useful and hurtful tips.

If you're looking to save, then it's important to find a good starting place. What can you start doing now to save money? Well, let's start with a common piece of technology in a house and an area you regularly go to--the thermostat.
-Walk to your thermostat and look at the current temperature setting. Consider what the temperature is and whether it's too high, too low or just right. In most cases, the temperature is too low and can be shifted up and keep the home comfortable.
-An optimal range for temperature is between 77 and 80 degrees. Try not to go below this range because that will result in the constant running of the air conditioning unit and more money will exit your pocket.
-To keep that optimal temperature range comfortable for you, if not already, try using fans in your household. Newer homes come with ceiling fans, but tower and box fans can be purchased at local stores for reasonable prices. Use fans in rooms to keep air moving and feeling comfortable. Fans can do a lot for a home, more than most think.

Now that you know what temperature to shoot for while you're in your house, you should know which temperature to select when you leave. For most, 80 degrees is a good temperature to leave the house at when you leave. It's important to shift the temperature up when you leave for work during the day or for extended periods of time. If you leave for a trip or vacation, make sure to shift the temperature up because you will save money when you keep the unit from running when you're not around.

Another tip for keeping utility costs low is to have routine maintenance of your unit. Have a professional come every year to check your air conditioning unit and make sure it's running well and efficiently. Professionals can also recommend other ways to cut costs and keep prices low. Routine maintenance will save money on your bills and in the long run for parts and other costs.

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