Thursday, August 23, 2012

Different Types Of ATV Trailers For Hauling And Storing Quads

ATV trailers are useful for pulling and storing your quads so that you can take them to several different trails and courses all through the country. These trailers help you to transport your quads to where they have to go. You can pick from the open flatbed model or the fully-enclosed model. There are benefits to each one, but you will have to determine your price range and needs before choosing one.

One of the most popular types of ATV trailers are the flatbeds, and they are enclosed all the way around and have a gate in the back that folds down. With the ramp, you can push or drive your quad up onto the platform with less of a headache. Pull-behind trailers that are open with just a little enclosure around the outside are usually less expensive than the ones that are completely closed in. Since they're open, they are useful for moving the quads, but not for storing them when not in use. You will have to deal with the ATVs if you are worried about them being harmed or exposed to harsh weather.

Enclosed ATV trailers are totally covered on all sides, and are like mini-garages for transporting your quads. The heights of these are usually about 8-9 feet so that people can stand in them and move around. Given that these are larger and have more capabilities, they are often more expensive than the flatbed type. Along with having more space, people can rest easy knowing that their quads are also protected from damage and wear and tear from transport. People are also able to place additional items and gear in this kind without needing to tie it down before driving.

Car haulers are an option for people that have multiple ATVs or just need the additional space. These are more than twice the dimensions of the ATV trailers and can also be found in an open flatbed design as well as a fully-enclosed design. You can usually find this type in the same price range that you would find others that are made just for quads, but they can also be slightly more costly. Due to the size and weight of vehicles that you are pulling, you may have to have a specialized truck to be able to pull them behind.

You are going to have to locate ATV trailers to haul and transport your quads unless you don't ever plan to ride them on other trails and courses. With flatbed, enclosed, and specialized ones to pull cars, you are sure to locate one that suits both your needs and your budget. You will be riding your ATVs off-road in no time once you have determined what kind of pull-behind you'll need and how far you are going to be traveling.

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