Sunday, July 1, 2012

Properties in Australia - Are They A Safe Investment

To either visit on holiday or live on a more permanent basis Australia has always been a popular destination for the Brits and over the past twenty years or so foreign investment has more than quadrupled. Whether it is down to the warmer climate, cheaper property prices or just the better standard of living, literally thousands of Brits have made the move to Australia.

So how do you go about buying a property in Australia?

The first thing to do is to choose exactly where you want to live. Do you prefer to be near a major town or would you like to get more for your money and move further afield? Are you looking for a holiday home or apartment or a house to live in on a full time basis? Do you need a school nearby or access to public transport? These are all important questions to ask before you contact a realtor.

Reputable real estate agents can be found in every town or city and it is essential that they know your exact requirements to be able to find the property of your dreams. Once given the specifications a real estate agent will soon be able to come up with a list of properties to view in your chosen district. Make sure you ask the real estate agent questions about the area. What may seem like a nice area to you may not fit in with all your requirements so choosing an agent that is knowledgeable in the area is also a good idea. It is important that you view as many properties as you can. You may well fall in love with the first property you see but bear in mind the next one could be even better!

If you have given the realtor the correct specifications then you will quickly find a property that suits so ensure all necessary paperwork is in place to ensure a quicker purchase. Every over-sea investor needs to obtain permission from the FIRB prior to making a purchase and although this is a relatively simple process it can take some time so it may be a good idea to get the wheels in motion before you begin your viewings.

Once you have decided on a property to buy the realtor will get in touch with the seller and begin the purchase process. This process is much the same as in the UK where a 10% holding deposit will be put down whilst paperwork is organised and monies put in place. Checks will also be made on the property at this time to ensure there are no outstanding debts and that the property is indeed fit for sale.

Once contracts of sale have been drawn up and all paperwork checked and organised a completion date will be set where both the buyer and seller will sign the sale contracts and the balance of monies will be given to the seller.

With the purchase process taking between 6 and 8 weeks to complete you will soon be the proud owner of an Australian property and with the property market in Australia being one of the strongest in the world you will also be making a very safe investment.

Making the move to Australia need'nt be a stressful move. Make contact with or today to find out how easy it really is!

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