Friday, September 14, 2012

Secret Agent

A spy is a person employed to obtain such secrets. When someone hears your name what do they think? I don't mean your friends and family I mean professionally. You must brand yourself as the professional that you are. You want a person to think about what you do when they hear your name or your business name. When choosing your business name keep this in mind also. A name maybe cute or catchy but if it doesn't match your services or your product it will be three times harder to promote and five times harder to remember.

Secret Service is a subdivision of criminal justice as well. It was formed in around 1865. The first director of this branch was William P. Wood who stayed for a period of around 4 years (1865 - 1869).

Secret service agents are hired by the U.S government and they work to maintain the law in the country by controlling the crime rates and working along other criminal justice department to solve crimes and cases.

Agents rarely do more than ask the most basic of questions of a prospect. After all they know the prospect may take offense from being quizzed about their finances. Certainly the better agents do make an attempt to vet the client but it's nothing you couldn't do far more effectively yourself. Agents know that if they keep a potential buyer on side he may buy any one of the many properties on the agent's books. As a private seller you don't have to concern yourself with that and you can ask the questions the agents often avoid.

Secret Service does not simply have cart blanch to do as they please. In actuality, there are laws that dictate exactly who the Secret Service may protect. Of course, the president and vice president are covered, but so are the families of these individuals.

The Secret Service agents are actually required to protect past presidents for the next ten years after they have served in office. They are also charged with the safety of visiting political figures, and any other individuals that the president may dictate need their attention.

Secret service agents do not typically dress up in uniform they are as a rule dressed up in civilian clothes so that they would not be a focus for attention. They are mostly wearing garments which will merge them up pretty well with the surroundings. They can be dressed up in a formal suit or a worn out jeans depending upon their task.

Only agents understand the infinitely complex legal and financial aspects of selling. Um nope. In fact once your agent has the buyer most of the other work will be done by the legal representatives of the buyer and seller. The banks keep tabs on the mortgage and between the bank and the lawyer all the paperwork gets done.

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