Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Don'ts Of Effective Selling

Fancy yourself as a great seller? Well, before you make assumptions, look through this list and see if you have been guilty of something which turns of some of your potential buyers. Who knows, you may even be a much better salesperson if you can fully avoid some of the mistakes most sellers make.

Here are some definite "don'ts" when selling…

Never jump to conclusions or attempt to read the mind of the client. It is not a good idea to put meaning into every statement a potential client says. "I'm busy on Monday" does not mean "I don't have time to listen to your pitches." Take things as they are, for that client may turn out to be the best customer you will ever have - who may even refer you to more clients. If you are a great salesperson, you know that you must never read between the lines - read the fine print. On the other hand, when someone says "I'll think about it," don't quickly drum up a contract because you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Never claim to know the answer when in fact, you don't. Remember, as a sales person, your company relies 100% on you to make pitches - you are their representative. You must therefore be ready to answer potential questions from future clients by studying details prior to a meeting. And if you are indeed still faced with an inquiry to which you do not know the answer to, then tell the customer that you'll get back to him with the answer - and make sure you do come up with an answer and call him back. Reliability is key in selling - don't attempt to come up with information that you do not fully understand yourself.

Never attempt to defend your prices or even show tinges of shame for selling expensive products. Why, because keen clients will see through your lack of confidence. If you yourself think that the house you're selling is too overpriced, and worse - you stutter and stammer while drumming up an answer to the question "Why is it so expensive?," then maybe you should be selling something else you fully believe in. Remember, your prospect sees through your discomfort. Always highlight the benefits and quality of your product so that your client will understand the price.

Never have poor etiquette. Always be your best when in front of a client. Dress appropriately, speak clearly, and be at your best behaviour. This sounds like common sense, but too many salespeople make the mistake of facing the prospect looking as though he/she just went through a tornado. Try to look as calm as you can, never harassed. Your looks do matter, so as a company representative, always show your best self. And when answering phone calls at your physical store, lose the chewing gum, resist the urge to mumble, and don't answer the phone when you are most irritated - because these are reasons why you will never see that potential buyer in your store.

Never be too comfortable or complacent. Sure you may have a lot of successful deals under your belt, and your commissions may tide you over until next year, but never be too haughty and completely lose out on more opportunities to sell. One of the best ways to maintain your good sales is by retaining your client base. Call them to ask if they need to make a replenishment of the items they bought from you. Pay them a visit, or even greet them on their special days (like birthdays). These small things endear you to a client and will get you more sales than you expected. A good salesperson never stops prospecting. Never get too comfortable.

Like the old saying goes, "it's easy to make a sale, but getting an old customer to buy again is the harder task." Do everything to make customers happy - you'll never regret it.

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