Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To Integrate Your Brand into All Aspects Of Your Company

You create a corporate identity to symbolize your company and what it has to offer. This identity is made up of three main factors: design, communication and behavior.

 Its communication aspect involves the means of a company to communicate with its members, customers, stakeholders and the general public. The company's internal values and norms form the structure of its corporate behavior, while corporate design includes the logo and marketing materials which visually represent the company.

 These three factors set qualifications in choosing what colors, fonts, and other visual elements to use in promoting the products or services of the company. You must create consistency and stability in your image to develop a consistent corporate identity. People easily give their trust and confidence to companies that have gained a reputable name.

 Your brand name should tell a lot about you and your business. What is the nature of your business? What is its purpose? It would be ideal to associate your brand name to the kind of service your company offers. Creating a name using a monogram is risky because, aside from being difficult to remember, they aren't always creative enough to evoke any emotion from customers. It takes time to see if these monogram brand names will work.

 After devising the best possible brand name, your company is yet to involve itself in the process of branding that will help you match your brand with your company. There are types of branding you can consider to do this.

 The first one is attitude branding. This type of branding aims to build up a certain emotion among consumers after using a product. This psychological encounter, however, doesn't necessarily involve the consumption of the said product.

 The next type of branding is called the iconic branding. It is characterized by giving value to consumers' self-expression and identity. Companies practicing this kind of branding offer products and services in which customers can easily identify with.

 There are still many more types of branding strategies adapted by different companies, but what is important is that the strategy you use will help give your company the recognition it deserves.

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