Sunday, July 1, 2012

Door Hangers To Help Increase Mall Traffic

The management of Bayside Mall were concerned. They had done a survey of households within five miles of the mall, and to their amazement they learned that most residents in the area were familiar with only ten percent of the stores in the mall. Many people were unaware of stores that sold household goods and gardening supplies and any number of other products and services that were in the mall.

They decided to call on someone they knew who might be in a position to advise them: a salesman at a full service printing company which happened to be located a block from their new location. They called him and they invited him over to see their new location.

He looked at their overall marketing program and came to the conclusion that the best way for them to move forward would be a long term campaign involving door hangers.

He recommended door hangers for a number of reasons. In the first place, they were cheap to produce because of the low cost of materials needed. In the second place, they could go around into various neighborhoods in groups and distribute them themselves. By going in groups, they would be safe, and they would let the various residents see that they were in fact an organization of people, not just a single person trying to sell something.

He recommended that a door hanger be produced for each of the stores that had traffic problems. One thousand hangers per store was recommended, and the idea was that they would pick out a neighborhood or set of neighborhoods and those areas would be targeted for those particular stores. In other words, the idea was to find some customers for each low traffic store, and they would simply test certain areas to see what worked.

He also recommended that they put links on the door hangers to their website, so that people could learn more about the organization. When he found out that they did not yet have a website, he urged them to put one together as soon as possible. He recommended that on the website they have a picture of the mall permanent staff, and that they have a mission statement, and that they have several sets of goals: one set of goals as to the stores they were trying to promote, and another as to the total growth in overall mall traffic that they wanted to see.

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