Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where Can You Find Great Example Resumes

Anyone who has ever searched for a job understands that your resume is an important part of that search. Your resume is how you make a first impression to an employer. An amazing resume will generally get your foot in the door with many different companies. A shoddy resume will generally get your resume thrown in the trash. Use example resumes to understand what constitutes an amazing resume.

You Can Find Great Examples Online

Your search for examples of good resumes should begin online. You can find resume templates, resume examples from different professions and tips for how to format your resume. It is a good idea to look at examples from professional resume service sites and university career center sites. This is because they have extensive knowledge and inside access to hiring managers across the country. Their advice is usually the most sound.

Ask Other Professionals For Examples Of Their Resume

An easy way to get examples of a good resume is to ask other professionals in your field. This can be done at networking events or by simply using your social media contacts. Many of your colleagues would be more than happy to help you out. Those who help you out now may need that favor that you owe them down the line. Job forums, message boards and other professional websites are all places where you can ask for example resumes.

Look At What Other People Are Presently Using For Their Own Resume

You can visit the social media profile of those who are in your industry to see what they did. If you are looking to create a video resume, you may want to view what your friends and colleagues have created to get tips for your own resume. It is often easier to learn just by looking at what people are currently doing now. This is because a generic resume may not present the real you. Looking for acceptable alterations to the typical resume can really help you stand out while not completely abandoning what employers are looking for.

Ask Recruiters For Examples

There is nothing wrong with asking a recruiter to tell you what companies want to see on your resume. This will show that you are taking the steps necessary to wow employers without having to be prodded to do so. You may also make a valuable contact within a company that can help you get a job sometime in the future. It could even work to your advantage to send your resume to that recruiter personally if you were interested in working for that particular company.

Finding an example of a resume is not a time consuming task at all. The Internet is a great place to find all sorts of resources to help you write an amazing resume. Consider asking friends and colleagues to give you tips and advice as well. If you don't want to ask for samples, you can always peruse what other people currently have on their social media page. All of these tactics will help your write an amazing resume that gets you multiple interviews.

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