Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Best Gifts For Children This Holiday Season

As the holiday season is fast approaching, malls and stores will once again be filled with busy shoppers hunting for gifts. Your little ones are oftentimes the ones who are greatly excited and thrilled about this time of the year. In order to give them the best things to unwrap, here are a few guidelines that could help you:

For Infants

1. Those who are less than a year old are best provided with items that they can use and the types that stimulate their senses.
2. Examples of the things that they can use are pillows, blankets, gentle towels, bottles, and clothes.
3. You can stimulate their senses with stuff that come with varied shapes, colors, textures, sounds, and patterns such as rattles, crib mobiles, cloth books, musical boxes, towel dolls, and squishy blocks. Take note that those who are below three months of age could not appreciate colors yet expect for red, black, and white.

For Toddlers

1. These little kids are pretty much like explorers at this stage. They love to move around and explore everything that can be found in their surroundings. Toys such as grocery carts, trolleys, and trucks would work well with their need to maneuver around by promoting gross motor skills, balance, and strength.
2. Help build their creativity and imaginativeness by presenting them with basic wooden puzzles, sand box supplies, and molding clay.
3. Experts say that this stage is where a child's brain is like a sponge. It is easy to sharpen their memory and develop their communication skills with picture books or a book of rhymes.

For Pre-Schoolers

1. At this developmental level, the child would always want to imitate adults. Ideal presents come in the form of dress-up kits and other tools for role plays.
2. Art materials can help them develop intuitiveness to make them more productive in school.
3. Their motor skills can be further enhanced with wagons and bicycles with training wheels.

For School Kids

1. In order to help them become rule-abiding students in school, you may help them practice their skills in following instructions by giving board games and other game kits.
2. At this stage, they often start developing their own personal hobbies and building collections. Great presents come in the form of action figures, stationary sets, cards, magnets, and rubber stamps.
3. Science experiment kits are useful to help them grasp difficult concepts and basic scientific knowledge in school.

A gift should always be given with a purpose. Following the suggestions listed above can help you make a kid happy while allowing them to attain his or her maximum potential. You will certainly be making an impact on their joy this holiday season.

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