Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a Seller Really Wants From a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you may think you know what sellers expect from you. But do you really? In a recent survey conducted the National Association of Realtors some of the things sellers really want may surprise you. Our priorities are not necessarily seller's priorities. Instead of assuming what sellers want refer to this list (given in order of importance) and know.

Find me a buyer for my home. It is no surprise this is number one. It is after all the reason why homeowners hire a real estate agent. The survey showed 28% of sellers listed this as their top concern. As a real estate agent sellers expect you to be able to bring interested buyers to their home.

Sell my home in a specific time frame. This concern is related to the number one priority with 27% of the respondents listing this as their second priority. Not only do sellers want to sell their home, but they often have a time frame they are forced to work under. Always ask if there is a time frame you need to be aware of. For example the sellers may have to relocate to another state by a certain date. Knowing this will help you formulate a plan to get their home sold.

Price my home so it sells. Sellers don't want a high listing price, 17% of them said they want a price that will sell their home. Be honest with them and show them the real estate listings for their area so you can come up with a price that will get their home sold.

Show me what needs to be fixed to sell my home for more. This response may come as a surprise to most real estate agents. If you see something that would add value to their home, suggest they make an improvement in that area. Staging is also a popular option. There are many staging professionals who will clear the clutter and set the stage to reel in buyers.

Help me with paperwork, inspections, and the settlement. Many real estate agents may think this item would be further up on the list. But only 7% of the sellers questioned saw this as a priority.

I don't want to negotiate with the buyers, you do it. This is another point many real estate agents might think would rate higher. Only 5% of the sellers listed this as one of their needs.

So what can you do with this list? Use it to form your marketing package. Now that you know what sellers really want from you, you can focus on the top priorities expressed by the sellers questioned. Knowing what sellers want will help you use your marketing budget effectively and give them want they really want; not what you think they want. Offering sellers the services they want will go a long way to getting listings and getting them sold.

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