Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking Your Company Public? Lesson One: Learn How To Think

Capitalism, socialism, conservatism, liberalism and other terms catering to subgroup ideology are defined differently even among the same unit as each individual follower of these concepts defines their belief through the lens distorted by current environment, Freudian philosophy, parental influence, religious standards and social position and immediate friends sharing similar ideology differentiated by severity tuned by the module of extreme to moderate and all in-between.

Before the '-isms' can be attached to the words that reflect the general consensus or opinion of the realities or wishful evolution of our economic rebound the idea of 'what is right' is first established by the hierarchy of the camp the fragmented population individually attaches itself to. Liberal, conservative or those in-between or outside these two mainstreams have attached their ever-changing concepts to the 'proper path' in sticking to the path that will offer the most obvious visual of the beacon that dangles above that which is prosperous and self-perpetuating. This ephemeral nirvana continuously changes in shape and relevance as social boundaries and fiscal necessity morphs from its original form to the 'form of the moment' as defined by those who are deemed as experts in economy by media demigods and intellectual formula police that govern all things globalization.

Downloading an audio book without listening to it won't instill information in a way that is conducive to application and personal development anymore that discussion on rebound economics by unqualified political figureheads will have a favorable end result. Casualties of chaotic verbal lip service minus strategic content are numerous and the balance that provides a position of strength in economy is offset by those who favor the theoretical without substantiated concepts to offer shape to this 'Jello mold' reality that has become the global economy.

Plastering the words of Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and Aristotle to the skulls interior are crucial when formulating a strategic path that will force the hand of father time and philosophical ambiguity of economic reality. Massive deconstruction of university based ideology will enable the idea of practical economy to shed its fickle and deteriorating skin for a rejuvenated adaptive strategy pivoting off an empirical precursor complete with case history, tried and tested formulas and the strategy which yielded a positive outcome within the boundaries of a similar environment to which this new objective is to be assigned.

As the minds ability to bend and adapt deters the 'snap' once so prevalent in comprehending new concepts, natural intellectual and emotional defense mechanisms that bar full fledge concept acceptance and assimilation are eased. Open minded psychological accents enable the modern mind to wrap its feelers around a new idea and examine the ins/outs, advantages/disadvantages as it pertains to the life and environment of the individual therefor the analytical mind takes a precedence to the primal brain and the emotional elements that dictate acceptance of this new concept.

James Scott is the CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions, a corporate globalization and political strategies firm, PCS offers a unique blend of think tank, corporate and governmental communication strategies to expedite the facilitation of long lasting relationship building in these necessary sectors.

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