Friday, September 14, 2012

A-Frame Signs Make the Perfect Sidewalk Signs

Are you looking for a perfect way to attract attention to your business or event, but don't want to put up a permanent sign? Custom A-frame signs offer an economical way to get attention from passers-by without needing to install a permanent fixture.

Custom sidewalk signs come in a wide variety of styles, and are adaptable to a wide variety of uses. They can be designed with a permanent message or they can be designed to allow you to write in messages as you need them.

Custom A-frame signs which are designed for changeable messages come in several varieties. Some of them allow you to simply write your message directly on the sign with a dry erase or wet erase marker. Others use replaceable inserts. Another option features interchangeable letters which you slide into place. Still others feature a place where you can write with chalk. Some custom sidewalk signs feature both permanent writing (often your company or organization's name, logo, or other basic information that doesn't change regularly) and a place where you can add a replaceable message as needed.

A variation on custom A-frame signs is the sandwich sign. These custom sidewalk signs are designed to actually be worn. The advantage here is that you have a living, moving human being wearing the sign who can interact with those who may be thinking about frequenting your establishment.

Whichever type of custom sidewalk signs you use, you will want to place them so that they garner the most attention. In most cases, you should place them so that the message boards face people who are approaching them from either side of the sidewalk. Of course, one of the advantages of custom sidewalk signs is that they're versatile, so you can also face them outward if you need to. Just be aware that people won't generally be able to see the back of the sign if you do so.

Most A-frame signs are not overly flashy in and of themselves. If you want your signage to really pop, you can overcome this by using bright colors that will attract attention. In any case, you'll want to make sure that your writing (or lettering) is large enough to be read from the sidewalk. Ideally, people should be able to read your message from across the street. After all, that's why you put custom sidewalk signs out there: so people will notice them and be attracted to your specials or events.

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