Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To Use Example Resumes

Example resumes can give your own resume a boost. Having a sample document to look at is always a good thing whenever you are trying to put your best foot forward with an employer. However, you cannot simply cut and paste the words of others to construct your own resume. How exactly do you use an example resume to your advantage?

Understand Where Everything Goes

You need to understand where everything goes in your resume. Having contact information at the bottom of the document will generally cause the recruiter to think that you omitted this information. This is because all resumes are formatted with your contact information at the very top. Knowing this small detail could be the difference between getting an interview and continually searching for a job.

Cover Letter Or No Cover Letter

Generally, you should have a cover letter whenever you submit a resume. However, you should always consult your example resume to make sure that you actually do need one. Some professionals should only submit samples of previous works along with their resume. Other professionals are better off submitting a video resume instead of a text resume. The point is that you shouldn't include information for the sake of including it. Make sure that this addition to your resume is going to be worth including.

Spelling And Grammar Are Important

It may be a good idea to find examples of resumes that contain spelling and grammar errors. Read them carefully to see why these errors make a worker seem sloppy and unprofessional. Many people assume that there is no reason for a recruiter to throw away a resume just because of some minor errors. Removing a single letter from a word can change the meaning entirely. You probably didn't mean to say that you were the pubic affairs organizer.

How Much Education Do You Include

There is a fine line between making yourself look great and making yourself look self-important. An advanced degree or certification that you earned should be included in your resume. However, your high school diploma is something that you don't need to mention. It is assumed that your graduated from high school if you eventually went to college. When you only have a page to describe yourself, omitting irrelevant information gives you more room to promote yourself.

Describing Skills Versus Promoting Yourself

You want to sound more like your a describing your skills as opposed to promoting yourself. If you have done a lot of good things in your career, you will promote yourself while being honest. Recruiters don't want to hear how great you are in your own mind. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

Having an example of a resume in front of you can help you create a great resume of your own. Therefore, you should get someone to give you a copy of their own resume. Just be sure that you don't copy anything from that resume. Follow the format, learn how to describe your skills without too much promotion and keep it to no more than two pages. These things will help you get an interview more often than not.

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