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Celebrate Wedding Season With Custom Printed Ribbon

If you have a gift or retail store, you know the importance of providing top quality customer service to every customer. One of the best things you can do for your customers is to offer complimentary gift wrapping from your store. Not only is this a premium benefit for the customer, it also promotes your store every time a gift is given. As that customer gives a gift from your store, the gift recipient and everyone will admire how beautiful it is and realize that it comes only from your store. They will know to return or come to your store for that same great service. A well kept secret of beautiful gift wrapping is Custom Printed Ribbon.

You'll like Custom Printed Ribbon for wedding season because there is so much to celebrate. This is one of the most popular seasons to give a gift, and many are quite generous with the type of gift they give. With this ribbon, you can offer a greeting or warm well wish to the happy couple. Best of all, this makes your store's gift wrapping look unique and special, standing out from all of those other lovely gift wrapped packages.

There are many things you can do with this type of custom ribbon. A popular favorite as mentioned is to offer a greeting or warm wish. For weddings there are many choices. Here are a few selections to try:


Best Wishes!

Congratulations on Your Wedding!

A Toast to the Happy Couple!

To the New Mr. & Mrs.!

Another great option is to choose a quote related to love or marriage. The best - and most practical choice - for printed ribbon is one that is short. Try visiting as we have done, and remember to credit the quote to the person who has said it. Here are a few quotes we recommend:

"Love is often the fruit of marriage." - Moliere

"Marriage should be a duet - when one sings, the other claps." - Joe Murray

"Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can't help but smile on it." - Josh Billings

You'll find funny, serious, sassy, sentimental, spiritual quotes and more. The best quote to select for your ribbon is one you think would appeal both to your customers and also the gift recipients.

Many stores love Custom Printed Ribbon because it comes in so many colors and with lots of font choices. But don't let these options overwhelm you when it comes to ordering your ribbon for wedding season. Some choices may be better for your store than others. Let's talk about them.

In the U.S.A. most often "traditional" wedding gift wrap colors are either white or light pastel colors. But if your store serves a specific ethnic group, it might be best if you honored these traditions also. In China, red is considered the traditional color for weddings, not white. Another choice is to stock both the U.S.A. colors and also the favorite traditional colors for the ethnic population that you serve, so your customers have a few options. Today's weddings are often about the bride and groom having many more choices, and even the guests realize they have lots more choices too.

The font you select for the ribbon is another topic to think about. When many of us think about weddings, we think of script, calligraphy or "fancy" lettering, something that looks very pretty. But you also want something that is easy to read, so everyone can read this warm well wish on the ribbon. Ask your printer for advice about which script or calligraphy fonts will reproduce well at that size and on the Custom Printed Ribbon. Try not to select one with many embellishments, as this will be difficult to read for someone with glasses or vision problems.

If your store stocks gifts for weddings, it can be a smart investment to have wedding themed ribbon on hand. Remember that while many think of "wedding season" as starting in June: weddings now occur year-round. This investment could be valuable to your store with customers buying wedding gifts, and thinking of you for this purchase, in every season!

Written for Maverick Label by Lawrence Reaves. sells custom printed ribbon for all festive occasions. Find out more about Maverick at their blog

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