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Management Consulting Resumes - Write It Like A Pro

Recruiters start the management consulting screening process with a quick review of your resume. Through the skills, experience and other information stated in such document, they will assess how qualified you are for the position.

Well-written and well-structured resumes pique the interest of recruiters. For one, they don't have much time to go through it, so documents that catch their attention within 30 seconds are often given the priority. Second, they are usually impressed with applicants who have excellent communication skills. Being able to summarize your credentials in a one to two-page document is an indicator of that.

To be able to write this marketing tool effectively, start with research about the firm. Some applicants do not realize how significant this step is in their application; hence, their qualifications are often overlooked. If you also commit the same mistake, chances are you won't be able to establish a connection between your personal objective and the consulting firm's goals. Your knowledge guides you in determining the content of your resume. If it values teamwork, you must include past incidents where your collaboration was an asset. If the sense of achievement is a priority, your resume must indicate a few important accomplishments as an employee or as a student.

In writing your resume, choose the right information carefully. Everything you include must help the recruiters evaluate you for the position. It's not just enough to enumerate everything you've experienced or accomplished. A good resume isn't about length; it's about quality. Choose only those details that are relevant to the position. If you've just received your diploma, dwell on your intellectual and social formation at the university. If you are a professional applicant, dwell on your role and achievements in your previous jobs. Many recruiters would also like to know about your problem-solving capability, leadership ability and communication skills as these are basic requirements for a consulting position.

When describing your previous job and accomplishments, use verbs and other quantitative information to create a better impact. The sentence, "Responsible for analyzing and providing solutions to clients" has a mind-numbing effect. You can rather say, "Generated feasible solutions to a manufacturing client that increased their production to 30%." The verb directly implies your direct contribution to the company and the number makes it quite measurable. The more specific you are, the more efficient the recruiters can evaluate your performance.

Another key to writing a winning resume is your structure. The information should be arranged in an organized, reader-friendly way. With the features of today's processors, this is much easier to do. Below are some suggestions you will find helpful:

- Use subtitles per set of information. With this technique, recruiters can easily hop from a set of information to another. The truth is they do not read everything; they just skim for important information.

- Make sure the words don't appear too crowded. Use white space in between categories or sentences if necessary.

- Use Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma and other clear fonts. Font size should be neither too small nor too large. Maximize both space and readability.

- State accomplishments in bullets. It breaks long sentences, so ideas are easier to understand.

- Do not submit a resume with more than two pages. Management consulting recruiters do not have the luxury of time to go through each line of information.

After writing your resume, proofread it before sending it out to firms. Management consulting recruiters receive hundreds of applicants for a single position, so applications with grammar mistakes and spelling errors will be definitely rejected. You may use an online spelling and grammar checker but don't rely entirely on it. Unlike a grammar expert, it cannot detect all errors and sometimes, it even comes up with incorrect suggestions. Better yet, ask help from a friend. He or she can give you some well-thought feedback on the content and structure of this marketing tool. Some websites also offer professional resume review services. You might also want to consider that.

Should you need more specific guidelines on how to write a winning resume for management consulting, kindly download our Guide to Consulting Cover Letters and Resumes at wrote it based on the inquiries of management consulting aspirants and based on their interaction with experts from top tierconsulting firms like McKinsey.

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