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A Smaller Merchant's Guide To Five Ways For Attracting New Customers

Do you consider your retail shop to be a mere broker, shifting merchandise from suppliers to customers, or a genuine business? Your response very likely defines the actions you are taking to deliver individuals through your doors and to kep yourself from ever having to research business liquidation companies. A great deal of store managers see themselves as brokers; they are just part of the sequence through which shoppers get the merchandise they really want. It's really no surprise they focus on price tag. Other shop keepers - especially individuals who run prosperous retail shops - see themselves as a service. Rather than concentrating on selling price, they create an experience for their clients that delivers them back again and again.

This short article will provide five marketing approaches you could employ to cajole your customers to come back to your shop. You may find that the following ideas create a change in the way you see your business.

#1 - Hold A Special Event At A Special Time

Do something out of the ordinary - anything your clients and individuals living in your community won't anticipate. Arrange a special event that happens during the night time. Keep in mind that you will have to do a little something that gets the attention of those who are traveling past. Only then can you encourage them to stop by.

One tactic is to rent a spot light; not only could it be observed by customers in the parking area, but the light will even be observed by people on the streets. A strong light could be observed from two or three miles.

Cater the function so you will have food and drinks available for visitors. You can furthermore have music playing outdoors. The spot light will deliver individuals to your store; the food and music will encourage them to stay.

#2 - Pick Up The Pace On Your Advertising Campaign

If your community does not know your shop exists, they are not going to be prepared to visit. Thankfully, there are a multitude of suggestions you can employ to let individuals know your retail store is open for business. Most are cost-effective

As an example, buy advertisements in the regional newspaper. Distribute flyers to individuals strolling past on the sidewalk. Give out t-shirts with your store's name prominently displayed. Ask various other small stores in the area whether or not they would be willing to display each other's business cards near the checkout register.

The suggestions themselves are insignificant. The important thing is that you are continuously advertising and marketing your retail business to potential buyers.

#3 - Spruce Up The Shop's Environment

Have a close look at the interior of your retail store, and take a note of the characteristics you could strengthen. For instance, are the floors clean? Are the racks organized? Is there plenty of light available?

It's simple to neglect your store's ambiance; but it has a major impact on whether customers feel comfortable and engaged while browsing. Make certain your lavatories are clean; put the tunes (if any) at a reasonable volume; and clean the floors and shelving to make them look nice. This alone may bring more people through your entry doors.

#4 - Organize A Sidewalk Sale

This is a concept that piques the curiosity of passersby. Bring some of your goods outside your shop, and put them on sale. Set them up near the entry. The idea is not automatically to generate sales for the reduced items. Rather, you want to generate curiosity, and entice people to stop by.

Put up balloons and colored flags to attract attention. Set up a brightly-colored presentation area at which you invite individuals to join your mailing list. You could also ask one or two employees to wear sandwich boards near the road to advertise your sale.

#5 - Create A Customer Loyalty Program

Create a program that rewards customers for their commitment

Such as, extend a price reduction when the sum they purchase during a given 30 days gets to a specific dollar threshold. Or, provide a free product once customers buy a certain number of that exact same item. This latter idea propels the "Buy 10 and get 1 free" loyalty plans employed frequently at coffee houses and sandwich delis. It doesn't have to be complex. In fact, the easier your program, the better.

If product sales are sluggish, take steps to provide them a healthy boost; you might find that marketing symbolizes the life's blood of your retail shop.

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