Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving From the Basic Site to Webpage Development

You have finished your site, at least the basics of it, now you are ready to post it. Your client is happy, but you know he is going to want more in the times to come. He is going to ask you to renovate and make changes and draw peoples attention to it more, and this worries you. You don't know what to do, you think that you can't go beyond making your site a static page. The page looks great and making it any more is going to drive you mad. All it takes really is sitting down and thinking over the logical steps toward this sites need for webpage development and finding what it needs to become more alive.

There are many avenues and path choices when it comes to making the site more, developing it, expanding it. The first step in all of this is thought. What does the site need? What do I want to stay central elements of the site and how can I make the central idea of the site stay alive with all these fringed attached to it? What can I use from other parts of the site to keep on the same theme and idea in order to make the site better? What are needed fringes and plusses and what are useless and possibly even unwanted extras that could dampen the quality of the site rather than raise it? All these are things that you will want to sit down and think about before getting to work.

What are the new elements that you want to add to the site? Do you need flash graphics or a flying and moving flash animation navigation bar? Do you need a username and password database for members and sign up pages? These are also elements that you will need to think out. If you don't have the skills to do one or more of these the professional thing to do would be to get studying right away and learn that PHP, ColdFusion, jQuery, or whatever it is that you will need to accomplish the job.

You will soon see that you don't want to work on the live version of the site. Though the changes are instant and the progress immediate when you execute it, there will be days where you just can't find and fix a certain glitch. For this reason having the site on your own computer or on a test page for the client to view the progress is essential. Programs like Xampp or Wamp will aid you in testing the PHP and code that you will be needing on your computer.

As you can see, the primary steps to webpage development are serious thought and finding what best matches the need. Really thinking and asking the client what he or she wants and needs is going to be an essential as this is the foundation you will need in order to be able to not have to execute and re-execute steps in order to make this site all that it needs to be.

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