Thursday, July 5, 2012

Types And Benefits Of Flood Defences

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Protecting your home or business from flooding is a fairly simple concept. Any objects that adequately block encroaching waters can make good flood defences but some things are more appropriate for the purpose than others.

Because floods can occur with little or no warning, the method you use to protect your home should be quick and easy to set up. This is the reason why today's preferred modes of flood protection are so similar to those used a century ago.

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of flood protection is the humble sandbag. These simple defences are able to be stored flat and quickly filled as soon as flooding becomes an imminent threat. However, their efficacy is heavily dependent on your ability to find a large amount of sand and possessing the time and manpower needed to get them filled.

Fortunately, modern innovation has provided a quicker and easier alternative in the form of an instant sandbag. To use these flood defences, just fill them with water and within a few minutes, you will have an effective flood barrier. Best of all, they will save you precious time and effort and prevent you from having to locate and store a huge mound of sand. This ease of use can be a critical factor when you need to protect your family and property from flooding on short notice.

Some kinds of flood protection must be installed prior to flooding, but can easily be taken down and stored once they're no longer needed. For example, door guards can be installed when flooding is expected and can be removed to either for storage or to allow you to pass through the doorway.

Using flood protection barriers is another popular way to safeguard your property against flooding. These barriers are usually composed of glass and aluminum and are so lightweight that only a single person is needed to install them. Besides protecting against flood waters, they also offer considerable defence against hurricanes. Some types of protection barriers are permanent and meant to be installed around businesses. Others are portable and designed for easy installation, removal and storage.

There are other methods of flood protection you can use to buy yourself some time until flooding subsides. One of these is flood seal tape, which can be used around vents, doorways, windows and other possible entry points to temporarily stop water from getting in. This can provide you enough time to protect furniture and valuables or to install other flood protection measures.

If you're in an area that is frequently threatened by flooding, you may want to consider investing in a toilet seal. Even if your property's exterior is adequately protected from floods, water can still come up through the sewer system and run out of your toilet. Naturally, this creates both a health hazard and an unsightly mess that can ruin your home. Toilet seals prevent sewage and water from flowing up through your toilet, saving you a lot of time and money.

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