Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Document Imaging Is A Great Thing For Any Business

Many won't admit it, but paperwork, especially keeping track of it for years, is a real nightmare. File cabinets full of paper. Boxes packed away in the basement, attics, storage buildings and even shoved in corners simply to have them out of the way. The rule of thumb is that the Federal Government wants you to keep paperwork for 7 years in case there is some type of issue that has to be researched. This can mean you have to keep track of tens of thousands of different pieces of paper. Document imaging can reduce the amount of storage required from boxes and boxes of paperwork that takes up rooms down to a few DVD's meaning a huge savings in space and in dollars, but people are afraid that document imaging doesn't work for a variety of reasons. If you're one of these people that fear document imaging, then you'll want to read this.

- In an audit, imaged documents are just as valid as the actual paper documents.

- Storing documents electronically makes them easier to organize and find.

- As a fire hazard, paperwork stored in boxes presents a real hazard.

- Scanned documents are much easier to handle since you can email, fax or print copies with a few mouse clicks instead of having to take time to find the paper in question so you can do the process manually.

- DVD's and CD's created with document imaging have a "shelf life" of at least 10 years.

- Since you can easily replicate CD's and DVD's, and since they are easy to store, keeping a backup in a safety deposit box in a bank is very easy, instead of trying to keep paper documents.

- As an economical solution, documents stored on CD's and DVD's will save storage fees and will pay for itself.

- Records that are scanned are accessible via tablet PC's, laptops, netbooks, PDA's and smart phones directly from a local area network or via the internet if need be.

As a business tool, document imaging is more important than ever. While storing large amounts of paper is a problem, not having a copy of the paper somewhere can be a true disaster if there is a flood or a fire since there's no real way to recreate all that paperwork. Having easy access to scanned documents either on the network or on DVD or CD makes it much easier to find as well. While it can take hours to drag out boxes and sort through file after file, it only takes a matter of minutes to find the right piece of paperwork in an electronic format. Having a company that specializes in document scanning services can take care of your old paperwork, you'll save time, save money and reduce paper waste and fire hazards.


Regardless of the size of your business, using document imaging can end up saving you time, space and money. Mallary Gandar researched what document scanning services could do for her company and she found it would be a big benefit for everyone. Visit for more information.



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