Saturday, June 16, 2012

Environment Friendly Marketing Tips For Your Company

With the growing concern about the surroundings in countries around the world, many companies are supporting numerous causes about saving energy, ecology, and others. If your company is one of them, it would be perfect to find environmentally friendly marketing products for corporate gifts, occasions, and other marketing reasons.

Note pads and sticky notes are popular and efficient branding products. They're always appreciated and utilized by the people who received them.

You can now see them in reused and recyclable resources. There are note pads that are fully made out of re-cycled materials - from the sheets of paper to the card board backing.

Some even have recycled card board pen loops. Notebooks with recyclable plastic covers are also good eco-friendly promotional gifts. You can even choose a whole stationery set of a note book, a note pad, and sticky notes. Some even come with pencils also made from recyclable supplies.

Other office materials like rulers, pen cases, and calculators made of biodegradable plastics are also produced nowadays and can be designed for your promotional merchandise. You can discover the calculators usually operating on dual power, i. e., button batteries and solar energy. These recyclable office supplies are great giveaways especially if your business is into activities about becoming environmentally friendly or is targeting office workers or students.

Travel mugs are also favorite promotional gifts for many. And the great news is that they now also have variations made of reusable supplies. You should select something that's 100 percent reused food-grade polypropylene.

You can even find one that is BPA-free. The ideal size to acquire is a 16-ounce or 473-ml mug, which is the most classic. These items would be perfect for travel and coffee firms that are also promoting environmental causes.

One unique gift that you can hand out in occasions or as gifts to customers is a digital shower timer. You can just have your logo printed on the face of the device and its case.

This is an ideal product originating from a organization that promotes conservation of water and energy. You'll find available shower timers in several designs along with numerous features. For another easy way to advertise your company, visit this site right now:

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