Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Ways To Get New Clients Fast

There are various ways to get new clients, but most of these ways take time and careful planning. So if you need a new client by tomorrow, how do you do it?

Below are some ways to find your new prospects. Some may produce faster results than others, but the customer-generation rate when using these 5 ways may be quicker than most full-scale advertising and marketing schemes.

Ask for referrals: If you have a steady set of loyal customers, they are loyal simply because they are happy with your products and services. So why not make these established patronage a source of even more patronage for you and your business? Ask them if they could refer you to their own set of contacts.

The great advantage of a referral is that it's almost like a verbal positive testimonial. No disgruntled customer will refer a bad supplier to a close friend - not unless they aim to bring them misery. Another advantage of a referral is that more or less, people in the similar target market are referred to you - people whom your clients think may be interested, people whom they know will benefit from your product, and people who may similarly be as loyal as they are.

Pick up the phone and call people you know: If you have a high school classmate whom you know is interested in sports, but is currently buying his gear from a competitor, use the power of your "past connection" to convince him to try your sports supplies store, or come for a visit. Offer him a discount, if you must. The general rule is, don't be scared to pick up the phone and call some of the people you already know. They may not be your clients yet - but who knows what kind of business relationship you may develop? They may be your best client ever!

Always use the power of social media: If you have a Facebook business page or a website, announce some kind of super sale or huge discount day TOMORROW. Time is of the essence here to get people to act fast, spend soon. Remember the effect of social media is immediate. Use a few marketing gimmicks that are tried and tested, like putting up an enticing ad online, or publishing positive testimonials, and place these on your virtual billboards.

Offer new products tomorrow: Of course you had to do some research before you purchased new and updated products to sell, but if you want to get new clients tomorrow, then put them on sale today. Who knows, someone may have been searching for what you are offering, and may have been waiting all the while for you to launch or sell it?

Sell it today, and you may have new customers by this afternoon. Post it tomorrow and you'll get new customers tomorrow. Offer top-quality enticing items, though, because a client may just as quickly exit out the door as quickly as he marched in.

Go and attend a networking event today: If you can't get your clients inside the door of your business today, then you have to go out and get them yourself. The best way to make a new client by tomorrow is to attend a networking event today. Be ready with your subtle sales pitches, get to know people who may be interested in what you have to offer, and tell them how your product can help them. Be sincere when talking to people, and never over-sell.

A networking event is generally organized so that people in the same niche can meet each other and enhance their business relationships, so none of the other guests need to know that you are there to meet possible new clients, or even get positive referrals.

The work and effort you put in today will be the fruit of tomorrow. If you need to make new clients fast, then stop procrastinating and act fast, too. That one hour delay you make may be all that your competitor needs to grab a customer from your hands. So, go do it - and do it quickly!

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