Sunday, September 30, 2012

RTRP Continuing Education Is A Viable Source To Staying Qualified And Current

Becoming certified as a Registered Tax Return Preparer is certainly a major accomplishment, but it's also important to keep your certification current through RTRP continuing education. We make a determined effort to help individuals pass their certification exam through our initial course and records indicate we do a good job, and we apply this same attention to our continuing education courses.

To keep your certification current, the IRS requires that you are knowledgeable in the latest tax rules and regulations, and to simplify the process our program is available online with hours applied to your certification, and as the course is IRS approved, study hours go toward your continuing education requirements. As professionals, you already have to structure your days to accommodate your busy timetable, and our course bends with you by being available online when you are ready to access our RTRP continuing education course with its review questions, quiz banks and test simulations.

Practically every year there are some variations and changes made by the IRS to tax laws and regulations, and an undesirable feature of some tax course manuals is being updated only after the laws are amended, whereas our updates are in real time so that you are current when tax changes are introduced. Our staff includes CPAs who are constantly observing the latest activities of the IRS and providing changes instantly on our website so that you are current, and we invite you to visit our site to see for yourself just how contemporaneous our material is that we present.

We offer four RTRP continuing education courses: Introduction to Form 1040 Series includes online training videos, online textbooks, practice test and quiz bank that can be completed in 12 - 18 hours total; Tax Law Updates Course that focuses on individual tax returns and how recent amendments have come into effect; Circular 230 Updates Course that uses court cases as models in examining the tax professionals' ethical obligations; and Ex-Patriot Returns Course that instructs the tax preparer how to complete tax returns for Americans earning an income outside the country.

To learn more about RTRP continuing education, we invite you to view our website where enrollment is straightforward and you will be on your way to acquiring the stipulated hours to stay IRS qualified.

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