Thursday, September 27, 2012

Resume Writing Help Starts On The Cover

A job applicant must become aware that the best resume writing help one can receive is advice on creating an outstanding cover letter. It's more important than listing education, previous employment and awards. That cover letter must include the value that a person can add to a company.

In a nutshell, an employer is looking for employees who can advance the best interest of the company. The business owner wants people who are highly motivated to help the company make a profit for the business and its shareholders. The person who can successfully explain how his skills can add value to a business will be hired. How an applicant can add this critical value must be stated on the cover letter.

Here's why. The personnel manager or owner is busy. That person must plow through hundreds of resumes to pick a candidate for a position. He is under pressure to find the right candidate. For that reason, each resume is given a quick look to separate good job candidates from poor candidates.

Job applicants who can clearly state their value to a company will likely end up on the small stack of job seekers who appear attractive to an employer. Surveys of owners and personnel managers show that, on average, they look at a resume for 20 to 30 seconds. To catch the eye of an employer, applicants must state clearly what their value is to a company, and that information must appear on the cover letter. An employer is not going to page through an eight-page resume to determine what value a person might have. Using words like team player won't cut it.

Here's an example of value: I mastered different elements of Quark Express, and I'm able to produce documents 33 percent faster than the industry average. It's short, succinct and conveys a value that this person can add to a company.

Every person has value. It's up the applicant to sift through his work history and find that value that will motivate a company to hire him.

Here's another example: I developed a processing and inventory control system that allowed the shipping department to move goods onto the trucking dock in one hour or less after the order came in. A company that ships goods will see a value in this. Fast shipping will add profit to a company's bottom line.

Veterans recently released from service can find value from their duty tours. Here's an example: As a hydraulics specialist in the Air Force, I maintained a squadron of SAR choppers, assuring the flight commander that they were ready to fly 24/7.

This value statement conveys professional responsibility and dedication. These are traits that employers look for. A person who values commitment to an organization and its mission is certainly of value to a company.

Writing two or three value statements on a cover letter is okay. Those statements, though, should be brief and stated in positive, declarative sentences. Details can be explained deeper in the resume or at an initial interview.

The key is to state the value on the cover letter. Don't bury it in the resume. Employers are busy and need answers fast. By stating value upfront and in a clear manner, the odds of landing that job increase.

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