Monday, October 29, 2012

The Elements Of A Good Business Logo

A recognizable company logo often signifies a brand's strength. It is absolutely necessary to pull out all the stops when it comes to company logo graphic designer is the best move towards coming up with the most recognizable company logo. Business administrators need to be familiar with the elements that make a credible and lasting logo. There are some of important elements that a logo should contain.

Unique and Distinct

A lasting company logo needs to be unique. Logo designs should not be patterned after competitors. They should focus on the company's strengths and ideals. A logo that is recognizable even without colours is often considered effective. Colour may give life and add dynamics to a logo, but the concept behind the logo should be noticeable even in black and white.

Scalable Logos

The main character of an effective logo is scalability. The size should not matter when it comes to recognizing the logo. This is very crucial since business marketing strategies often incorporate company logos in a variety of sizes.

Reflects Business Ideals

The logo should be something that can easily be associated with the business. It can be the product sold or the origin of business ideas. There should be a selling point within the logo that can be used to market the business. Using icons or symbols that can be associated with the business is a good idea.


It is hard to come up with logos that will easily stick in a person's mind. In most cases, relatively simple logos can be more effective. Making it simple yet powerful requires a delicate balance. It is often hard to guess the date of origin for some of the most iconic logos. They are memorable regardless of whether they were made yesterday or decades ago.

Lasting and Timeless

One common logo mistake is adding elements that are common or trendy. This could lead to a potential dilemma in the future. Current trends could be tomorrow's jokes. Effective logos pass the test of time.

Highly Adaptable Logos

Business logos should not be formulated to target a specific market or media outlet. A truly lasting logo should be attractive in print as well as on television. It should appeal to a broad range of markets. Logos do not need to portray actual business products. The potential effect of future changes should also be considered when formulating logos.

A good business logo is unique and simple. A permanent association between a logo and the company it represents will make the consumer think of the company every time they see that logo.

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