Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Skid Steer Loader Can Install Professional-Looking Fences

A skid steer loader has many great uses but there is another that has not been talked about too often. It has the capability of installing professional looking fences in a fraction of the time it would take a laborer to do it manually. In many cases, a team of workers will unroll a chain-link fence, for example, pull it as tightly as possible, and fasten it to the posts.

But this is not very efficient.

By using a fence installing attachment on a skid steer loader called a fence hog, or fence installer. Once installed, the fencing attachment can actually act like a grapple and pick up a roll of fence off the ground, just by opening its cage and doubling as a grapple jaw. The cage opens up, holds the fence, then closes and lifts it up.

Most fence installers for the skid steer loader actually comes in two sizes, 24 inch and 36-inch diameters. The 24 inch can handle up to 50 feet of fence and the 36 incher can handle 100 feet. Both can handle 330 feet of woven wire.

This attachment is powered by the hydraulics of a skid steer loader. It really does save the time and money associated with manual labor. The cumbersome size of a roll of fence makes for a long tedious day when installing it manually. It has been known to send contractors home from a day of work with sore backs and shoulders. It will save a contractor time and money by not having to pay a team of laborers to stand it up while he rolls it down the line. This skid steer loader attachment, like most others, is designed to eliminate that problem.

The best fence installers are sealed with powder coat paint and will feature a removable center post to secure and center the woven wire. Although they will only hold 100 feet of fence at capacity with a 36-inch cage, they can have adapters put on them for a higher fence roll, up to 16 feet tall.

Any great fence installer attachment for a skid steer loader will have a tilt function. This feature allows the skid steer loader operator to tilt the attachment while on an incline or a hill, so the skid steer loader can lay out the fence evenly.

The operation for this is fairly simply. A skid steer loader can simply pick up the fence roll with the attachment, tilt up to the vertical position and roll along the post line. Specialty hangers are used to temporarily secure the fence once it stretches the fence to get it in a secure position. It can also reach up high for backstops, like the ones seen on baseball fields.

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