Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day in Small Town Ontario.

Yesterday was the BIG day.  Yep that’s right it was Valentines Day.  Now if you are like me you find yourself wondering every year what can I do this year?  My better half and I had agreed in advance that we would not take part in the silly Valentines tradition that has become all about chocolate and gifts and not about celebrating your love for each other.  To my surprise early on Monday morning there it was….my better half had caved.  On the island counter of our kitchen sat some of my favourite gourmet jelly beans and a card addressed to me.  What was this?  I thought we had an agreement? 

As luck would have it I had an important meeting and I had asked if my better half would like to come along and enjoy some of the small town charms found in St Marys, Ontario.  She had been planning this for days and the trip to this little town was going to be fun for her.  While I went off to my meeting my better half enjoyed some of the great little stores and shops that St Marys had to offer.  Meeting people and talking about the town is something that my better half truly enjoys doing.  She works in a small town, she grew up in a small town and she loves to talk to others about their small towns.  When I called to arrange a meeting spot to pick her up and take her home she sounded almost disappointed that her shopping and browsing was coming to an end.  As we drove out of town I learned about St Marys, all that it has to offer and the wonderful stores and people that she had met during her brief time there.  She had taken in more about the small town in one hour then some people have in years.

So, after thinking about the way the day went I realized something!  It was me that broke the Valentines Day promise first!  You see I made plans to take my better half away for the day to enjoy what she likes doing.  To her that was truly a gift that she enjoyed and wanted to do.  This is why the jelly beans and card showed up on the kitchen island in the first place.  Before I end this story I should also tell you that we stopped for a romantic lunch for two and then a brief visit to Rheo Thompson for chocolate.  After all what is Valentines Day without chocolate?  I good day was had by all!!   We hope you had as much fun as we did.   

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