Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Improving Your Appointment Setting Campaigns In Five Ways

Making appointments with b2b sales leads can be challenging, especially if you're dealing with prominent business leads who are normally too busy to give you time for your presentation. Your most qualified business sales leads are commonly the most difficult to get an appointment with because your competitors are eyeing them also. What can you do to improve the results of your campaigns and raise your profits? Make sure to get that appointment from them right on the first call. Provided below are 5 pointers you can follow:

Start your call with a smile.

Even if your possible leads will not be able to see the smile of your professional appointment setters, they will be able to perceive it through their voice. When your appointment setters make cold calls while smiling, they will be less nervous about calling strangers, allowing them to build better rapport and improve the success of getting an appointment.

Give proper introductions.

Put on proper presentation about who yourself and who you represent is an important courtesy when making any type of phone call. When your b2b sales leads know who you are, your cold calls can immediately turn into a warm call, especially if you mention that you were referred by a business acquaintance or you previously sent that b2b sales lead an email.

Don't deliver the script verbatim.

Your appointment setting script, no matter how effective it is for you, can never really contain all the possible responses of your sales leads. If you train your appointment setters to rely solely on the script, they won't be able to answer prospect queries that were not included in their script. A good tactic is to have your appointment setters note down odd or common business lead prospect questions and responses to share with other appointment setters.

Pay attention and let your prospect know that you are really listening.

Letting your business leads know that you are actually listening to them throughout the call will give them the impression that your sales representatives will do just the same during the meeting. Listening to what your prospects have to say also helps the two of you find an agreeable time to set an appointment faster.

Exhibit empathy with your prospects.

When you set the above pointer into action, you will be able to empathize better with what your b2b leads would say to you. If they are too busy to add you to their calendar, or if they have a deadline to catch, simply tell them that you understand their situation and offer another date for the appointment.

These may somewhat simple changes, but if you follow these simple ways, you can guarantee that your appointment setting campaigns will improve significantly. If you want to always have the best appointment setting campaigns that let you do business only with qualified business leads, outsource your process to a reliable b2b appointment setting firm. Specifically hiring a firm who does business to business appointments will keep your sales representatives busy with qualified appointments, and you don't even have to worry about the appointment setting script.

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