Saturday, February 5, 2011

Selling by listening

Selling, as most people see it, is a talent and not a skill. What is the difference between a skill and a talent? Talent is obtained by birth and we will always have this no matter where we are. But if it's a skill, it's something we acquire through training and education. But the population do not know that certain processes have been taken out of the best practices of sales persons.

When we communicate, we selectively pay attention to what clients are saying. On most parts, we're only absorbing half of the things that are said and because of this, we don't make the connection. First skill in sales is about listening studiously to every details of the other person. Understanding the bits and pieces of what clients have to say means you are making them feel they are important and honoured. It also needs you to empathize and react on every questions or comments.

When we listen, we think that it's just using our ears. There's something we call body language that are vital implications in doing a sales talk. The way a person stands, smiles and roll their eyes would tell you if they are convened to you. If you noticed any undesirable gestures of your prospects body, change your phasing and divert to some other subjects that might find them interesting. When an individual gives you a weird look through their eyebrow, they may have some contradiction or reaction to something you've announced.

In doing a sales chat, it is best to create your spiels and structure your words so it would not confuse your clients. Know your features and sell the benefits. People don't like to know what the product can do but what they can get out of that product. Any success always starts with good planning.

Anticipate any objections before they are being divulged. Act as if you are a consumer then ask those possible questions that you might be asked. Objections are common and these are measures of your knowledge of your products. When customers object, they are either interested of what you are saying or you just didn't provide them with the things that they need to tell you.

A powerful close would be the best way to end your conversation. You judge the way they look, and be confident in asking. All the things you talked about become meaningless if you don't ask for the sale. Be positive and think that you can close it!
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