Monday, October 29, 2012

The Global MBA

In today's Internet centric world, anyone who studies finance courses and wants to earn a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) should know that the world is a global economy and they need to learn all they can to be finance masters.

Earning a Global MBA in Australia

If you want to be competitive, then your studies need to be at a school that understands this global economy status and has integrity and a high academic standard. One of those places is at universities in Australia where several are internationally known for their high standards where you can take finance courses leading up to an MBA that will help you to be competitive all over the world.

At least 55 universities in Australia have MBA programs, with the majority of them using the Harvard style of MBA. That program can be completed either part time or full time and therefore students can be done in as little as 16 months using the trimester school program schedule. Part-time students can expect to take about three years to complete their MBA.

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

Eligibility requirements needed to gain admission in an Australian MBA program varies, but the majority of students must have completed at least a four year undergraduate program, as well as have one to two years of work experience and high test scores in GMAT, as well as in TOEFL or IELTS if English is not the student's first language. They must also have a letter of reference.

Australia Popular for Foreigners

Australia is also very popular for foreign students to study in and the number of them has risen over the past few years, especially students from the Asian continent, as many of the MBA courses specifically are geared towards this part of the global economy and who become finance masters. Fees for earning an MBA in Australia are usually lower than those at schools in the UK or the U.S., so this is another advantage for getting your MBA there.

MBA Degree and Competitive Salaries

Graduates with an MBA can expect good job opportunities, especially those who have a global perspective. As far back as 2004, the Melbourne Institute estimated that about a third of graduates earned between $44,000 and more than $100,000 in salaries. This proves that getting an MBA in Australia is a great investment in a student's future.

Overall, if you want to be a global MBA graduate, then consider Australia for your choice of program locations.

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